Rebuilding Confidence with Cochlear Implants | MED-EL

In my free time, I enjoy hobbies such as using the computer, taking pictures, and meeting with people in the community. I was chosen to be the president of the “Life-Sufficiency Economy Club” in my community. Following the surgery, my husband became more confident. He had difficulties when he left the house because he couldn’t communicate with others. After the surgery, when he needs to meet contacts at the band or other agencies, he can go there alone. It was the right decision for me to undergo this surgery. I can now communicate with others again. I can understand movies and drama pieces when I watch them. I am glad that I had Medicare. I enjoy shooting pictures of landscapes, people, fashion, art and especially thai paintings. After Manot lost his hearing, I was supportive and comforted him everyday. I often receive requests from the school to take student photos. This is a good activity.

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