Is It Worth It To Modify A High Mileage Car?

– Ah yes, the age old question. It’s not the first time it’s been asked and it’s not the last
time it’s gonna be asked. And there’s been plenty of other channels that have already given some
wholesome answers about it, but that still doesn’t stop
people from picking up a 350C with 240,000 miles that’s
missing a rear bumper and has in the ad that
it’s never been drifted. Really? Are ya sure?
Are ya sure about that? J, you’re really sure, okay? And I don’t believe you,
I don’t, I don’t, okay? And it’s not worth 10K,
I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Either way, there’s a lot that goes into answering this specific question, especially when you look at it from just a wheels, tire,
and suspension lens. Because, you know, that’s
kind of what we do. I’m Alex, on Instagram and today we’re gonna be talking about if you should actually modify
a high mileage car and also, is it worth it, question
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gallery, gallery’s cool too. We pretty much have everything except some of those weird UK cars, okay? Anyway, when taking a
look at finding an answer for this age-old question of should you modify a high mileage car, What am I looking at? I don’t know. It’s important to look
at the surface level and the answer should probably
be eh, uh, you sure bud? Because the simple answer is that you should probably stay
away from it actually, and if you don’t know your way around the car you’re about to buy, you’re gonna have even a worse time. However, high mileage
doesn’t inherently mean skip. It just means that it’ll
require a little bit of extra love and
attention and here is why. Higher mileage car purchases should always be immediately followed
by maintenance repairs. Generally speaking, the
more miles a car has on it, the more it’s been driven. The more it’s been driven, the more owners it’s generally had. The more owners it’s generally had, the more time that there’s a chance that it’s messed something up. Repairs are important;
maintenance, repairs. Say it with me; maintenance, repairs. – I eat pears, shout out to all the- – Repairs. I know that replacing
tie rods isn’t exciting or a timing chain is lame but
if you’re trying to baller with a higher mileage vehicle, you must focus on those items first and make sure that they’re done right. Otherwise you’re gonna end up with a car that has nothing but issue after issue and cars with higher
mileage isn’t inherently bad but what is bad is that high mileage cars aren’t repaired and maintained correctly, they end up just blowing
a hole into your wallet. And depending on which car you buy is a direct relationship to the odds of those things actually
happening or being done. Buying a high mileage
G8 with 10% tires left and rubber still dripping
off the rear bumper, you’re probably gonna
wanna have us check out the last time they did a
full system diagnostics because odds are they
probably did not, okay? Higher mileage cars are
a bit finicky as well and require just a bit more love. If you’re okay with that then sure, snag one but repairs aren’t the only thing that you gotta be aware
of or concerned about if you’re gonna be able to modify it. At the end of the day when you
try to buy a high mileage car it’s usually to get into
something super neat and then you want to modify it. Shouldn’t do that. Think about modifying
a car with 60,000 miles which is not bad, relatively
new for most tuner cars but for some reason there’s always some funky stuff that happens at 60K. That exhaust hanger is hanging just a little bit to the left. Guys who get it. Or the undertray is missing
a few bolts here or there when you’re trying to trim your
fender liner for new wheels. Just go to Now imagine when it’s on
a 200,000 mileage car. You get zip ties, superglue, wood screws, self-tappers and just about
every wrong piece imaginable, hanging, swooping, leaning
or missing from the car. It makes the modification process and everything about
it just more difficult, and it’s extremely common. High mileage cars are
a bit like old houses, they’re just worn. And even with maintenance being
considered and up-to-date, that won’t fix the fact
that some of those parts didn’t have a maintenance schedule and they’re just slowly deteriorating and rolling out into infinity, ’cause that happens, sometimes
they just don’t last. Suspension is iconic for
issues with high mileage cars, especially when you’re
doing a coilover setup swap. Because it’s a wear and
tear area of your car, it’s exposed to the elements
and it’s just not fun. It’s like when you have
the tap and dye set out and you walk out into the garage, your buddy has one of
those, just stay away. Wheels and tires aren’t
huge on a high mileage car, after all, those parts can be replaced without much of a big issue, which is why so many people jump to them as their first modification on a car, especially a high mileage car. But suspension can be a
little bit of a tricky bullet. As mileage in in cars increase, the experience that surrounds
the car must match it, especially as an owner. Knowing your way around
these common issues or worn odd items is incredibly important if you play to have fun
with the car that you buy. Doing research, working on it yourself, and understanding that the
car won’t be running 24/7 are some of the key things
you’ll want to remember if you pick up a higher mileage car. Not only that but asking yourself why you’re buying it is also
important because if it’s to save a few thousand
dollars on a $20,000 purchase, you may find yourself losing that money saved up in random parts, repairs, and trips to the mechanic
shop because lo and behold, self-tappers do not do
a good job at keeping your inner cooler tubing
piping in a straight place. And if it’s because of the rarity, the parts that will need
replacement will be expensive and having a wait time that makes the line at the DMV feel like a cakewalk. If it’s because you’re tired of looking for that one clean, low
mileage car well then, that’s a risk you’re gonna have to make. Can you modify a high mileage car? And the answer is, well,
son, absolutely, okay? There’s some absolute
banging cars in the gallery that have some pretty intense miles and people drive all over
the time with no issues and don’t sweat it and they don’t care, it’s 250,000 miles and it
still does a fantastic job. Just remember, just because
they had that experience does not mean you will, all right? Do you think it’s possible
to modify a high mileage car? Absolutely, it’s just like I said before, playing life on a little
bit of a hard mode. What do you guys think? Let us know if you think
it’s worth it or not, and if you have a high mileage
car that’s been modified, tell us what it is in the comments below and of course if you had a
good time with it or not. Be honest though, don’t lie to me. I can sense it, all right? And if you’re looking
for aftermarket wheels, tires and suspension, be sure to check out
where we have everything from Rotiform to Werk, ESR
to air lift, coilovers. It’s what helps us keep
doing things like this. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries
and we will see you later. Peace.

