Merry Christmas – a Studio & bedroom tour and Christmas Video

hello everyone
Gio here today I’m gonna play you a four song medley that I arranged. It is a bit
unusual for me to play something like this on YouTube because it’s not a piano
video as you will see and well just a quick note on how my music’s going and I
wanted to thank all of you guys for that we reached 200 streams online
so thank you so much now if you want to listen to my music if
you haven’t listened to it yet I’ll put the link here in the description or
you can go up here into my channel box and my bio page here on YouTube as well
as my Instagram link which I’ll put here in links. I’ve got a new
website which you can go here in the description as well and well I’ve got
big a big surprise for you next year. Now back to music stuff, let me introduce my
gear for today I’ve got three recorder flutes
which I’ll show you in a minute, but before introducing you to my gear I’d like to
introduce you to my new member of the family
say hi Oscar okay I’ll show you my gear in a minute. Now what you’re seeing are my three recorder flutes from right to left
my soprano flute, my alto and tenor flutes which are the flutes I
recorded the video with they’ve got beautiful sounds let me know in the
comments below if you want me to make an explanation video on how they work and how I
played them let me know Now, moving to my wardrobe, I’ve got those two posters
which I’m really really in love with those are Chloe Adams’ and Once Monsters’ both signed and yeah this is a quick line that Dan wrote for me on
October the 29th and which I’m really proud of yeah I can’t really believe it
I went to see them at Hope&Anchor as you can see… now what you saying is my sheet music holder and this is my brand new sound shield and mic and this is an SE X1S
which is a condensed mic that on the front is a rigid pop shield basically
what it does is that when you pronounce Ps and Bs basically the airflow that you
produce is too much and the mic would overload with signal and what the pop
shield does in that it covers the extra airflow and gives you this wonderful and
balanced sound Back to today’s video guys I’d like to
say few more words about what is gonna be as I anticipated a very different video
from why you could see previously on my channel because I’m
gonna play those three flutes and that’s it and a vocal track as I anticipated on
Instagram a few days ago I hope you like it let’s begin with video and I’ll see
you back there later As you could see, I didn’t put any footage of me playing, because I thought I’d rather put some Christmas shootings and I hope you liked
it see you back in the next video which is gonna be wait for it awesome now have a Merry Christmas nice holidays and see you very soon with
special videos next year on my channel bye

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