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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome back to the channel Orcs Head Magic and its Jordan here! So a couple of weeks ago i approach 4 other
UKMTG content creators with an idea of us each taking
a new M19 Planeswalker intro decks and showing what you can do with a $5 and $20 upgrade
this is generally to show new players a way to get
into standard without having to invest in $100’s of dollars
worth of singles So the only rules i stipulated was that the
unique cards of the planeswalker decks could not be removed
they could be increased if you required it but absolutely no minimising the numbers Full disclosure in order to be fair i wrote
an Excel algorithm to assign the decks. and i promise I did not spam the pick button
until it would land me with the Sarkhan deck i mean who would do such a thing….. Anyway i ended up with Liliana planewalker
deck which is great and totally in my colour wheel of expertise
So without further ado lets look at what the Liliana deck does The Liliana the Necromance deck is a drain an
gain deck as i like to call it it runs alot of spells
which will drain your opponent for x life and you gain x life
this can be seen in some of the creatures as well as Liliana herself having an ability
to force life loss on your opponent the deck also specialises in sacrificing creatures
for better returns such as Demon of Catastrophes or Blood Divination allowing you to draw cards One final thing of note is that the Planeswalker
decks does not come with a sideboard which is not a requirement
to play in standard but is generally advised. So what can we do for a $5 upgrade well alot
more than you think of course i cant run a playset of removal such as
fatal push so you have to think creatively. Now as the bulk of the deck is zombies i chose
to utilise this as a build around. So the cards i removed from the original deck
was Gravewalker, Skelton Archer, Soverigns Bite, Strangling Spores, 1 Skymarch Bloodletter
and a single swamp This allowed me to put into the main deck
an extra Gravedigger and Reassembling Skeleton as well as add in 2 Lord of the accursed and
Moment of Craving Gravedigger is a great card as it allows you
to bring back a creature from your graveyard allowing for additional value Reassembling Skeleton is great sacrificing
fodder for the deck so why wouldn’t we want more of them and the
fact we can return them back from the Graveyard make the
excellent chum blockers too! Due to the high number of zombies that are
in the deck it made sense to add a lord giving them all +1/+1 but can also grant them evasion
too Moment of Craving is a great combat trick
allowing us to trade up against enemy creatures or removing pesky chum blockers from the board! So all this in the main board only came to
$2.26 so this left us nearly $3 dollars for our sideboard which included the following Duress, Raiders Wake, Tresspassers Curse,
Cartouche of Ambition & Trial of Ambition Duress and Raiders wake are a great combo
forcing you opponent to discard cards and keep them from having answers
Tresspasers Curse is great against creature decks and getting enough of them out early
enough becomes very painful Cartouche and Trial of ambition are a combo
for gaining more life and removing blockers from the board repeatedly. Also the best thing is that these cards are
generally draft trash so if you need them ask around most players would probably give
you these without a second thought So now that weve looked at the $5 upgrade
lets see what i did with a budget of $20 which sounds like alot but as we are talking standard
still does not get us much premium gas for the deck so again
i thought around building creatively using the zombie theme again. So i removed from the deck Gravewalker, Skelton
Archer, Soverigns Bite, Strangling Spores, both Skymarch Bloodletters and Vampire Soverigns
and 2 swamps This allowed me to put in 2 lord of the acursed,
2 grave diggers, 2 moment of craving, 2 death baron and 2 liliana’s mastery So theme is the same make bigger zombies but
this time we have added a death baron which not only pumps up zombies but also is a lord
for skeletons it also has the advantage of giving them all death touch which
means all out blockers are removal spells. Lilians mastery has the benefit of being a
lord without a body which means its difficult to remove from the board it also giving you
a bouns of having 2 bodies enter the battlefield as 3/3’s thats 6 power over 2
bodies for 5 mana! Again we use the majority of the sideboard
in the $5 dollar upgrade as it works well with our theme expect we add in 2 crooks of
condemnation for a cartouche and trial This allows us to control an opponents graveyard
in games where they are utilising it. That is it for me and my upgrades of the Liliana
Planeswalker deck. Tell me what would you do with a $5 or $20 upgrade to this deck leave
your answers in the comment section below. Also please go along and check out the other
upgraded decks by my fellow UKMTG content creators on there channels and blogs links
are in the description box I have been your host Jordan and now im signing
off Goodbye!

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6 thoughts on “M19 Planeswalker Deck Upgrade Challenge – Liliana, the Necromancer – UKMTG

  1. Awesome video! Love these planeswalker deck upgrade videos! Any chance your next video could cover the M19 Green or Red Planeswalker Deck next?

  2. im going with a mono black deck this year just going to buy 2 lili planeswalker decks and got my three death barons hyped!! lol

  3. How viable is this? I'm thinking about trying standard but I don't want to spend too much money. Looking at playing with friends and perhaps FNM-level competetive

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