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100 thoughts on “Is It Worth It To Modify A High Mileage Car?

  1. Have you ever modified a high mileage car?Let us know! Don’t forget! Pick up our dope apparel and win a set of multi piece wheels!

  2. Real talk you will find yourself doing more fixing than repairing and you will go down the rabbit hole of replacing one part only to find out you need to replace virtually every part.

  3. I have a mildly modified high mileage car! It's a 1997 Peugeot 205 diesel with over 202000 miles (325k kilometers) and man, is an absolute joy to ride. Really cheap, it doesn't consume a lot of fuel, relatively cheap parts and low cost insurance. It has coil overs in the front, lowered in the back modifying where the torsion bar sits, exhaust and added fuel from the high pressure pump. I've had it for 4 and 1/2 years and, besides maintenance costs and those things, never had real issues and it never let me stranded!

  4. 2013 CTS coupe just his 175,000 3 days ago. As things go out on it I just plan to replace with upgrades. Haven't had to replace anything at all yet other then normal maintenance. Wheel and hub assembly, oil brakes, filters. Help's with me being a certified mechanic and auto body specialist. I bought it with 6 miles. Its my baby. 🙂

  5. High mileage? Yeah don't know what that means.
    94k miles on a 2005 Lexus RX330 ThunderCloud Edition here

  6. 04 G35 coupe AT 116 miles at 120 now. Not a headache at all about to manual swap, interior and exterior was close to mint was sitting in junkyard copped for 2k

  7. Had a 300zx with 185k when I bought it. Like Alex said MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS the good thing is I'd been a tech for 5 years at that point so I knew what I was jumping into and I also had a plan before I bought it so I went into it expecting to replace all the under car stuff and planned to pull the engine as soon as I got it home. Spent a year working on it weekends, put 30k miles on it over 4 years with no major complaints

  8. My g35 was super used up & until I got my toybaru I’ve never been happier. Can’t regret getting my g35 jus because it taught me a lot about manual transmissions and how to keep up wit maintenance.

