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(upbeat music) – Hey guys, so today we’re gonna be doing one of the most requested videos, we’ve ever–
– Ever! – It’s our new, updated room tours!
– Yeah! – And it’s gonna be super
exciting ’cause we moved from Florida,
– To California. – to California, and we
got all new furniture and I am so happy with
our bedrooms turned out so now we’re gonna show it to you guys. So in this video I’m gonna show you my room and also Evelyn’s gonna show you her room.
– Hello! – All right, so here is
the door to my bedroom, just a white door, nothing on it. So now we’re going to enter my bedroom. (imitates wind blowing) What!
– Before I show you guys my bedroom, I left Emily
a little surprise in hers. – These bags aren’t
supposed to be on my desk. Evelyn, what happened here? – Wasn’t me, it was the elves! – Oh, the elf on the shelf thing. Okay, I’m just gonna take a minute to actually like, clean up all this mess. Okay, sorry about that interruption, but now we are back, so
I’m gonna show you my room and I’m super happy with it, I think this is my best room by far and I’m just so happy with this room, it’s like, I really like it. Okay, so now I’m gonna do the tour part. So just as you walk in you
will look this way probably, and here’s one of my favorite parts. I have like this little seating area, and then I have my dog
Tat, he’s very amazing. And then I have big
Pusheen and a furry stool. – Welcome to my bedroom. Okay, so I have a shelf and it has a mystery box under it, a painting with very unusual stars, a snow globe, some other stuff, and then on the other one
I have my iPhone, the cute. – And then I have this pin,
sorry, pin board, I think? And I put a bunch of things on it but it’s not fully done, that’s why it’s like, really empty down here,
because we just got it and started printing out stuff for it. So I just put a bunch of stuff that I really love, like
Mango and Chai, what! And then I have the
picture of a amazing drink, the best one in the world, vanilla coffee. And then I have a picture of my friends, Morgan, Kyla and Brooke,
and then me and Evelyn, I’m not friends with myself, so. And they were my friends in Florida and they still are my
friends and they’re so nice. And I’m super happy about
this picture, I don’t know. Okay, and then I have a
picture of “Stranger Things” ’cause Stranger Things is my favorite show and it’s super amazing. – Okay, and then I have a Beanie Boo, some Sumikko Gurashis,
a Bananya and a Pusheen. And then on this shelf I have a Bananya and a bunch of Pusheens
and some Pusheen figures, and on this shelf I have a marvelous plant and then some other Pusheens. – And then I have Pusheen key chains because I collect Pusheen
and they’re so cute. And now we’re just gonna turn over here. I have few shelves and then my backpacks, and we’re gonna put hooks here so once I don’t have to like, bend down. So here I just have a
bunch of display things like Pusheens, Sumikko
Gurashi and then I have some LPS right here and
then I have other wild pets. And then here I have
my whole LPS collection and LPS stands for Littlest Pet Shop, and I really, really like them. – And then we have my bed! So on my bed I have a billion plushies, actually no, that’s not a billion, it’s one, two, three, four… and I have some pillows, and then I have this pretty blanket and then my blanket I use for sleeping. And then my squishy bin! And also a squishy that I didn’t open yet that I won in a challenge. – And now we have the dresser which is one of my favorite
parts of the whole room because I have my necklace
and choker collection, and here is my BFF
necklace I got with Morgan. And then, yeah, I just
have a bunch of chokers and I have some VSCO ones, and
I oop, and I oop, sksksksk. Then I have this little Pusheen guy that I got in a challenge,
I’m very happy with him. His name is Dragelle Pusheeno. Then I have some lip glosses
and my favorite nail polish. And then I have this dude and some Littlest Pet
Shops, my favorite two. Then this nice pineapple candle, haven’t smelled it in a
while, so let’s do that. Mm, smells good, kinda smells like candy. Then I have this little
furry guy that I got the first I ever went to California and another Pusheen key chain. Then I have this plant, which is not real. It looks real, but it’s fake. And then we have Mango’s cat cave, and her and Chai fight over
it sometimes but that’s okay, ’cause you know, that’s what sisters do. And then we have a big shelf, so we’re gonna start on the bottom. I have some of my favorite
Pusheens here in this basket. And then I have my scrunchy bin and Pip, who’s the guard, I don’t know, and then I have this
random squishy in here. I have this donut-thing
and for some reason there’s only one book in there. Then I have one of my favorite
Pusheen, the big squishy one. A roommate and a plant, then this is my all-time favorite Pusheen, look, it’s really magical. You can make it’s eyes glow
red if you scratch his tummy. And then I have this one
which I got in New York, this plant, and then I have
that, he’s so cute, or she, and then this little guy, also very cute. And I have a bunch of
plants and then at the top I have the fattest Pusheen,
actually it’s not the fattest but it’s a cute Pusheen
and a hanging plant. And then we’re gonna go over to my bed. Also Mango’s bed because
