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Welcome to Durfee Elementary Middle School, one of the 25 Detroit schools on the state’s closure list. However, thanks to an innovative plan from Detroit Public Schools’ Community District, life for Durfee children and the surrounding community is about to get a whole lot better. Next school year, these 611 Durfee students will relocate into a bigger and better facility right next door. With your help, we’re going to repurpose this 90-year-old school building into a dynamic Community Innovation Center. Imagine a place where students can get access to real-world, hands-on education thanks to great programs like Junior Achievement’s ‘This Town’, a 10,000 square foot miniature City where children learn how to run a company, elect a mayor, get money, spend money and get parking tickets if they’re standing in the hallway too long. Imagine a space where aspiring entrepreneurs can get the resources they need to launch successful businesses in the surrounding community, where they can get free legal, free marketing and accounting, and access to capital. Imagine a new rec center or an old swimming pool converted into a makerspace, a locker room turned into a trade school. Imagine the keys to a Toarmina’s pizza franchise being handed to its new Detroit owner who will train Central High School students how to run it. Imagine a multi-purpose auditorium with after-school programming on the weeknights where kids can get access to tutoring, literacy and great programs from organizations like Tech Shop. Imagine a coffee shop and a marketplace on Saturdays where residents can buy and sell the things they make and grow. Imagine what your donation can do, now think bigger. Imagine your donation being doubled, because that’s what you, Patronicity and the MEDC can do. Give today, double your donation, help build the dream.

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