Range Repair – Replacing the Control Board (Frigidaire Part # 316557205)

Hi, it’s Steve. Today, we’re going to show you how to change
the control board on your range, and it’s a really easy job. All you’re going to need is a quarter-inch
nut driver, a thin-bladed putty knife, and maybe a pair of needle-nose pliers. Let me show you how we do it. Now, before we begin this job, the first thing
we’re going to need to do is to disconnect power. We’ll also need to pull the range far enough
forward that we can access the back. Either turn the power off at the breaker or
fuse panel or unplug it and then, pull the range forward so that we can get to the back.Now,
once we’ve pulled the range far enough forward that we have access to the back, we’ll next
remove six quarter-inch hex head screws that secure this upper back panel to the cabinet.[background
sound]Then, just let that panel drop down and remove it. Next, we have four more quarter-inch hex head
screws that hold that control board assembly to the console, so we’ll remove those.[background
sound]Then, we can lift that assembly clear of the range. We can then disconnect the power harness connectors
that are attached to the control board. This large one, you usually just rock it back
and forth to remove it. The individual wires that are attached on
the end of that control, you’ll need to take note of the color codes, I suppose. Either take a photograph them with your phone
or just mark them down and then, remove those. If you find some of those terminals a little
tight, just take the needle nose pliers and pry them off.We’ll also inspect those wire
terminals carefully to make sure that there are no signs of any arcing or corrosion. If so, we would need to replace that terminal. Now, with the control board removed, you’ll
note that the new control board does not come with the overlay on it. Now, we can either remove the old overlay
from the board assembly and attach it to the new one or you can remove the control boards
themselves from the housing and swap those. Typically, these overlays will come off quite
easily. With a thin putty knife, we’ll just go into
one edge and very carefully slide that through the length of it, being very careful not to
crease it.[background sound]Now, it should just lift off. Typically, there’s adhesive left on that
overlay that we will not have to add any new. Now, if you feel that the overlay does not
have enough adhesive on it, you can take and run a strip of double-faced tape around the
perimeter of the housing for your new control and it only needs to be about a quarter of
an inch wide. We’ll carefully position that overlay on
the new control and with it centered, just press down on the
edges and it should adhere. You can now reconnect the wires to the terminals. Again, make sure that they are nice and tight.[background
sound]The multi-pin connector, make sure it’s firmly pressed onto the new control and then,
rotate the assembly into position and then, reattach with the quarter-inch screws. We just make sure we tucked the wire harness
safely out of the way and then, we can reinstall that upper back panel. Now, when installing this back panel, we’ll
keep all three of those tabs at the top in behind the lip of the console. We’ll start by just inserting that top center
screw. Just loosely install that so that we can move
the panel round enough to line up all the rest of the screw holes and then, go ahead
and put them in. Now, with all the screws tightened up, we
can push the range into position and reconnect the power. Once we reconnect the power, our repair is

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43 thoughts on “Range Repair – Replacing the Control Board (Frigidaire Part # 316557205)

  1. Thanks was able to swap my unit out using this video. I used a small flat screw driver to help get the white connector off as it was on very tight.

  2. Many thanks for this detailed video. I especially appreciated the tip about removing the old overlay and placing it on the new control panel, as these overlays are not cheap!

  3. Steve!!! I am a single mom and this video saved me from buying a new stove! Your instructions were simple, easy to follow and concise. I couldn't have spent more than 20 mins tops completing this. I am forever thankful and you are a blessing!!! Christmas dinner, here I come!!

  4. I used this video to fix my stove with a used part I ordered on ebay.
    it works great now. it wasn't that difficult, but I'm glad I had this video to help me feel more comfortable with the repair.
    Kudos to you, Sir.

  5. Just replaced my control panel, have to press the clock button to operate the oven,
    all wires were replaced properly. Any suggestions? Thanks

  6. Thank You very much. I couldn't find the exact part that I needed online. My control panel still worked, but the parts where the screws go in, broke into pieces on one side. Cheap plastic garbage. Luckily enough of the plastic was still attached for me to take the two screws out, put washers on them and screw them in tight, holding the controller tight. It was great to know that I needed to get my 1/4 inch drive before starting though! I also had the screws fall out of one of the front knobs last year. I put them back on and it's been good, but it's disappointing to see this stove falling apart like this. It should last a lot longer..

  7. HELP!!!! my stove is stuck in lock my oven would not work. the control would not work.. I get an SE on the screen. does this mean I need to replace the control board????

  8. Anyone else here cause their control board just randomly caught fire and almost desyroyed the house??? I hope Frigidaire fixes for free 😠😠

  9. Hi my door oven is lock
    But my daughter force to open
    Know my front panel not work at all
    And the oven too
    i press the frontpanel botton and only show me the door lock
    Can you please help me with that?
    should I throw the stove away
    Or you think there is any solution for that?
    I just need the oven b4 christmas
    Thank you

  10. My Stove made a loud popping noise like a firecracker when it was in use. We switched it over to broil from the bake option when it popped. Now the control board does not work, but the stove tops are still working properly. Would simply replacing the control board fix the issue? Or would there be a fuse that also needs replacing?

    model # FEF380MXDCB
    serial# VF42522723
    control board# 316207509

  11. This video saved me at least $100, maybe even $200. I was getting an F11 code after I started melting the touchpad trying to deep fry chicken in a rectangular chafing dish water pan too on the left two burners of my Frigidaire Gallery stove but too close to the back of it, forcing intense heat up toward the touchpad. The door lock button was stuck to the relay under it, making everything on the touchpad unusable except the oven light, generating an F11 beeping that would not stop. I was able to unstick the label from the relay pad under it with a dessert spatula, and after putting a thin piece of stick-on velcro under there, was able to prevent the slightly warped label from making connection. I may not be able to lock my oven door anymore, but I don't have young kids and now I can use my stove again. Thank you so much, some other guys on here suggest giving a gratuity, I wouldn't be averse to it :^)

  12. Thank you so much Steve!! With your perfect guidance My 15 yr old son and I were able to replace this part ourselves and save the money on the repairman bill!! I am now subscribed to your channel for all future issues!!

