Rebuilding Homes in Mosul

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq remains
one of the largest and most volatile in the world. Many have been wounded by the
ongoing violence and more bear the severe psychological scars from
witnessing the traumatic reality of the conflict. In the war-torn city of Mosul
we meet Fatilla. She’s a widow with two young children to take care of. Her house
was destroyed during the Iraq conflict leaving her family completely homeless
and even more vulnerable. She does not have any regular income so struggles to
feed their family and she’s unable to rebuild her home Human Appeal is one of the only NGOs in
the world with an office and warehouse in East Mosul delivering life-saving aid
directly to desperately suffering families in the city.
Thanks to your kind donations Fatilla has been provided with an emergency shelter
including an air cooling unit and lighting giving her a family a secure
place from where they can rebuild their lives. With years of brutal violence in
Iraq finally getting under control, Fatila and her family can now hopefully
have some stability and live in peace. In West Mosul families like Amida’s whose
homes have been partially destroyed are identified and assessed by qualified
Human Appeal staff and given grants to repair their homes So far Human Appeal
has distributed 700 emergency shelters and is helping to rebuild 1,500 houses
so families like Amida’s can again have the basic human rights of protection and
privacy. Even though were having a huge impact, there are still thousands of more
vulnerable families without a home. The lives of Iraq’s neediest people are
in your hands, We believe you can make a huge difference to their lives.

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