Mechanic Constructs Drivable “Upside Down Truck”

Lady: Oh my gosh! What the heck! Comm: No your screen hasn’t been turned
upside down. This bizarre truck is built to look like it’s been flipped. Comm: Mechanic Rick Sullivan spent six months building the unusual vehicle in his breakdown garage in Clinton, Illinois. Rick: People are amazed I mean it’s, it’s one of those things that when you first see
it it’s hard to recognize what it is, but when you take the second look then they
pull me over and want to look at it closer. Comm: Rick – who runs the garage with his wife Cathy – got the design idea when he was called to rescue an overturned Ford
Ranger. Rick: As we were approaching the scene there was a pickup truck that was rolled
over on its top, in about ten inches of snow, with all four wheels sticking up in
the air. I said ‘Hey, I’ll bet you I can recreate
that’. Comm: Inspired by the concept Rick set about putting his idea into reality. Rick: We collected parts from a Ford F-150, then on the drivetrain
it is a 91 Ford Ranger and we tore the body off of it and transformed the F-150
upside down onto the 91 Ford Ranger. The truck cost me $6,000 to build and it
took me six months to complete. Comm: The truck is a big hit with Rick’s nephews who love being taken out in the attention-grabbing vehicle. Rick: Hi Brody. Hi Brock. You wanna go for a ride? You wanna go Dairy Queen? All right! Brody: The best thing
about it is, is cos it’s upside down, probably, and there’s only one of it in
the world! Our friends are very jealous that we get
a ride in this cool car! Comm: And the upside down creation turns heads in town. Man: Yeah! Mr Greggs: I thought it was a car that had been tipped over, that’s what it’s supposed to
represent I think. Joe: What it looks like is somebody took the frame of a car and put it on there but you know your first reaction is that
that something’s wrong. Marian: I would like to have one myself and simply because of the uniqueness in it. Rick: The amount of pictures from cellphones? I would say is somewhere around a thousand pictures a day. Comm: Luckily for Rick, his wife supports his crazy building projects even if he keeps
her in the dark about what he’s building. Rick: When I brought home the upside down truck my wife had no idea. Kathy: I was at work and he called and said you need to come outside. So I went outside it was amazing! The reaction to and the people were
stopping in the street and it was, it was a lot of fun. Yes I would say Rick is car
crazy and his mind is always thinking about what the next project’s going to be. Comm: The truck may have turned his world upside down, but Rick is already planning
the next exciting build. Rick: I will keep the truck, I will never sell the truck. I do
have a car building project for the future, so just keep watching the streets
because it’s coming!

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100 thoughts on “Mechanic Constructs Drivable “Upside Down Truck”

  1. Good thing he lives in a small town that appreciates art. Otherwise he might face a variety of lawsuits and bogus insurance claims over other people’s collisions. Seems stupid, because it is, but these things do happen. Like businesses have been told to take down signs because they’re causing wrecks. How on earth can they be held responsible? Because that would mean that if a driver crashed their car because they were admiring a pretty woman walking down the street, that woman would be responsible. But they comply anyway because it’s cheaper than fighting it in court.

  2. And the world changed forever after the build. He's having his gentiles surgically attached to his forehead next.

  3. People can do whatever they like with their own time and money but from my point of view "cars" like these are a colossal waste of both.

  4. Impossible to insure in Europe and what's with the kids without seat belts??? That is beyond a European's thought process.

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