  13. Thanks Steve!! This video was a BIG help. It saved me from buying a new stove. Now I will be able to use that money to buy a new recliner instead. Go Cleve Cavaliers!! Thanks again Steve!

  14. My fridgedaire gallery oven is 5.5 years old. The stovetop works fine but the oven is not working at the correct temperature, so it's not cooking food correctly. Model # is FGEF3042KFG. Can you help me please to figure out what is wrong???

  15. I've replaced the control board on an FGEF3032MFD twice and the first control board didn't even display the clock unless I turned one of the range knobs on. The range nor the oven worked. The second control board did nothing so I'm assuming there is another part that needs to be replaced as the power checks out to the appliance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Hello PartSelect,
    Our family also has the Frigidaire GLEFZ379FC model. The problem is that when we turn the switch towards large element on the right front surface unit, only the outer part of the stove heats up but the inner part doesn't. Do you know how to fix this problem? If so, please tell us as soon as possible.

  17. Easy peasy with your great instructions. I also appreciated the tip about the overlay. I took a photo of the wires before unplugging them just to make sure I put them in the right spot on the new control board. Thanks!

  18. Great video, very accurate. I had a different part but the concept was the same Thank you. Now he wants Baked Alaska and being it has been 2 week without my oven he can have anything he wants:) just took a leg of lamb out of the freezer I am a happy
    woman 🙂

  19. Not to be rude but anyone can do this shown here, this is straight forward, common sense it all it is., anyone can turn a screwdriver and unplug wires and take photos. Changing OCB's is not always easy as this was, depends on the model stove you have. ; ) Mine was FAR from being simple to replace on my Kenmore Stove. My control board is located behind another bezel besides the one on the oven itself, and the OCB mounting screw heads are the other way around meaning you have to take the whole console apart. The console lifts out of the frame itself on my stove model and had to be completely lifted out and taken apart, far from easy, just saying.

  20. We have a Frigidaire model # PGLEF385-CS2. When the oven is put on Convection, and you open the door the oven kicks off the goes to display PF.wondering if you have encountered this before and what could be causing it.

  21. F11 Error code (Shorted Keypad) and beeping, SIMPLE NO COST FIX.
    All of a sudden our Frigidaire Range (Model LGEF3045KFK) started beeping and not responding to keypad inputs. If you touched the Cancel key to silence the beeps you got a 3-beep tone. Looking at the Tech Guide sheet in the slip on that back of the unit it told me to remove power and if that didn't clear it replace the Electronic Oven Control. So I found this helpful video to remove the control module. Since I was facing a $175 repair bill I thought, why not find out what is shorting out. So I separated the overlay (with printed words) from the electronic button pad ( with printed conductors for buttons), which is also a thin overlay, being careful not to lift the button pad off the base. I found a little bit of moisture sitting on the conductors for the Cancel button. So I used an alcohol wipe to lightly clean off that button's conductors, and a few others that looked smeared with something (probably the adhesive). I put it all back together and it works perfectly. Saved a little money and looked like a genius to the Mrs. who admitted that the night before she thoroughly cleaned the stove top and control panel. She probably got it too wet and the cleaner wicked up into the touch pad.

  22. Thank you so very much. Your video was detailed and to the point. I was able to successfully change the panel on my own with your help. Thus, saving me money and building my confidence! 😊

  23. Hi Steve, thanks for sharing, much appreciated. I just purchased Frigidaire range CFEF3016USB and in directly run in to the operational problem. To cook chapatiIndian breads, I use Tawahot plate kind of. My problem is that my stove have auto cut and coil goes off after reaching at certain heat level. This auto cut is at Hi and Medium both or I guess at all levels. Once auto-cut is mode is on, it doesn’t comeback easily, I have to wait for unlimited time or switch to another coil. This is very frustrating and wasting my energy as well. I want to remove the auto cut thing, is it possible if yes then kindly let me know how?

  24. Thank you so very much! 

    My oven was not the same type as the one you repaired, however, by simply following your directions, I was able to replace my Oven Control Board Assembly after one appliance repair person basically "Took" me for well over $200.00 by replacing a part that was not even in need of repair. I researched my "Error Code/E-0A) on Samsung's website and it told me SPECIFICALLY what the problem was, which was that the stove was "Overheating" and the website told me exactly what I needed to fix the problem:

    The Oven Temperature Sensor & Possibly the Control Board Assembly.

    I ordered my parts from Amazon, and while waiting for 'another' repairman who "could not fit me into his schedule", I decided to look to YouTube for help. I viewed another gentlemen's Youtube video,…. but your's was so much simpler, and 'to the point'. 

    I just finished replacing my Control Board Assembly and My Oven IS WORKING FINE! GOD Bless YOU!


  25. The display panel on our Frigidaire range kept slipping down. We didn’t need to replace anything and the video was perfect for carefully removing the panel and reattaching it. Thank you. We can now do this without an expensive home visit from the appliance repair people. (And truthfully, the last guy didn’t know how to fix it)

  26. Hi. I have a Electrolux EW30IS6CJSB and I get E15 error code. Do you think replacing the motherboard would resolve it?

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