Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. We had a really big gamechanging update today
and let’s start off with the new Item Upgrading System. Remember to Like and Subscribe you want to
keep up-tp-date with the everchanging updates! I will break down everything in the Update
Notice so it is clearer for you guys. So to begin with, we now have a new SS-rank
item and it is exclusively only for Dragon Items. S-rank items now consists of only Perfect
Raid Items and World Boss Items. All the rest have not been changed from before. Also, Transcendent Stones are now called Power
Up Stones and will be the main currency used for Item Upgrading. You can now sell ALL your Asgar Ores and Awakened
Asgar Ores because they can give you Power Up Stones. Of course, selling items will also give you
Power Up Stones. Two main differences though. Number 1: You can actually sell E, S, and
SS rank items to get the stones. In the past, selling these items did not give
you any stones. Number 2: A-rank items have increased in value
so you can get more stones than before if you sell them. Where else can you get it on a stable basis? From Weekly Quests, you will get 5000 Power
Up Stones per week. From the new Normal Check-in, you will also
get 10000 Power Up Stones per week. So there is a steady income of 15000 Power
Up Stones. Like before, Siege Defense gives you up to
15000 Power Up Stones for your 3 Hard Difficulty Entries and 40000 Stones if your guild secures
a 200 point total. Altogether, you can get up to 70000 stones
PER WEEK. So please do your Siege Defense. It has become more important than ever. You can also get 20000 stones in the Topaz
Shop. But the more interesting thing is that you
can now actually Rank Up your item to another rank. In the past, the only way to get Four Lords
Items for example, was to Synthesize using several Seven Knight Items and there was no
way to get Dragon Items besides synthesizing perfect Raid Items. But now you can do Rank Up all the way and
get that Dragon Item from a basic Seven Knight Item. However, the cost is extremely heavy and if
you haven’t done the math, you will need a total of 599900 Power Up Stones and 3380000
gold. We will come back to this figure later. Also note that there are some type of items
like C-rank Raid items which cannot be ranked up. Let’s look at Item Power Up. As we know, in the past, we used items and
Asgar Ores and Awakened Asgar Ores for Power Up of items. The gold cost for Power Up from 0 to +5 has
not changed. The only requirement is the type of currency. So for an Awakened Item, the total number
of Power Up Stones needed from 0 to +5 will be 1250 along with 50000 gold. But the most important part of the entire
update is that you will no longer need multiple copies of other items to Transcend a base
item now. Remember you used to need 5 other Dragon Books
to make 1 +5 Dragon Book +10? Now, all you need are Power Up Stones and
Gold to make it +10. The system has simplified A LOT and it actually
saves you a lot more resources especially for S-rank and SS-rank items. Gold cost remains the same at 300000 per level. And in fact, the cost in terms of Power Up
Stones also remains largely unchanged from before. I have put up how many Power Up Stones and
how many Transcendent Stones we needed in the past for the same purpose. So to power up a Dragon Book from +5 to +10,
you will need a total of 100000 stones. Remember this amount was really costly and
difficult to get back then. Also, you will realize the only difference
lies in the A rank items which cost slightly more now to power up. Now let’s really breakdown all the figures
and costs of the entire system. Here I have a Spike Crit Weapon for example. It is currently at unawakend, +0, so let’s
see how much I need to make a +10 Dragon via Rank Up. We will need 599900 Power Up Stones and 3380000
gold. But how do you actually compute this? Basically the first part of the cost is to
make your weapon +5. Then Awaken it. After Awakening, you need to make it +5 again. Thereafter, from +5 to +10, the cost here
is rank-dependent. And a D-rank item will only require 9250 stones
and 1.5million gold. It is only after you have hit +10 then you
can finally begin to scale up the ranks all the way to SS and that’s how to get the
entire figure. So you might think, Powering up a Dragon Item
cost 500000 stones and 1.5million gold while ranking up from a D-rank item cost 599900
stones and 3.38million gold. What is more worth it? I think this an issue of convenience. Is a Dragon item more accessible than items
from other ranks? Do you have a very stable and good income
of Power Up stones and gold? Because if Dragon items are insanely hard
to get, then for the sake of progress, investing more stones and 2x the amount of gold just
to get 1x +10 Dragon Item could be very well worth it. This ultimately depends on how much time you
play the game too. If you can easily get Dragon items because
you worked hard in your Raid and accumulated them from the previous Raid shops, then in
that case you can save on about 100k stones and a lot less gold. So basically, if we see it this way, it’s
pretty well-balanced. If you have poor items and want progress,
it’s definitely possible if you can top up a bit more resources. But otherwise, you can still progress slowly
by acquiring actual higher-rank items via PVE. Honestly, if you think about it, the developers
only removed the system where you needed duplicate copies. Because there is not a big difference between
this current system with the previous Transcendent Stone system. It feels like they streamlined and actually
enforced that system on everyone now. I mean, In the long run, it will help because
Item Progression will be much simpler such that you won’t have to spend time getting
duplicates and save A LOT LESS gold because all those duplicates no longer need to be
powered up. Another point to bring up is selling value
of +5 SS-rank items. Notice that selling 1 will give you 100000
Power Up Stones? Selling 5 in this case will give you 500000
Power Up Stones, which is also the same amount required to power up an SS-tier item from
+5 to +10. This is somewhat similar to the old system
where you can use 5 other copies to make a +10. However, you do need to sell them in this
case. the benefit is that you can actually sell
other unused Crit SS-rank items to power up something more necessary like Speed SS-rank
items! So in that sense, this system makes it far
more flexible as well in terms of item power up because if you do have a lot of unwanted
SS-rank items, you can get rid of them and get the Power Up stones to power up something
you really need. Hope this video gave you a better idea of
the entire new Item Upgrading system! Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions
about it in the comments below. Stay-tuned for Trude and Sebastian’s reviews! Thank you and see you!

