Jaguar S-Type Rebuild – Day 12: Detaching Knock Sensors & Accessory Belt [2019-12-17]

Hello everybody and welcome back to day
12 of my S-Type project. I was already busy today and did a little clean-up
on the engine, especially to prevent trickling dirt into the combustion
chambers. In between I also applied WD-40 onto the EGR valve assembly
and the towing hook and will now try to get these parts loose. This was quite easy now, and both bolts
are in here upside down, so when it tried to release the second one some time ago,
it can be I simple turned into the wrong direction. If you have a similar problem,
this may be something to think about. I’m now gonna remove this hose from the
back of the water pump assembly. I released the bracket a little bit, but
didn’t fully detach the hose. If I had done this, this would have resulted in a big mess
because the engine block is still filled with coolant that has to be removed before. I don’t think there’s a drain plug anywhere, so I use such a hand pump I purchased online. In a next step I’m gonna disconnect
these two wires that lead to sensors on the left and right hand bank of the
engine block. Obviously this were the two knock sensors. To get the wire with the sensor itself disconnected, you need a 13 mm hex socket, and removing this insert from the block requires an E7
socket – that´s some kind of a “negative” torx bit. To detach the engine accessories here at the, front especially the alternator that interferes with
parts of the car´s body here on the side, I first have to take down the accessory
belt which requires to release the belt tensioner first. This tensioner is spring-loaded, so I simply have to insert a breaker bar
with a square-headed stud – the size has to be 3/8 of an inch – here, turn it towards the left side and at the same time take down the belt with my other hand. And finally, getting out the belt behind
the belt tensioner requires detaching the belt tensioner itself. That’s it already for today. To keep
updated on my project, consider subscribing. See you back next time, goodbye.

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  1. All the Parts & Tools I use for this Project are linked in the Video Description.

    00:00 Introduction

    00:40 Trying to remove the Towing Hook

    01:07 Unscrewing the EGR Valve Assembly

    01:50 Detaching one last Cooling Hose

    03:06 Unscrewing the Knock Sensors

    04:25 Removing the Accessory Belt

    06:30 Please Subscribe & Ring the Bell!

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