Primary Fascial Closure During Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Repair

>>Asset performing lysosome
adhesions and reducing hernia contents, we proceeded to close the fascial defect. Small stab incisions were created along the
midline on top of the hernia [inaudible], through which a disposable suture
Passer device was inserted. After traversing the subcutaneous tissue,
the device was oriented laterally to pierce through the edge of the fascia on one side. The suture was transferred
intraabdominally to a grasper. And then the suture Passer was reinserted
through the same function incision and passed through the fascia on the opposite side. Sutures were placed one centimeter apart and
followed placement of every four sutures, the abdomen was desufflated and those
four sutures were tied extracorporeally. Approximating the fascia edges in the midline. These steps were repeated until
reaching slightly beyond the cephalad and caudal ends of the hernia. A total of 12 zero PDS sutures were
placed along the entire defect. And subsequently, the mesh was secured in place
using cardinal zero PDS sutures in four corners. Then permanent tags were placed
using a double crown technique.

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