Porting Intake Manifold How To

something a little different today…no fabrication

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100 thoughts on “Porting Intake Manifold How To

  1. Nice video. I would really secure the manifold (but you know that) and use a high speed electric grinder like a Makita. As a "get by" demo for your average DIY person – this was great. Nice work.

  2. I think for this job it would have been better to use a cylindrical tree file instead of a oval since the oval one removes material inconsistently meanwhile the cylindrical one would be straight all the way through. . .

  3. Thanks for taking the time to make the video. Now I'm porting my own. Saves me some cash. Is it just as easy to port the throttle intake as well or is there to much meat for and electric? I have a 6.1 hemi

  4. I'm surprised your son was so chill when you had your phone out lol my baby boy goes crazy trying to get my phone when I have it out

  5. Thought about doing this to my intake manifold during a rebuild, but what happens when you do all that work and have to replace the gasket later on only to find out the new gasket no longer matches the ports either…

  6. Before I put a tool into the metal, I bolt the head and intake together and have a look down the hole. Why? Not all gaskets make a perfect pattern to cut. The whole idea here is to cut just what you need to. A lot of times the intake and head are real close and the gasket is way off. So, when buying a gasket call the manufacture Tech Line and ask if they make/or recommend a specific gasket. Brodix makes their own gaskets that are really good. I'm sure other companies have their own as well.
    Keep up the postings! I dig your passion!

  7. Too cool! I just bought a 67 stang with a stock 78 351 W. Was thinking about buying the edlebrock performer top end kit, but maybe I should just port & polish the stock heads & intake manifold?

  8. How do you clean all the shavings from the intake after you're finished? What Bit would you use for cast ? Thank you

  9. Cool videos, you are very talented when it comes to about anything. I'm a machinist myself enjoy hands on projects. I watched my Dad work on Cars, and many other projects growing up. Had to know what and why while watching/Helping. Live in SC myself and got my DL at 15 and my 1st car was a 72 Nova. Knew that car like the back of my hand. Done a full custom build with my Dad. I kick myself daily for selling it. Keep rocking the awesome fab work and enjoy family. If my Dad was still alive he would say "Go to Work Son". 👍

  10. Great content. Good quality vid! The WD-40 was the “ah ha” moment. Subscribed. Btw, What’s the electronic song at 00:50?

  11. most aftermarket intake manifolds are pretty much the EXACT same size as cm stock intake gaskets ..
    before flipping a hissy fit remember I said STOCK gaskets .. if you intend on using the stock gaskets out of a felpro kit porting the intake is pretty much not going to be needed .. however if you purchased CNC ported heads or ported your heads using a larger port intake gasket as reference then porting the intake will also be needed
    unless you bought cheap Chinese knock off intakes ?

  12. if using an electric die grinder over an air one go to harbor freight they have a rheostat for under $15 where you can adjust the speed of your electrical an infinite amount or pretty much anything within the amp rating of the rheostat ..I also use it on a house fan the ones that have 3 settings ..load as fuck and almost as loud or quit but doesnt move any fucking air. plug the rheostat in and crank it up till it gets noisy then back it off and nice quiet fan that keeps you cool ..just a place to keep it till you need it again

  13. Can I just port a head but keep the stock valves? Would there be a difference in power? How does polishing a head make power?

  14. I did a set of sbc heads and a Weiand Intake Manifold #8004 using a Dremel tool with a flex shaft. I pulled close to 3/8 inch of metal out of the parts. I killed my gas mileage but I sure got some crazy results from it. Also watch Headbytes Porting on YouTube. That guy covers nearly every type of V8 head available and he does NHRA porting. Really good channel to learn from.