Mango does not use a dog bed anymore, she uses
either my bed or Evelyn’s bed. So yeah, I just have some
blush pink covers just like my last bedroom, and then, oh also, I don’t have twin bed anymore, I have a…what’s it called? – [Camerawoman] Full. – Yeah, a full bed, yay! I used to have one when I was really young but now I have it again,
I’m super happy with that. And then here I have Timmy and Tommy, and I have Mango because you know, she just acts like she’s
the queen of the house. And then him, the ladybug, and fun fact about this ladybug
pillow pet, he is a senior. He’s been around for nine years. And I got him, it was like a present that Evelyn gave me when she was born, which doesn’t really make sense but, it’s kind of like a gift ’cause I have to now share my parents with
another child (laughs). So yeah, that is Ladybug Poowee, ’cause I didn’t know how to
say pillow when I got him, so now he’s called Poowee. – And then above my bed I have an Aquarius painting,
because I am Aquarius. It’s very pretty and I like the stars. And then I have Mr. Feathers! Yeah, I named my light (laughs). And then my nightstand
with a mini nightstand, a sparkly, crunchy plant
that I can do ASMR with, a book, because I like to read a lot. And then an E light because
my name starts with an E! – Now I have my nightstand which has a dino Pusheen and a plant, and then I have these two giant pictures, I have one of the moon,
’cause that one was pretty so I got it, and I have one
that says do what you love, and the reason why I got
this one is ’cause I begged my parents for two years
to start a YouTube channel, and then they said yes
and I’m still doing it ’cause it’s what I love,
so do what you love. (laughs) That was kinda cringey, but… And then I have a egg chair
and I’m really happy with it ’cause my room is finally
big enough to have one, and I have this plant
which we might replace ’cause it’s kinda lopsided. And then we have another plant! (laughs) And then we have some windows and I really like these windows because if you look over there, you
can see LA, Century City, and on this side, I see The
Hills, which is kind of cool because I can see hills and city. – And on this side of my
room I have a light because Mr. Feathers doesn’t give
enough light but he’s good. And then yeah, it’s pretty, yeah. And then we have my chokers
and bracelets and then some Shopkins and a pair of
earrings and a bracelet. And then in these drawers I put like my hair accessories and
like some other clothes. And then I have this
Pusheen mini backpack. And let’s move on to
this side of the room. So I have a fluffy stool with a corgi that I got for my birthday
and she has a crown and she’s a queen (laughs.) And then we have a nice fake tree, and then we have Mr. S’mores! (laughs) – And then I have my desk, which is one of my most used
spaces in the whole house, the kitchen, my bed and then my desk. And then here I have this
marble picture-thingy, and my desk, (sighs) I love it so much, because there’s so many
Pusheens on it, it’s cute! And then I also have a few
Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashis. And then I have my glasses,
’cause if you didn’t know I sometimes wear glasses
to see, they are red. Let’s put them back in there. And then I have my computer, and then I have my laptop, I keep it in the kitchen
so when I eat I can play! If my parents let me,
’cause sometimes they don’t. And then up here I have
my foodie Pusheens, and then I have some of
like the monsters almost, like dinosaurs, zombies and
then a aquatic dinosaur, but that guy is not monster,
he’s just a hamster, I forgot his hame. And then I have my (imitates wind blowing) super-fluffy chair, that matches the other
fluffy stuff in my room, and if you didn’t know
I really love fluffy. I have two fluffy dogs,
two fluffy pillows, one fluffy egg chair, one fluffy chair, one fluffy stool, a lot of fluffy things. On this shelf I have my Instax camera, which you might have seen
in my last room tour, and then I have some little Pusheens and my favorite one is is that one! And then I have some
books and most of them are graphic novels because
I really love those. They’re the best type
of books in my opinion. And then I have my iPad
and then I have a lamp. – On my two top shelves
I have a lot of Pusheens, a penguin that has a bell, two plants and this thing
that’s supposed to light up and then this which is like,
you can store stuff in. And then I have more
Pusheens, that pom pom-thing. And in this shelf I have a lot of books, my very special stuff, and this
actually is really special. I made this when I was about two-years-old and I’m actually pretty proud of myself, I did some nice marbling (laughs.) And I have some perfumes here, and this one’s my favorite,
it smells so good. On this part of my desk I
have more books, a notebook, my iPad, my pencil case that doesn’t really have anything in it, and then like, candles and snow globes
and then a Pusheen. Some pencils and then this, which I didn’t really get to finish ’cause
I didn’t have enough time. My glasses, my sksksksk scrunchies, my sunglasses and more books, and this is a VSCO polar bear, and my fluffy chair! – So now, let’s move on to the closet. So here are the closet’s doors and then there’s a
little Pusheen backpack, which is my favorite backpack I have. And then if we just open
