Please support us – The truth of the rebuilding of Shurijo Castle from now on.[Okinawa, Japan]

The Shurijo Castle which was destroyed by
a fire accident was built by my wife’s grandfather. He was the chief carpenter of the rebuilding
of the ’90s. From now on, I will tell you the story about
the difficulty in the way of rebuilding with the story in which I listened to him. The Shurijo Castle which was destroy was rebuilding
in 1992. The governor of Okinawa Tamaki and the prime
minister Abe show the strong attitude about the rebuilding. These became encouraging messages for the
people in Okinawa. The rebuilding in the 1990’s was very hard
work, because they started the project from making the blueprint from historical documents,
pictures or memories of people. So, some people may think the rebuilding that
will starts from now on is not so harder than before optimistically. But, it’s not true! There are 2 big problems on the road to rebuilding
the Shurijo. The first is the problem with the materials,
the other is about the technique. The much of timber was used in the Shurijo
was came from Taiwan. The rebuilding needed the hundreds of rich
timber of cypress which cost over a hundred dollars for only 1 pillar. Even my grandfather who had taken part in
the construction of several historical builds was very nervous because they were too expensive
to treat. But, at that time, the government of Taiwan
promised to Japan that “this is the last opportunity to export”. So, if we would want the timber, the government
of Japan has to negotiate with Taiwan at a higher level. That’s the one reason why it’s not enough
to hold only the blueprint. The other problem is the technique of carpenters. Now, there are only a few carpenters have
the special skills to treat the timber traditionally. Even if the technique of machine is developed,
the special technique which only a few carpenters have is necessary. But the skilled carpenters have already gotten
older. My grandfather is an active worker, but it’s
a little hard to work in the frontline. What can we do to break the problems? The answer is to gather the wishes from the
people all over the world who hope the Shurijo rebuilds earlier. Exactly the wishes lead the big power to rebuild. Some donation programs have already started
in Okinawa prefecture office or other organizations. Please give your big supports to our Shurijo. In the future, I hope that the children in
the next generation will be impressed by visiting the beautiful Shurijo castle.

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