Jawa 42 Seat Modification at Khajanchi Karol Bagh Delhi | Complete Process | Royal Enfield/Perak

Hello Friends How are you !! Its weekend and day of saturday Saturday and sunday feels similar when you dont have to go office Today we are going Karol Bagh, Delhi I am going there with my close friend Amresh Singh He is going to meet me at Botanical garden metro after that we have to go karol bagh for seat modification he said earlier that its very hard and its not suitable for long rides. he havent taken any long ride but after making changes in seat he is planning to do so. From Arya Samaj Road in karol Bagh in the first street you can easily found 57 no street landmark can be shiv shakti consultant rest, location is available in description of google map you can find this place easily with help of App There are two small shops on ground floor one shop is being used for office and in other one you can easily notice mechanics for fitting seats though that is totally available at extra cost of 50 to 100 rps also, depends on how much we are paying on top floor We have to enter from this gali and please avoid car or 4wheeler come with bike where modification is required They are providing best comfortable option for your ride This is jawa 42 of Amresh they have removed seat of this and sent to top floor which is warehouse as well sewing staff is there Variety of seats as well accessories for RE can be found here lets go upstairs and check accessories like silencers, seats and some other stuff of Royal infield as well jawa bikes are available here As of now less options available for jawa or recent launched jawa Amresh has made his mind that what changes he required after exploring all possible options Meanwhile let me show you how this place look like after that will show you complete process Dont worry about this bullet standing here this reached on top floor in parts not in single piece Major stock available here are for RE Good reviews are available for this shop on google maps when we saw this warehouse we felt that something good going to happen There are three option for us or jawa First, we go for complete seat change 2nd we go for seat cover along with minor padding for soft base this is area where seat modification is done Third option will be we keep the base same but add additional cushioning and we chose that only you can see that work is started now if we tak about padding we are adding two layers of sheets for softness and seat will be going to soft for sure first of all existing cover of seat is being removed i suggest you to not left this cover here when you are done with change this will definitely be used by some other friend This wll be useless for you as this will not fit on it again after adding padding also due to increase in height in base material whole cover will be used new here you can see that some parts are being removed from existing base to ensure extra added cushioning will be fitted well they try there best so that there will be no issue after fixing these parts are being used to fix first on base as we have decided that we are going to keep the same base of seat if we change base, they add metalic base which i dont like they provide customization of seats like RE for jawa as well so, you can customize you jawa as well here that retro look can be made more retro if you are genius mind. now two extra layers of cushioning is going to be added speed of process is increased to 1.5X here 2 to 3 hours is the time you have to wait here which depends on rush you work will be done faster with followups This is how first layer is fixed on base this guys working like an expert and feel so good to see him working corners are done very well so that there will be no scope of error also seat looks almost the same as earlier He told me that most jawa owner come here for just seat cushioning as existing seat is not that confortable if anyone from jawa is watching this video please fix this issue for all jawa 42 owners yes, we are ready to pay 1000 bucks which we are paying here cutting from sides is done precisely so that better feel will be there one side padding need to be added now look how this is fixed from side and very carefully this leather cover is replaced by original cover of seat stitching will be done in other building for this which can be done on your demand these are hints for tailor master now with help of pins its fixed feedback on video are appreciated and happy to read in comment box this is original jawa seat middle one is after adding cusions third or right most is completely different with jawa base look, this is metal base not plastic as in jawa around 4PM we have reached here and at 7Pm we were ready to fly home back lets speak to shop owner sanjiv ji once fathersaab started work here royal enfield is our specialty now we have started for jawa 42 and perak as well 10-12 types of modifications can be done on seats here opening time for shop is 11.30AM to 7PM reach to Gali number 57 and ask Khajanchi Seat cover wale Hope so you liked the video have a great day !!

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