Rebuilding battle damaged helicopters

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
Crash battle damaged Kiowa Warrior helicopters are being rebuilt and returned to service.
During a ceremony at the Army Aviation Association Convention in Nashville,
the Corpus Christi Army Depot handed over one of the newly restored aircraft
to 3rd Infantry Division’s 317 Cavalry. [male speaker] The work that AMCOM has done
to take an aircraft that was battle damaged and turn it into this aircraft that stands
behind me right now, 9-62, it looks essentially like a brand new aircraft.
And this one is the first of many I’m going to receive
to get me back up to 100 percent strength. That allows me to start training my aviators
and allows us to get ready for whatever is next for the squadron.
[Gill] Rebuilding these aircraft is one of the Army’s cost-effective measures
to support the war effort.

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