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In this episode I am going to rebuild the battery of the refurbished Nokia 1610. As you can see, without charger the phone won’t turn on. Even if I plug in the charger, it won’t work for long time. Obvious, it is needed to rebuild the battery. It is old enough. These two batteries will be used as a replacement. Now I try to open the outer housing. Unfortunately, I need to use a lot of force. The cells are held in place with double sided tape, and some glue. I need to be careful, not to crack it. As you can see, the battery is in very bad condition. During the making of this video the phone is 23 years old. It was first released in 1996. I clean the outer housing. I take out the cells from the housing. I take out the connector carefully. After that, I remove all the glue from the inner housing. Now I have to get off the connector from the cells. I cut off the excess. With this foam, I clean the housing thoroughly. I check the polarity with a multimeter. The right side is the positive. Same on the connector. I prepare the new batteries. Solder paste on both side. Two wires on one battery and one wire on the positive connector on the other battery. Now I connect them in series. I quickly clean the housing. After that I dry them. Testing the batteries. Then I link the connector with the batteries. Positive to positive, negative to negative. I fix the batteries with double sided tape. Finally, I place the connector in place. Now I place the wires. Click the locker in place. Finally, I put the rebuilt battery together. Only thing left is the test. If I did everything right, the phone is about to turn on. IT WORKS! Even the charger is working. Thank you for watching, and if you liked it, subscribe!

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7 thoughts on “Rebuilding a Nokia 1610 phone battery | CellRetro | E004

  1. I absolutely love your production quality! …and maybe you could also rebuild a Nokia BLK-4S battery for the original Communicator

  2. I have recently puchased a Nokia 1610 all original and boxed in very good condition. These phones are awesome and I will modify the Battery as you have shown.

  3. Very good video and You did awesome job! Thank You for this. I rebuild my battery also that way, but I add thermistor from old battery to protecting against overheating. Charging circuit resistance is calibrated to original pack Ni-Mh. So You need to change resistor and add one more if not performed. After that it working properly to li-ion charging. You can check circuit schematic from my channel. It's easy to fix. You need only 82Kohm & 39Kohm Resistors. In my case 82Kohm resistor was right inside original pack. I only added 39Kohm resistor right place.

  4. Dear Cellretro: I have and old Ericsson CH388, my first cellphone. I need to rebuild its battery, but I have a few questions:

    1. Li-Ion batteries are 3,7 V, and two of these in series, there are 7,2 V. ¿Telephone runs secure with 7,2 V?

    2. Li-Ion batteries requieres pulsant rechargers… Old recharger not overheating rebuilded batteries?

    If you can help me, I can return to life my old 1996 Ericsson! Thanks!

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