Power Mac G4 – Part 3 : Upgrades!

Hey smoker’s, druaga1 here and today, we’re going to be installing some upgrades into the Power Mac G4 That’s right. It’s going to get even more beefy First and foremost we’re going to max out the ram on this thing taking it from 768 megabytes to one gigabyte Yeah, not too much of a change, but at least we’ll be maxed Next we’re going to be throwing in a little bit of an i/o upgrade giving it USB 2.0, Instead of its regular 1.1, and we get a couple bonus firewire 400 ports as well Not really going to get too much use out of this, but it’s still cool here. We have a high-speed 64 bit firewire 800 card yeah, this thing is so serious It needs Molex power to operate This is if you really want to get the most out of your firewire 800 Here we have a zip drive from a Power Mac G3 and it’s corresponding drive cover that we’ll be installing. And last but not least we have a ATI Radeon 9000 Pro with 64 megabytes of VRam. Yeah, this is actually the recommended card for playing Halo 1 This should get us into some better gaming territory on the Mac Alright with all those bases covered. Let’s get started. So first we’re going to have to remove the 256 megabytes of SDRam and replace them with 512 megabytes in the form of two 256 Megabytes sticks [Druaga1 Begins to remove the RAM sticks, like a pro] [And he puts other RAM sticks] Pretty simple now, we’ll just install the PCI cards like you would any other PCI card pretty self-explanatory [Of course] 64-bit firewire 800 card is a little longer obviously need all those bits. And then screw those puppies back in. And they we are, all installed. And let’s not forget the video card. You don’t need this old thing anymore Can’t play Halo for crap. So here’s our new lovely beauty, we’ll be putting in there [Puts in the video card] There we go And now we’re 90% done [Mic blow] Now for the zip drive installation So this is where it starts to get a little bit annoying the zip drive installation First we’re going to pop off this front plastic here, which we actually won’t be putting back on. As you can see that’s where the zip drive is supposed to go and on this model It didn’t actually have it so I have to install it ourselves Not always the most straightforward thing to do No, I forgot the other screw from last time [Mic blow again] We take this off [INAUDIABLE WORD] the zip drive inside And it’s perfectly measured out I’m only gonna screw in the ones on this side because this is annoying as hell So there it is Let’s put it back in I’m going to want to put it in too far because we need to connect the cables now the zip drive should already be set to slave and The Cd or now DVD drive should already be set to master. So when I plug this in It should just work now the downside is is I don’t have any zip disks to even test if this thing is going to work, so really it’s just there to say it’s there and I’ll make a video if I get any zip disc [Spoilers, he didn’t] Finish connecting the power… And no, I didn’t forget to plug the firewire 800 card in there you go ok so that’s all hooked up and Push this in the rest of the way and then screw it back together Unfortunately this upgrade is taking the longest, but no big deal, right? All right, so here’s hoping that the face plates for the G3 and G4 are interchangeable Alright. Alright so those are our upgrades we got our new video card more usb ports firewire 800 ports and zip drive pretty awesome, oh and… extra ram there totally maxed out, so let’s take a look at what ports we now have on the back Ok now things are starting to look pretty awesome. Here we have an APPLE DISPLAY CONNECTOR! port hopefully i can get that right [PROCEED, PLEASE] and a DVI port instead of a vga port So we’ll actually be getting some digital video out of this thing this time Of course we have two more firewire 400 ports three more USB 2.0 ports and three previously non-existent, firewire 800 ports, so now were really cookin’ [u sure ’bout that my boi?] So now that we have this thing loaded up and ready to rock let’s go ahead and start it up [Mac boot up sound that probably makes everyone feel nostalgia now] oooo yeaa… And in HD too alright let’s get started [Sounds like enter key broke] [Mic Blow?] All right, so not much has changed since last time except now we’re rocking a higher screen resolution So let’s take a look at our specs We’re now rolling with a gig of Ram Let’s check out our other peripherals There’s our zip drive so these are our firewire buses the first one is the one that came with the system, the second one is what’s on that USB 2.0 card, and this third one is the firewire 800 card We have now successfully upgraded our graphics card. We are now in fact running an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro with… 64 MBof VRam So since theres not whole lot of firewire hardware i have, asides from some hard disks Umm… That firewire 800 card is not really going to be doing much for us and neither is the USB, slash Firewire card to be honest as well. It’s just some neat little add-ons to beef up the an old system, and if I ever do get