NEW NMAX TOP Speed, RS8 vs MY Set up, Modify CVT / Pang gilid video, (english subtitles)

just thought i should put in a vlog so…good morning, welcome back to my channel so now lets try something today because we are riding to General Santos City ahh… we will have another run to get the top speed and i have my companion here named Ray he just had the CVT transmission on his scooter upgraded (pang gilid) RS8 all the way so let see… if i can catch him or is he going to leave me behind because his scooter is faster, lets see but hopefully ahh.. what we will achieve today is to surpass the previous top speed of 121kph OMG RS8 is pulling away maybe i should have changed my CVT to RS8 all the way.. its like his NMAX is faster even though he is heavier and carrying so much extra baggage( accessories) given i have a top box behind me, but you know my bike could be faster his bike has crashbars he is the heavier rider i dont know… he has so much accessories looks like i need to tuck in (swearing)128kph, but there is still more power left (i think) i think there is power left but the road is very congested (traffic) im afraid (swearing) as you can see the road has a flat surface so we will see maybe we will try again if the road is clear (swearing) where is my companion? i think i lost him.. so with my top box (on the scooter) again an 81KG rider and all these… accessories in front all these modified windshield visor modified side mirror not to mention everything here except my CVT transmission (pang gilid) everything in this scooter is stock stock tire size, stock everything so we will try again i think there are still longer straight roads ahead when my bike reaches the top RPM it will slowly.. increase its speed,its gradual but its ok its ok (suffecient) there is not much acceleration(compared to stock CVT) thats what im going to say but when you reach the top RPM, its going to slowly climb its just consistent crawling, thats the word for it hello hello? ray (swearing) (singing with an awful voice) lets see, lets see the footpeg just hit the road surface (i meant center stand) ahh.. its joyful twisties (swearing) my suspension is bad,it hops around, making me lose rear tire traction Lady biker:hi… is this a 1000cc engine? what? i was surprised….it looks bigger than a super four bro… what motorcycle are you using? hello? is (my intercom) still on? i know wait, ill park my scooter first Lady biker:are you coming with us? i dont know, i think we will settle for general santos city reinier: you’re bringing such good boy scooters… yeah we are using the nmax (swearing) i didn’t get all of it (i meant the tires) Lady biker:you’re not coming with us? we are going to glan Glan(place) is a little farther from here and we need to be getting back soon i said that i would only go to gensan to eat and then come back Lady biker:is this recording? this is High heels biker

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