REBUILDING THE ORIGINAL FNAF LOCATION.. || Dayshift at Freddy’s 3 (Five Nights at Freddys)

what’s up guys and welcome to day shift
at freddy’s 3 the game is finally here or the demo i should say there’s
actually a two night demo for the game and i’m really really excited like look
at this menu artwork it looks insane already i don’t know who they had to do
this but while they did a great job so i’ve just been looking forward to
this for quite a while now and finally have a playable demo i’m really excited
and of course if you guys are too and you guys want to see a full series on
this game just like last time i think we did like thirty parts or something i’m
like day shift at freddy’s 2 we did a lot so if you guys want to see that
again for day two ships at freddy’s 3 be sure to hit the like button right now
and drop a comment down below saying gay and of course if you haven’t already be
sure to hit that subscribe button in the bell icon so that you always get videos
like this you know in your sub boxes anyways let’s go ahead and just hop into
this i guess let’s start anew why not ah man I’m excited though this is cool
already just off of that menu artwork alright player here I don’t even know not just any cardboard box will no small
enough that mysterious giant skull is candling accent restaurant undetected
trust me on that one secondly you need at least room a room
for dancing in and the room boom you guns location also save yourself a
headache and employed carpet you’ll thank me later next you need for
your pizza the nearest doctor will do nicely here once you eat sounds
different that distinctive Freddy’s pace don’t you
next you’ll need performers robots are expensive so just go for twenty-plus not
a bad idea trash don’t attempt to murder any kids
that are bustling you know don’t put the RAM it’s faced on a goddamn pizza don’t
pay taxes don’t drop kid any screaming toddlers
and don’t know less the facts during business hours that’s all I have for
this tape goodbye future restaurant owner and remember you are the new face
the Freddy man’s been despatched the wrong theory that was cool that was
really cool alright so what now like wall
Freddy’s locations it’s probably a rest assured you’ll be able to avoid running
water in no time we get the back that is so cool Wow we
can actually upgrade the walls and everything much rather due to the bear
onesie the spring-locks suit we saw what happened with those last time
joke’s on you Dave I just stuck golden Eddie onto an existing spring lock body
Oh oh god why did you do that that is so cool groove yeah that’s awesome there’s
so much year we put any name choose a restaurant name okay okay we can choose
between these Freddy fazbear’s pizza Freddy’s house of pleasure Hey
I don’t think we want that one freddo’s vile pepperoni Nuri Uncle Jack’s family
diner or bear um I kind of want to go with the basic one Wow there I feel like
every single one of these names that we choose a lot like a different route I
don’t know but let’s just damn use the demo you know let’s guys it’s coming
down below which one of these would you choose alright one two three four or
five alright so out of the numbers they’re lined up right here just which
would you choose alright I’m gonna go with one so Freddy fazbear’s pizza let’s
go with a simple all right so choose whose head is gonna go above
your restaurants name oh my gosh all right so we have freddy fazbear’s bonnie
the rabbit chica the chicken foxy the pirate and fredbear mid chomp oh my I
really want to do fredbear mid Chomp but nobody’s gonna come in like we’re trying
to get people to come into our restaurant so let’s go with the normal
freddy fazbear’s but once again I want to know guys cover down below what tour
do these would you choose I feel like everyone’s gonna choose fredbear mid
chomp but no no no we want an official restaurant okay guys we’re we’re trying
to bring people in so let’s do freddy fazbear he’s a partially I didn’t choose
that name I’m not the face of a pepperoni go outside and open up all
right wait wait weeks oh can we go over here Oh what we can actually explore
that is so cool Oh what orange maniac provides bear
workshopping Pizza cult is simply the worst possible timeline concerned the
local parent wait do we just lose her do we go outside I don’t know I just wanted
to go over there safe room I think okay I think we’re
okay oh yeah we are amazing actual customers have shown up good god if you
play your cards right you’ll be able to buy a table next month what’s up with
that kid on the right he looks like he’s photoshopped like his head weight
they’re all photoshopped their heads are like I think I don’t know maybe I’m just
seeing things go get suited up and bring cake out to
the kids all right let’s do this let me apply our golden Freddy oh dude look at
that got a golden Freddy costume here we go
that is so cool we got spring bonnie on the right we got the hall my dad is so
awesome lucky for you you stole a wedding cake
three months ago cakes are too magical to go steal right
of course oh man that’s good if any kids get food poisoning just respond to their
parents with that yeah you’re right food poisoning that’s for the weak all
right come on it’s cake time all right let’s go deliver the cake to
the kids this has me super hyped so far he’s actually really nice and cool so
far which I mean I’m sure the whole game is gonna be let’s be honest all right
wait oh we gotta give it to this kid Oh what what do I do
I can’t give it to him uh enter no nothing oh there we go I don’t know what
I pressed I have no idea what I just pressed space hurry up with the cake
already okay noted I can see why Dave like killing you a home I gained oted oh
my god wait hold on kids it’s not working I don’t know I don’t know what
I’m supposed to be pressing right there oh it’s 6:00 p.m. are we’re good oh that
was a tough first day already man dedicate the little kids bed it’s tough
it’s not easy job all right they’re getting furious with me too I would like
to go back though and do that purple answer and see what happens
like I’m assuming he’s just the demo so it’s not gonna like really drastically
change anything but for the full game that’s gonna be exciting to see what
that does oh no who’s calling us the purple bed what do you want hello oh
LAPD Los Angeles Police Department what am i speaking to the owner of
Freddy fazbear’s pizza no crap yeah that’s me or yep we just opened today
officer nope sounds like you’ve got the wrong guy all right I don’t know do I
want them Know Who I am yeah let’s just let’s
pretend let’s just do it safe all right guys yep we just opened today officer