any zip disks i’ll be sure to make a video about it later [Again, he didn’t] So the number one thing we have the capability of testing now Is the graphics card so naturally I’m going to play Halo Yes again I bet you didn’t see that one coming now Now, we still don’t have the selections for pixel and vertex Shaders and Definitely, not advanced pixel shaders. That’s still outside the limits of this card But hopefully we’ll be able to have at least some of the things on High And maybe actually have a game that Was playable let’s take a look [Druaga1 launches Halo 1] Now that’s what it’s supposed to look like! Aaa…and it’s like I’m not even on the same computer anymore. Damn. I actually see what’s going on Turn the graphics up… I’m not going to play as in total fullscreen because it will mess with my capture card Okay You know ideally I should actually have it locked up 30 frames per second because I’m recording at 30 frames per second Okay So let’s pick up where we left off, ayyy? holy crap Well, I can see stuff but I think the graphics still might be a little too high because it is kind of laggy still, but wow what a striking difference [INGAME VOICE: We need to get off the ship before it’s completely overrun by INAUDIABLE] Now this is what a graphics card upgrade is supposed to look [like] baby. Yeah That’s that’s pretty laggy. That’s what you get for only 400 MHz But it really shows you what the graphics card is doing there It’s doing some serious work those [marines] could use some help cheap. Do what you do best Well nothing has really changed in the lag department ready Looks so much better Let’s try turning the graphics down [INGAME VOICE: Look, INAUDIABLE] Doesn’t see perform any better, it just looks like crap [INGAME VOICE: Let go man, this is suicide! ANOTHER VOICE: Keep your head down, There’s two of us in now, remember?] [Druaga Changes Video settings with INAUDIABLE speech] Let’s turn off the hardware shaders. But wait, if I do that won’t that disable the video card from working at all? Let’s find out…. [ idk 🙂 ] Submit crap here, but hey, it’s working Its…its running a bit faster now… But still nowhere near actually playable by any means, this is still pretty bad. [Looks playable to me Druaga] So yea, that’s Halo. But what if… There’s no way There’s no way this would work. No, shit. Alright, let’s try it OH MY GOD!!! I wish I could see what was happening my capture cards fucking uuuuuup OH MY GOD, ITS WORKING AND I CAN’T EVEN SEE IT!!!!! WHAT THE FUUUCK? I don’t belive it. So I actually got it running. Let’s… play it! Holy Crap Hey Runs like poop [Because it is poop.] I really had no idea that this game would run On this computer. It’s like way out of its limit! Okay…Alright. I would not call this playable This is probably 5 FPS [It looks like 2-5 FPS acually] I can’t even kill this guy! I mean look how smooth this is. so loud the rest of the game… Not so much Right here, you’re probably seeing the maximum potential that this computer will ever Aspire to be… [Druaga1 laughing at a bad joke] [And then hes choking from laugh] Alright well, I think I’m done with this madness. I’m just in shock. I cannot believe that this worked When I first bought this game as a kid For PC. It was… It was a Windows Millenium Edition PC, and I didn’t know anything about computers at the time So we popped it in the drive installed it and we got the error message that i pretty much still remember…and it said “Need at least Pixel shaders Version 1.1” and the Graphics card that was in that computer at the time was didn’t even know what the fuck’d pixel shaders were and So when this game didn’t run in the last episode I pretty much thought oh, this is just the Mac Equivalent of that error not launching, so when I put a new video card in this I thought maybe there’s a chance maybe there’s a chance this thing will actually start up and INAUDIABLE and Behold it did But I but I if this game actually launched and ran on that old Computer and that Error message never came up. I would have had a horrible…..experience trying to play it because it would have been even worse than this because I can tell you for certain that there was no ATI Radeon 9000 Pro in that thing Personal story aside it works, and you can play it, but you wouldn’t want to because it sucks yeah, this is what happens when I use vGA instead of DVI I Don’t know if you can see that then it’s a Kind of a little bit of signal distortion there alright, so that wraps up this episode of Power Mac G4 Adventures I Really was not expecting to do a third episode of this series I pretty much felt that the whole concept was pretty exhausted The majority of the peripherals that I added to the To the Power Mac G4 are pretty much useless. I don’t think I’ll ever use the firewire 800 USB 2.0, and additional firewire 400 ports, and I most certainly will not be using a zip disk drive [Sorry, Captions end here because this takes a long time to make these captions] [Sorry, i don’t have any zip disks]

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100 thoughts on “Power Mac G4 – Part 3 : Upgrades!

