K-Seal: Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

♪…♪♪ K-seal is a one step total coolant
leak repair solution trusted and recommended by Trade Worldwide known as the “Miracle in the Little Blue Bottle”. K-Seal sales have topped 2 million bottles
around the world from the UK to the US Russia, Australia, and South America. K-Seal permanently seals most leaks including cracked heads, head gasket failures, cracked blocks, radiators, heat cores and water pumps. It mixes with all
types of antifreeze and coolant and doesn’t require you to drain or flush
the system before use. K-Seal is suitable for use with all water-cooled engines
including bikes, automobiles, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles and even
marine engines. For cooling systems over 20 quarts use K-Seal HD
specially designed for large engines. K-Seal is incredibly simple and quick to use you can shake, pour and go. Shake the bottle vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Add
the entire contents to the expansion tank or radiator. Run the engine up to
operating temperature and the leak stops within a few minutes.
Finally, top-up the cooling system as required. What if you’re experiencing an
issue such as system pressurization? No problem! Simply drain some coolant from the system pre mix this with K-Seal and pour back in or add K-Seal via the top hose of the radiator. But don’t just take our word for it. “Ford
F-150 with 250,000 miles within 15 minutes the leak was completely plugged
no other product I’ve used in this truck has been able to do this.” “Thanks for saving me from a very expensive heater core repair. You have a great product.” “I recently purchased K-Seal HD for my 2002 Peterbilt So far your product has worked about thirty-five thousand miles and no coolant loss” For more information visit www.solv-tec.com E-mail enquiries at [email protected] or call toll-free 888-254-0150 K-Seal… The ultimate one step coolant leak repair.

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17 thoughts on “K-Seal: Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

  1. Where can you buy this at??? I no joke used a whole container of antifreeze in my Ford Windstar and it still not full. So maybe this might help.

  2. So far I've only heard 100 percent good things about this..im going up the road right now to get some. I'll save this link to report back to you guys what happens!!

  3. I used it yesterday and I was just in my car and turned the ac on and I went out and there was soooo much coolant outside

  4. So far so good, I had a small leak in my KW's radiator. I went to Walmart, bought five bottles of premix coolant and two bottles each being 8 oz of k seal which is recommended for a heavy duty vehicle. So far I've driven roughly 200 miles with no leaks. I'm still going to get a radiator, but if the $30 I spent on the two bottles gets me to my destination and back home it all would have been worth it.

  5. My car is fkd. There is a water hose that will not stop leaking , I added k seal a week ago and it's still spitting

  6. I had a Toyota celica gts 00, and it had a blown head gasket so my dad drained the coolant flushed it and than drove it and still overheated so he put bars leak in it and did it again and still leaked, but one day he drive it 100 mph and somehow it stopped leaking. I guess it took awhile for it to circulate. I've been driving it fine ever since at 55mph only. So u saved like 3,000 dollars with barsleak to seal up my head gasket, or gaskets who knows which one it was, but I trust these products and they really do work like they say so I'm going to drive down to Walmart and give this a shot for my Buick park Avenue. I will update this reply if it sealed the leak. It's a pretty bad leak lmao… so let's see….it eventually sealed it, it took two bottles of the stop leak!

  7. I used this on my 2006 town and country back in 2012 had an intake gasket pouring antifreeze under the coil pack it stopped within minutes of getting to operating temp and drove it from from Ohio to myrtle Beach and back with zero issues I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone I talk to that has any issues!!!

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