MU Online: Item upgrade guide

Jewel of Bless: Upgrade item from +0 to +6 by 100% Jewel of Soul: Upgrade item from +0 to +9 by 50% Jewel of Chaos: Ingredient to upgrade from +9 to +15 Jewel of Life: Enhances item’s option Upgrading item from +0 to +6 Upgrading item from +6 to +9 Item will drop to +0 if +8,+9 upgrade is failed Find Chaos Goblin in Noria Success rate increases if the item has “Luck” option More jewels are required as item level increases Jewel of Life can upgrade item options its success rate is 50% (75% with luck option) If failed, all options will disappear

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7 thoughts on “MU Online: Item upgrade guide

  1. 2:20
    Luck = 75% chance success in Jewel of Life ?
    Fake info in subttitles. Jol = 50% with or without luck

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