LED Street Light Upgrade

Light for our community. At Tampa Electric,
we deliver more than the power that runs our lives. We innovate. With
energy-efficient, smart LED street and area lights. LEDs provide better light for streets and neighborhoods. Better light for
pedestrians. And better overall safety on our roadways and in our communities. And
they’re even better for the environment. They last longer, require less maintenance
and consume up to 50 percent less energy. Over the next few years,
Tampa Electric will upgrade outdoor lights across West Central Florida. We’ll start here …
and repeat two hundred ten thousand times. Each new LED light will be installed
with state-of-the-art technology that will offer future
benefits. How? An advanced photocell on each light will make it a “Smart LED.”
Smart because it can communicate with Tampa Electric and other smart devices,
forming a digital network tying all the lights together. This is the
first step towards developing a smart city. One that leverages technology to improve
services, and makes communities safer. In a smart city, the smart LED will allow
lighting level adjustment. It will even help you locate a parking space. Traffic
flow can be adjusted based on the number and movement of vehicles and pedestrians.
Smart LEDs can even detect gun shots, pinpoint their location and alert
authorities. With smart LEDs, Tampa Electric will know when
a light goes out and make the repair quickly. As we leverage smart technology
across our community, everyone benefits. And remember, while the lighting
throughout our communities will be improving the energy powering their
illuminance will remain the same. Power from clean and reliable sources
including domestically produced natural gas and solar energy. As day turns to
night the communities we serve will shine brighter than ever. In a word – brilliant!

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