Real Couples Talk Phallic Fashion and Men Dressing Up in the Bedroom

– A penis clad tuxedo – Walks into a bar – And says…….
– Aren’t ya glad I came? – I kind of become the hot temptress that I’m probably not in real life, but then you put something on and you can pretend that you are that person. – Like a one piece leotard . – Like a tool belt. – Maybe even like a turtle neck. – If it accentuates the male organs, then it’s doing its job. – It’s handsome, it’s tailored, it’s masculine. – Sharp.
– I was going to say sharp. – I guess the same way a woman would feel when she wears a dress. There’s something about it where you feel like ‘I’m a boss’. – Dignified. – You wear a Tux when you’re going somewhere special – [Screams] A Tuxedo! – Oh my God!!
– It’s adorable! – It’s kind of like cute but hot? – There’s no shame in this Tux, it’s like a real piece of apparel. – You like to be sophisticated.
– I do. – It’s got a pocket for all of his little accessories he needs to hold [Laughs] – It’s like something you can grow into
– I like the flower, I think this is like! – I think he should have another smaller one for his penis. – I think it would be a very nice surprise in the bedroom . – I might just wear it all day, just so that I know I’m formal underneath. – For married couples, singles. – I would be a very happy Valentine. – That would be so sweet that he got all dressed up for me. – I really think it makes the experience of being sexual together a lot more fun.

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