  1. I got a G4 with a broken PSU (gotta get an ATX adapter for it) and wanted to ask if you knew if I have to replace the CMOS battery to get it booting. I have heard mixed things about it on the web :/

  2. I'm not sure if that slot was AGP or not, but if it was, I'd swap the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro With a GeForce 7800 GS. Otherwise, nice 😉

  3. Dude, You are expose to play halo and any other games on windows. Mac isn't really a gaming system. You can upgrade your graphics card, but it will make the system haul-butt, and more vulnerable to crashes. Unless you upgrade the mother board, ram, graphics, and cooling, which will cost nearly 600$. Sure, you can get cheaper, but they will be a hunk of crap, which brings you to, " Hey, why did i upgrade this"? So, just stick with PC. It is much faster. (For gaming use) and, you have much more space for liquid cooling, other things you can install. Ps, Thats a 2003-2004 system. Yikes. Its like asking a 70 year old man to do 5 pull-ups. Yea, just forget mac gaming uses.

  4. I wish I'd seen this when you posted it. I just looked on eBay and you can get dual 1.2 Ghz processor daughter cards all day and all night for 20 bucks. As opposed to a PC, the PowerPC does a lot of the heavy lifting cause it can. The shaders and all of that are called on by the graphics card. I can't believe Lego even runs. Well done so far.

  5. The Mac version of Halo CE was very poorly optimized. The same game ran beautifully on the original XBox which was a much lower spec PPC system. You needed a top of the line Mac to run it properly. Mac gamers got screwed.

  6. I have a similar story to Lego Star Wars. I bought it for PC on my birthday when I was a kid. The family computer was a 2001(maybe?) eMachine with XP. It wouldn't even load the game with the same "shader error." Years later when after I built my first computer, this was the first game I played.

  7. What kind of smokers are we by the way? Also i enjoy your content. right up my alley! im down to chill online if your not creeped out! itd be pretty fucking cool man! peace

  8. What a peice of beauty, I used to have a G4 with about the same same specsI found it in a flood drain full of sand and I got it working as a media centreHi druaga1 I am a subscriber

  9. I remember getting that error on Lego Star Wars with my Dell Dimension 8200 as a kid. I only had a TNT2 in it for whatever reason, guessing my dad stole the GeForce MX420 that should've came with it.

  10. I bought this to give my G4 Quicksilver Sata support. I'm also bitten with the SSD bug.


  11. I was playing Minecraft while watching this video. When you boot the Mac in HD I was wondering why my MacBook has restarted… (Gaming on PC, Network on MacBook)

  12. Seeing you play the first LEGO Star Wars was a bit too nostalgic for me. It's one of the earliest video games I remember playing. (still haven't completed The Complete Saga because fuck the blue minikits)

  13. did he lower his voice in the intro?
    post production or actual lowering?
    or maybe just helium all the time except for the intro

  14. these videos are so interesting to watch! thank you for posting. I really liked your wallpaper , could u send it to me via gmail?

  15. My G4 MDD has that video card, I'm thinking of replacing it with a 128MB one. Or hell, the Radeon 9650 that's currently in my G5 if it will work. The G5 is going to get a X800 or X850 instead.

  16. Nobody in the comments is bitching about the ESD "dangers" when you keep components on a carpet? That's a big surprise.

  17. i m Upgrading my G4 400 Mhz with Mac OS 9.2.2 to Mac OS X cheetah. Need Upgrade firmware o bios of Mac G4? O directly install mac os x and run fine?

  18. Hello, Am from France and I have the same the power mac 4 G and its work very good the only thing I face its the old OS I need to replace it and am not a mac user at all so which OS I need to upgrade the mac power 4g and how I install it it will be very nice of you to help me

  19. Damn, that CPU needed to be replaced when this video was made. Was basically the only bottleneck preventing that GPU from performing at its full potential.

  20. Very cool. I just got an old G4 and now looking to upgrade it. Would you mind telling us what actual card you got for the FireWire 800? Thanks!

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