the doors you can come in. So welcome to my closet! So here I have shirts, and then I have these from Halloween, I don’t know why I still
have them here, but yeah. Then I have my purse that I got for my birthday and I really love it. And then I have like some,
some of them are down here but I have some sweaters
because it’s getting more into winter time, so, sweaters, and then I have rompers,
a big coat and dresses. So this is my favorite
coat, I got it at Zara, not sponsored, and I really love it. Then, I really love Zara at
the moment, so I got this from Zara, and this is my
most used one, I think. Like I use these the most. Then this which I don’t use and then this is like a party romper, yeah, party! And then yeah, these are other ones I don’t really use anymore. Oh, and then my favorite dress is in here. So here we have books, and books over here and a Minecraft book ’cause I’m really bad at Minecraft and I
need books to teach me. And then we have pants, and then I have some backpacks here, I have this one, unicorn and VSCO, and I have a soccer ball. And then Big Pup and Cinnabon,
they’re pillow-thingies. And then over here I have a fat Pusheen, a little thingamabobber,
and a little polar bear. And then I have a bunch
of random stuff here, it’s not like the most
organized area, but you know. Then I have travel backpacks, Evelyn’s is also in here I don’t know why. Okay, then here I have a shelf
with Pusheens and perfume and a map of Math Monster island. And then I have more Pusheens and I have that plant and this guy! And then I have this
thing with more plants, magnets, a umbrella and a little squishy. And here I have squishies and then stationery and stuff like that. Here I have my swim bag because
in my school we have swim, and then here I have
more squishies and toys but mostly squishies, and this is my favorite one ’cause its a Pusheen. Yeah, oh and then here I
have another travel backpack and I have mine and Evelyn’s coats because her closet does
not fit that many coats so I have to put hers in here as well. And yeah, that’s my closet,
now let’s over to my bathroom. – And then I have my closet. Okay, there, so I have my shoes and then more shoes and more
shoes, and then I have my belt, this thing, it’s like a
bracelet, my pajamas, more books, Mango’s Halloween costume, the bag here, some skirts and stuff
and like, long pants. More skirts and long pants
and more books and stuff. And then on this side I
have jackets and shirts and I have like some other stuff here like Rilakkumas, and then I have more clothes on this side,
and I have like some headbands and purses and then some stuff up there. – Fun fact, Mango is sleeping! Oh, well, she woke up but
you know, she’s so cute. Okay, in here is my bathroom. I have a shower! (gasps) And then I have my sink and
I have three different soaps and guess which one is my favorite? (gasps) You guessed it! It’s this one called Congo
or Conga I mean, from Lush and it’s so amazing
and it’s so satisfying, it’s like a little slime, it’s so amazing. I would definitely, it’s 10 out of 10. And then I have a toothbrush and a little doggy sniff-thing so it
can make your bathroom smell good after you
use the toilet (laughs.) And then I have all my
facial and body products and then here I have the best candle in the world, coffee-scented. Flosses, a lotion, and then Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, Pink Watermelon Body Mist
and this soothing face mist. (imitates wind blowing) And then here is my throne, not
the most comfortablest, but. Toilet paper, hand towels, and then I have more toilet
paper, just in case I run out. – Now, let me show you my
bathroom, okay, let’s go! And this is my bathroom
(imitates bird tweeting.) My bathroom is also the
guest bathroom, so yeah, and then this shelf actually used to be in our filming room that we
had in the last apartment, but not it’s in my bathroom
and I store some stuff in bins and towels and
bath bombs and bath stuff and candles and hair stuff and lotions. My sink with my soaps
and stuff, my throne. And then my shower and bathtub and my like, soaps for my bath and shower. And then you have to have a plant in your bathroom even though it’s fake. – And this is my room! And also I think I’m also gonna get a fluffy rug, ’cause you know, I really love the fluffy stuff. And then I have Mango. Also don’t forget to subscribe because you’re gonna be seeing more fun challenges and
videos with my room in it. So if you like my room,
give this video a thumbs up. – And then best for
last, we have a beautiful Boston Terrier Painting, and
no, I did not paint this. I just found it at a
store and so I was like, let’s get it, and then… All right, thank you guys. Subscribe if you like this tour, because soon we’re gonna be
doing a whole house tour. – So I hope you like our bedrooms! – Woo!
– And also at our last apartment, lots of you guys asked why Evelyn had the bigger bedroom, but I actually picked the
smaller bedroom because I wanted the bigger closet,
– Yeah! – so that’s why she
got the bigger bedroom. And then I picked again, now
I have the bigger bedroom but Evelyn is really happy with her room and we only do it if we both decide that we like the room.
– We like it! – Yeah, so thanks for
watching, see you next time, please subscribe and – [Both] Bye, don’t forget to watch more of our videos down here, bye!

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