Miami-Dade Minute – 2018 National Rebuilding Day Leisure City Pride

This is your Miami-Dade Minute… This is Leisure City Pride Day along with National Rebuilding Day. Hundreds of volunteers, wonderful organizations, great companies – all working together to build a beautiful community here. It’s a neighborhood of home owners, many of them are in homes that need substantial repairs and they’re not able to make
them on their own. So we’re coming together to help those individuals but
to help the whole community, to beautify the community and help everybody feel
pride. So this year we have a couple of great new features. We are creating an
edible park. We’re going to be having fruit trees in Leisure City Park and
that’s so the neighbors can come out and take care and also take the benefit when
the fruits grow to maturity they’re there for the taking. And then we’re also
doing a wall. You know these walls sometimes get into disrepair and so
nobody really is responsible for them so we’re working together to build out a
couple of blocks of a wall that will make a big difference — beautification of
this neighborhood.

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