  9. Your guys' customer service sucks ass 😐 I tried buying wheels from you guys and never got helped out.

  10. I have a 2002 Civic SI with almost 240,000 miles on it. We use it for road trips up and down the East Coast, to pick up parts, and I drive it everyday to and from the Honda dealership I work at. I see people at my dealership that have even more miles than that that keep their cars maintained for Uber. High mileage isn't so scary when you take care of your stuff

  11. Yall already know my g35 it's a 2003 lowered suspension and over 300 hp then I got bluetooth a new windshield and oil changes but yeah it's great and almost at 170k so

  12. I got a 2010 g37 6 speed manual at 92,000. And now at 102,000 and having to get a new clutch kit, flywheel , master and slave cylinder . What was my first mod? Wheels and I already messed them up.. wish I would’ve seen something like this before buying my high mileage car lol

  13. Gonna find out soon. Got a bugeye wrx that was supposed to be on road two years ago, in the works again. Swapping motor and mildly upgrading it with a swapped and mildly nodded ej207 and it probably had 289k before I put 10k i
    On it. It's engine ran pretty decent but due to valves, it effed with emissions so decided to get a 207 jdm and build it. Will need a lot of suspension and brake work on top. Will see. Hopefully it goes well. Might get the 2021 sti if it proves to hold up to the speculation.

  14. 2003 mercury grand marquis la ultimate edition. 2 inch drop. Aluminum rear arms with arp studs, new body mounts all around, ford mustang's magnetic gray paint, dark window tint, mach 1 front lip, konig ultraform 18" with continental pro contact 245/45r18 non staggered. Customer made 3" dual exhaust with magna flow 40s.
    Bought from original owned had nothing bud ford parts and service, 180000 miles.

  15. If it's worth it to the owner, then it's worth. Nobody can tell you how much your car is worth to you.

  16. I’ve been modifying my 211K mile Legacy GT wagon since I bought it, but mostly in replacing worn maintenance items. ALL of the rubber on a 15-year old car is completely shot, so, for example, to replace worn toe link and rear sway bar bushings, I’m getting a couple upgraded parts from Whiteline. That’s about the only way you can do it without going totally broke!

  17. NOPE and YES, Crap I bought my 2019 GTI new in November after 1,000 break in miles I threw everything at it and going to track events. 400HP 430FTLBS of fun with Michelin shoes warranty what LMAO.

  18. Is it's something you wanna do they yeah it's worth it those summer nigth beign up late nigth working on it then flying on the freeway at 1am in the morning and asking you're buddy to look out for cops lol those were the days

  19. Got a Explorer from my grand ma… with 256,000 miles.. and it’s a 4.6 V8 not fun but a straight pipes Explorer V8 is worth it no regrets!

  20. I’m doing a full rebuild on a 2000 Honda Accord and basically I replace all the old/ broken stuff with after market performance part, but this car is just a daily so I’m not doing any high modification to it

  21. Mileage = usage
    No matter the make model or year nothing changes the amount the vehicle has been used! That key has been turned 1000's upon 1000's of times

  22. It’s not even worth it to modify a brand new car, all you do is drop the value of the car and make it last not as long, but we live for this shit so in a way it’s worth it

  23. 95' LT1 Corvette 115k Miles
    Thinking of entire Cam kit with small engine rebuild, I think it's good. Runs like a champ even now.

  24. 2004 GTO. 143k miles. Dropping a big foots dick of a cam in it, CNC 243 LS6 heads, LSx92mm, solid drive shaft, Showtime Customs angle kit, and a nasty tune from Shane Hinds. She’s gonna rip. Blow it up. Put a 6.0L in it.

  25. Hey what's up man, I like your videos I recently bought a 2008 335I sedan it had 2009 thousand kilometres on it I recently put on 226 and been thinking about modifying it should I do it it? was Lady driven before me, and I've done all my maintenance work before modifying her. The only thing I've done was BC coilovers and Lux Angel Eyes AFE air scoops.

  26. Eh this is somewhat true to an extent in my situation lol I recently bought a 99 gs300 with 195k miles good ol 2jz is healthy af per a master mechanic. First thing I did when I took possession of the new baby was flush out all the fluids oil, transmission, coolant you name it cause the previous owner didn't take care of the car for shit but I took the car to a master mechanic before I bought it and it was good to go. I also did my research and have been for years before buying.