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53 thoughts on “NEW ITEM UPGRADING SYSTEM GUIDE | Seven Knights

  1. I kindaaaa feel like 7K is just making things easier for us……. but at the same time it makes us wanna play LESS since now most things are just quick and all… it takes me a good 40 minutes to get most things done and before the update I would be playing for 3-5 hours. I mean I accept this but I just hope they donโ€™t change too much……

    I also wish global can work on the damn story! ๐Ÿ’ข๐Ÿ’ข stop giving up future characters too early netmarble!

  2. I salvaged all the items now I have so many items with 50K stones this will take a lot of time
    At least i made Trude lvl 42 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Can't wait for your new raid guide ๐Ÿ™‚

    Question:what is the best build for revamped sebastian cuz he only have 1 crit hit skill and that is his AWK skill and he don't have any lethal rate

  4. Timestamps below! Looking forward to see your comments ๐Ÿ˜€

    0:16 : New SS-rank Item Category

    0:30 : Power Up Stones and how you can get them

    1:31 : Item Rank Up across different ranks and how it works

    2:08 : New Item Power Up mechanics and beyond +5

    3:23 : Full Cost Breakdown of the entire Item Upgrade System

    4:13 : What is more worth and what you need to consider

    5:18 : My personal thoughts

    5:45 : A very important tip to get your +10 items back (Important for those without Power Up Stones)

  5. basically it's just resources conversion change. now all dragon item can be used to upgrade any other dragon item unlike before where specific substat is needed for upgrade. thanks for the info again.

  6. Ive been waiting for this so i wont do anything stupid to make my progress slower. Im really relying on your guides more now. I know im not the only one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks a lot man. Keep it up. More power to you. ๐Ÿ˜‡

  7. Waiiiiit what??? 500k t stones from +5 to +10 ??? But this is some next lvl bs?? I regret salvaging my items there is no way I can afford this amount of t stones for just one item lol

    This new system is bad holly..

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    First, you are lucky to get Trude this quick.
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  11. This update Pretty Balanced.
    – Power up Stone very expensive, i guess special require for old and any active player. ๐Ÿ˜ Btw, i'm glad you save it for video. ๐Ÿ‘
    – 599.900 stones, i really wish that should be on future login's reward.
    – Now, Spina hold Sebastian's beer. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    What Niu Mo Wang's Strategy Heroes? (I guess this question, can answered on your next video, can't wait to complete Kyrielle Star quest, with many rewards.

  12. Off topic question

    Does bleed debuff resist rate from accessory stack with special trait LB bleed debuff resist rate?

  13. Thanks for the video, would you make a video explain if its worth to do adventure auto-clear system for daily farmers who farm 4h+ everyday

  14. Your video was very informative and much appreciated! This new update does make things a lot easier, but balances convenience and cost.

  15. Hey your video did not cover 1star to 6star equipments which has no transcendence stone value. What do we do with them? I canโ€™t seem to use them anymore other than sell it. Please clarify on this, it will help so much!

  16. I think u cannot compare like this, you should compare ranking up from a +10 S Orb and + 5 Ss book and see which one is more worth it since most of the people alr has +10 S items , upgrading to +10 Ss book only cost 300k gold and 390k stones while upgrading from a pure Ss book needs 500k stones and 1.5 m gold. Overall ranking from S to Ss cost lesser than ranking it up from Ss item scratch.

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  20. Hai, with this new system, how to get Revolutioneries item ? Because i tried to rank up from normal rank B C D item, they didnt go to revo item…. As we know world boss point will gone soon… Thx

  21. And this moment, if we lack of world boss item, where we can find one of them ? coz i lack NMW lethal rate ๐Ÿ™

  22. I wonder if they raise item drop rate on map 13-1 ..
    I do get many 6 stars item ..
    Dunno if its just my imagination

  23. Hmm i dun knw after watching i still think that this method of power up screwed a lot of ppl because u can no longer use trash resources to power up items nw. U absolutely have to use power up stones and also cannot rely on synthesis to easily get spears or books.

  24. Started this game for about 8hrs. I just want to ask who to pick for the selectors for this new update. With the smart mode being gone ingame, maybe the heroes in the june jumping check in will be changed. More power on your channel. Thank you and God bless

    NOTE: for now I just have two heroes (Rachel and Yeonhee) as I am confused who to pick especially on normal heroes

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  26. I just started a month ago so I think its no longer relevant since we can't transcend/synthesis but I wanted to ask just in case. If there any reason to level up a named weapon like Eileen's spear , rache's hat etc, over an awakened Dragon orb? I just previewed it and a +10 S rank orb gives 1050 M Atk, +29 SPD, +15% ATK and Eileen's Spear +10 A rank gives same sub stats but 1000ATK instead. I'm not sure if they both even out at SS rank (can't see Im lacking power up stones) or if the named stuff gets a big boost at the end?

  27. i just started the game again… the power up stones hit me hard lol literally stuck coz i can't upgrade my equips. sigh*

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