Jeep Wrangler JK: Rebuilding RCV Performance CV joints

The CV joint of RCV becomes hard to use as soon as it is hard to use Since CV joints are out of warranty, let’s buy repair parts and rebuild once you get a cancane sound You can hurt how much CV and inner race to remove, but I do not want to hurt the outer, so I use brass punch as much as I can Since the first one is hard to take out, adjust the ball so that it becomes symmetrical as much as possible and put out the ball ※ Please fix the vice Anyway for the first time I do not know how to remove the ball No matter how you look at official videos, it will be like that The knacks hit as strongly as possible in the outer race on the opposite side of the ball you take out anyway vertically I removed as much grease as possible because I can not take it I will hit the rest Came off Also remove the remaining balls by hitting the outer race in the same procedure Because it does not move as easily as official movie, beat it seriously every time. . . ※ Let’s fix the vice I feel uneasy because I hit it too much, but I have no choice but to hit it When I do it by myself, it will fly approximately. Let’s pay attention as you pound your hands as it gets overworked I smashed I can not take it at all. Outer race does not come unless you hit it straight Official video-like guy I flew The last one is easy Grip strength. . . I got the last ball Melt remaining grease with parts cleaner I will raise an outer race Since there is a point where outer race goes out when raised, I will look for it When you get out you can take a break, so let’s find a point to come off I will keep the case clean if it goes off When using brass punch, the punch side is scraped and debris will remain, so remove it all By the way, the paper is a kitchen paper that sells at Cains Home 100 cut 4 rolls 198 yen It is a new outer race and inner race The one which is on the side where the ball of the inner race hits is wider Put it in the same way as when you removed it. Let’s find it because there is a point to enter through I will do the reverse when I take out the ball. Raise the outer race to the limit, and make a gap into which the ball enters With the raised up to the limit, hit the ball and hit the ball and the ball will enter Please be careful as the ball will be hurt if it is not a brass punch I will put in five more in the same way Let’s be careful not to hit the hand holding the punch because there is almost no grip strength of the hand holding the hammer at this time I struck it pretty well. My hands This is the rebuild completion Congratulations!

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