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3 thoughts on “Rebuilding Main Street, Littleton, NH

  1. These are the big changes going on in Littleton. The homeless and the drug lords get in the way of those expensive excavators from time to time, but we're committed to so many "technical changes" and push aside anyone in or way (unless their drugs are good). I'm having so much fun bunking the fancy lies in my hometown, why don't you try it yourself? Your town could be worse than mine!

    BTW, my state's astrological sign is Cancer. What does that say? According to astrologists, Cancer is a very strongly emotional sensitive being. No wonder we're so suppressed – it's emotional survival! That is – until we embrace who we are. So look out world! When our truest dreams and visions pop back up to our conditioned surfaces, we could be a strong changing force of posetivity!

  2. So…if it works? Why haven't you implemented the back in parking? The tourists who come to Littleton ARE familiar with driving…

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