  15. I did my intake based on this video , I’m just wondering if I should be brave enough to do my trickflow 170cc heads. I bet your kids have changed a lot since even this video! My son is getting a deep voice it made me wanna cry lol

  16. Nicely done video. You describe things really well and make it interesting.

    If you're open to feedback, one thing I can suggest is using a face shield in addition to the safety glasses. Several years ago I was porting iron Ford 390 FE heads to match the new valve sizes. I was using a die grinder. Lots of chips were flying. One found its way under the glasses and into my cornea. Very painful. It left a "rust ring." in my cornea. Fortunately I got to the ER in a few hours so the ring wasn't super dark and didn't need "polishing out" later by the doctor.

  17. I like to have the heads on the block torque the gaskets down, mark it all, undo it scribe the intake Glue gasket back on the head on the marks. After you cut the intake, tourqe it back down and check it with bore scope you will be happy. I used to do them without that until I found on some heads I was having overhang. They look good though.

  18. 🤔 – why not just fill the intake runners with acid and let the corrosive properties do the work! 🤪

  19. Like you I prefer an electric drill to an air tool. I find the weight and balance of an electric drill helps me to keep close control over the tool.
    jeez, those runner surfaces were rough!
    WD40 is fine for the job, but there are other much cheaper alternatives. A great big can of 'value' penetrating oil is just as good. Also don't be skinny with it as one of the dual purposes is to keep the tool and workpiece cool. Vitally important, allow it to overheat and it'll blunten in no time.
    It's a few years since I did a p&p'ing job and that was on a cast iron head. I've made a start on my Saab B207R alloy head because it's got worn intake valves (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqOilw1q_Ag&t=227s) and it has to come off anyways.
    And, yeah, great rock tunes are essential!!

  20. Yo bro .. why didn't you tell your bro not to worry about porting an intake that he would better save up for the CNC ported AFR Cly heads instead..? LMAO…peace,,,

  21. Alright, so whats the cost vs HP return when comparing porting to an already high flow manifold? Why go through the pain in the ass to port one when so many exist now that are designed to have massive channels?

  22. everyone else says corded electric drills are not good for this. one said something about the sideways forces being bad on the bits. they say the rpms are too low. would you also use this on some iron heads?

  23. Nice job! I can appreciate your talents and experience. I’ve been around this and in the biz since childhood. I love the twist on your vid. (Those kids!) Beautiful. She’s definitely a “Daddy’s Girl”. And the little one is so content! lol! Take care and keep up the good work!

  24. Once i port my manifold were do i ge my gasket? I have a b18 integra iwouldnt mind porting my intake to pull harder i guess iwanna try it out.

  25. Alright, hands down the best lubricant for the carbide is WAX! Just get an old wax candle and hit it with the bit every now and then. Your bit will be hot and the wax melts, no sticking what so ever.

  26. Cute kids you have there and very helpful video I also don't have a air compressor big enough to run my air grinder too long, already have the carbide bits so that's a great idea I'm going to have to pick myself up a corded drill as well 🙂

  27. How about I hook you up with some tricks making a straight line with a round bur it's kind of a pain in the ass right get a sawzall the kind of plugs in the wall take a sawzall blade not one for cutting metal there too thin the thick ones like for cutting wood grind all the teeth off get a 24 or 36 grit grinder disccut it in strips a little wider than the sawzall bladeand glue it to the blade using 80001 3M super weatherstrip adhesive sawzall goes kind of fast to slow down get a dimmer switch for interior house lights and get an old extension cord slice it open and cut one of the main power wires and run it through the dimmer switch now you have a variable speed sawzall they will sand things flat and leave the proper texture for an intake port

  28. Instead of using WD40, you can get blocks of bees wax that works better and last longer. Works great for any aluminum work, even on sandpaper!

  29. Bro…..wth do you listen to?
    It’s like if ozzy wasn’t English or half retarded
    This is classic construction worker “hard”rock
    Sorry but I have to call it
    The most bland rock music


  31. I recently rebuilt the engine for one of my vehicles.
    I matched ported all the manifold and also cleaned up all the port runners on the cylinder head.
    I ended up machining some dowels and used them to keep the gaskets aligned.
    I also match ported the turbo to the exhaust manifold.
    I think I spent a total of 15 hours all up in fine tuning.

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