My First Body Modification: Frenectomy

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! Today I’m gonna be telling you about my frenectomy. I just wanted to let you guys know that I had uploaded a video last year about my otoplasty and I mentioned that that was my first surgery but I had forgotten that I had a frenectomy done when I was really young. This is actually my first one and the otoplasty was my second one. If you don’t know what a frenectomy is, it’s a procedure where they remove or they cut your frenulum. Your frenulum is a piece of tissue that usually connects different parts so they won’t move as much for example, there’s one beneath your tongue, there’s one over here, there’s one over here and the tongue one actually prevents you from choking on your own tongue. So… fun fact. I know I didn’t have braces when I was eleven, I know i had already gotten them removed, so I must have been really young. It all started because i was getting ready to get braces and my frenulum was really really large and I had a diastema. A diastema is when your two front teeth are separated so my frenulum grew between them so they had to get rid of that to be able to put braces on and close that gap. So you see how my frenulum was before I’m gonna insert some pictures here but I need you guys to know that I didn’t like people taking my picture when I was young and I got really mad and I didn’t smile so it was hard to fin a pictures where I actually showed it and I made really really weird faces so I’m sorry about that. Just so you see, this is what I was left with there’s absolutely nothing there. My… I don’t know what the doctors that put braces on are called. I’m sorry. But… That doctor of mine, told me about another doctor so I could get that done and I thought… because you know when you’re having surgery, or something like that, they usually have an appointment beforehand to let you know what’s happening. That was not the case, we got there and the doctor was ready to cut everything right there. I remember my mom was really angry because of that but I still got the procedure done. So the doctor takes us into this room where they have one of the dentist’s chairs that kind of lean and they sat my mom right in front of me so she saw the whole procedure. And I’ve seen videos of it and it’s not pretty. So I was sitting in that chair and first of all, they put anesthetics in, they inject your gums and over here and that’s pretty painful but if you have had a cavity removed or something like that, you’ve felt it before, it’s not the end of the world but it’s uncomfortable. I was numb but still I could feel what she was doing she put this thing on top of my face so only this part would be showing and I had two gaps over here so I could see everything she was doing but I think it was more for her than for me so whatever. I remember feeling the scalpel slicing and I remember a sawing motion but I don’t think you have cartilage up there so I have no idea what she was sawing at but it felt and sounded kind of weird. After that she just stitched me up the stitches go form the middle right here from the center, and they go up to… let me show you. Here and up to the lip. They have to cut everything so they can take it out. Afterwards I got my braces put on and I had them for a year and a half I think then they took them off and I’ve had a normal smile since then What you’re listening to is my mom. (The music drowned the sound out) If you’re getting this done don’t worry about it, it’s really minor and they’ll take the stitches out in like a week, the pain is minimal, you don’t get that much food stuck in there. And if your kid is getting this done, don’t worry about it either, I barely remember my experience. And it was entertaining. Kind of… I hope this video was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below or send me a private message Thank you so much for watching, I hope to see you next sunday with another video. So… bye!

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  1. They did an amazing job, because you couldn't look any prettier. You look like Gloria Alvarez the amazing Guatemalan politologa.

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