  27. I was thinking about this and throwing coiling on my car it has 112k miles on it. It would look sick of course but it’s a Audi sooo idk if Audi are good and worth throwing coils on it on a high mileage. But thanks bro just the video I needed 🤘🏽

  28. my car has 350,000 miles! its a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

    i havnt done any mods, but the police package comes with a bunch from the factory. most are lame, like extra cooling, tighter steering, and 2 inch lift to avoid cracking oil pans, as police like to park on medians and stuff. (though i heard some Donk builders like the police interceptors because they want as much height as they can get, and 2 free inches is 2 free inches).

    one SUPER COOL mod though, is the shorter first gear over the stock transmission, which helps when cops catch a speeder on the freeway with their radar and need to SEND IT.

    its a 250hp, 4.6L V8, with RWD. its an automatic, but with that first gear, YOU CAN DEFINITELY SEND IT, and thats pretty fun to be honest. i hate the car though, its needed way too much maintenance and its a piece of shit…which is being redudant, as i already said its a Ford.

    anyways, im saving for some kind of hot hatch probably. the Crown Vic only needs to last me another 3-5 months. i think there is a good case to mod high mileage cars that you dont plan to own much longer, especially if its going to a junkyard rather than being handed down to someone.

    what should i do to police car, guys? im definitely willing to ruin it, i just dont want to spend much at this point.

  29. Hell yes i believe you can.. Look at 240sx , ae86, bmw e30 ,bmw e36 those cars are getting old they have miles. Finishing a low millage 240 is like getting Willie Nelson to stop smoking weed ……its just not gonna happen.. Personally my corrolla has 240k on the clock but has 7k on a brand new crate engine and trans. Hi milage cars can be modified plus you can learn more about your car in the process. Its got miles you now have to replace a bunch of shit but your also learning how to replace a bunch of shit too haha

  30. I got a slammed 2005 Honda Civic EX that has 223,688 miles. If you ain’t in the 200k mile club get outta my face 😴

  31. Well, I would rather rebuild an older car VS buying a new one. Cars are already are a stupid waste of money for anything from status to speed we are dumb and the car manufacturers know it. My wife likes new cars I do not.

  32. I have an EG hatch with 300,000 miles, but the motor only has 50k on it so life is good except for me chasing rust issues on the body 😂

  33. buys clapped out 300k mile shitbox
    "I hope it stays reliable i don't want any issues"
    orders ebay turbo kit

  34. Something else related but not covered is old school! I'm big into AW11 MR2s, MA61 supras, ect. High mileage is often your only option and there's a massive difference between a 200K mile 2004 Z and an 200K mile 1985 Cressida in terms of repair and maintenance

  35. I had an 06 Saturn vue that I dropped on its nuts at 220k with some lowering springs and some kyb goodies. It was fun while it lasted lol

  36. Mk6 gti, 2012, 125k mileage, and kickin it… bad to the ass and lovin it…projekt mk6 is going smoothly! No problems but MAINTENANCE IS A MUST AND SHOULD BE FIRST BEFORE MODS!!!!

  37. Got a 2007 eclipse with 110k miles. Turbocharged it and pushing around 490 whp with stock internals and its been pretty reliable still for the 2 years I've owned it

  38. I boosted my civic at 200,000 currently 320000 everything is stock (engine internals) you just need to do it right and diagnose it’s health when you do it

  39. 2006 Honda Accord 331K miles.
    AFE intake, Apexi muffler custom exhaust, DC Sport headers, magnaflow catalytic converters, throttle body spacer and performance pulley.

  40. I'm gonna keep this Impreza forever. If the boxer breaks down, there's always a k20 waiting to be slapped on her, I guess

  41. So going off that, should I buy this Sienna I found with 400k for $600 and turn it into a stancy boi?

  42. I have a 96 civic hatch back. It’s old and idk the miles. Removed the whole suspension out this weekend and ordered all new parts and just ordered an air lift kit from you guys. Can’t wait lol.

  43. Unless its a rare chassis, that there is no choice but to stick with it since replacement chassis is non existent.
    Then again, money is probably no issue at that point.

  44. My Lexus is300 had 180,000k on it and way to many problems that came up after I bought it and couldn't tell were problems just from looking at it. I should of brought a mechanic

  45. Thought since it was a Toyota it would be fine and dandy well had to replace the cats vacuum lines coolant hoses thermostat temperature sensor all 4 o2 sensors and the list goes on as I keep finding little things the more I look and replace parts the more I find something else wrong

  46. Miles don’t tell the whole story You can have a 60k mile car that’s never had a oil or any maintenance which would run like crap or vise versa a 300k mile car but has been repaired correctly and maintained as it should be which is cherry

  47. 194k miles in my rsx 183 in my g35 ive yet to be stranded but idk 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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