first of all may we ask for your name sir okay oh oh I get to change my name
awesome all right so let’s go ahead and put our name in fusion Z gamer yes yes
we’re the fusion oh yes Easter Egg from a youtuber actually who is it we need to
ask you another question have you heard anything about what happened outside
your restaurant today no way what happened no what happened basically a
child named Jacob Adams got abducted outside the new Freddie’s location oh no
five pm no witnesses were close enough to fully make out what happened and the
reports that we’ve gotten so far are totally outlandish and paranormal hmm we
know that you were inside when it happened and we’re just calling all
nearby businesses out of courtesy please be vigilant something is outside your
restaurant why and it has already taken one child away move make sure to lock up
tight and to keep a close eye out okay I will I sure will thanks officer sounds
creepy good luck with that all right we’re being respectful Aria we
want the LAPD to be on our side so I sure will Thank You officer tonight
fusion so creepy how he says my name whatever he says everyone’s name I don’t
know I don’t know if he put that in like just for YouTube or Easter eggs or if
like everyone’s name he says that that’d be real creepy if you had like your real
name there what is this oh wait these are the other locations that we can open
what is happening okay oh we’re going to do location that is so cool I wish he
left like the little dotted red lines you know like in the movies whenever
like they go across a map like leave the little red dot lied okay so here we are
would you like to save your game of course yes we haven’t done that yet I
love that this game reminds you of that because most of these games I always
forget what the heck we in the old location please however we are
future restaurant owner look I’m gonna level with that I don’t know what you’re
gonna hear these pics in well I know Afton robotics has closed its doors what
all of that aside why would you want to spend money on brand new robots when
you’re just gonna get children’s blood and buffalo wing sauce all over then a
month after purchase what you should do is cut corners Oh No that idea was that
the cost of customer safety why that’s the American dream so what
you need to do grab a phone book and look for the nearest abandoned Freddy’s
location most of them are abandoned it’s of me recording this so unless there are
both those were burnt down you’ve got easy buckets go read medieval occasion
you can get to five your way inside and then take the most complete robot you
can shine those things might be dangerous what I did what you’ll save a
fortune and besides customers he’s got a good
point he’s not stylish yeah watery not future
restaurant folder if anything goes wrong you can always just relocate and change
your name right after all the kind of man binds to Freddy’s location and uses
their real name hahaha and I mean goodbye and remember you are the funky
oh my god about the face of Freddy fazbear’s pepper rotary that’s not the
Dave I chose is it now just trying to think I did boy it sure is dark here oh
this is the old one well time to get searching I’m pretty sure right this has
got to be the old location I’m sure I’ll find more than here than I did last time
yeah why didn’t you bring like a flashlight what would you like to do oh
that’s so cool we could search everything leave the p3 without any said
no no no we got it okay let’s do I don’t remember where
everything used to be I think was it yeah south was I want to say South was
where no it was either south or west all right let’s do south I don’t remember
it’s been so long so we played the fifth at Freddy’s to you where are we at now
the south facing quarter has been blocked off with a pile of rubble from a
collapsed wall has someone been here since I last have since I last have what
would you like to do okay let’s do let’s try north as you north and after I will
do wet West and see what happens okay what’s over here
oh the stage yes I knew this was you wasn’t it isn’t it west of the stage
what would you like to do enter the room behind the stage no I don’t I don’t want
the withered animatronics I’m pretty sure behind the stage was withered
Bonnie and all of them if I remember correctly let’s see check it out anyways
just to see what happens oh my god back the old location dude
what would you like to do return to the stage so yeah they’re gone all right
let’s go West then I don’t know if we’re going west from the stage or for going
West in general but actually think I have to go back alright yeah let’s go
yeah let’s return go south alright now we’re gonna head west this should be for
that mistaken where the back room was but I literally cannot remember so I’m
doing a complete guess alright West it is come on
let’s see come on what have you got for us over here baby come on show me the
good show me something good oh the ball pit
ah okay mangle Oh mango still here I could see him up there search to the
east dang it I can see mango right there why don’t we just this is like a drawing
of it on the tube or whatever hey what’s over on the east then I guess
alright one last area then we have to leave the east this is probably where it
is I got them all wrong up to this point oh yeah up there I got them all wrong up
to this point what the blue boy is still here what would you like to do okay
inspect Balloon Boy oh no this is a dead set sentence he’s gonna kill us let’s do
it come on surely even you don’t want one a
one-legged BB Wow all right yeah let’s salvage him what would you like – oh
would you like to commit to salvaging Balloon Boy salvaging an old robot
increases your liability rate yeah let’s do it
no I don’t know should we do a run where we just do no salvaging and then we’ll
go back and do a run where we Salvage all right you know what let’s do a good
run this time and the next time we play we’ll do a bad run all right so let’s
not let’s not salvage him all right let’s check out north let’s see what’s
up here what do you got ahead of us I think it’s the room was in the other
side oh here it is holy is an animatronic right there what would you
like to do inspect spring Freddy oh yeah let’s do it
Wow and to think you who once wore this thing for a living strangely enough
someone seems to have repaired it since you’ve last seen it what crap oh I just
said I don’t want to salvage anything but yeah let’s not salvage you guys in
the next video we’re gonna scope we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna salvage
everything and just see what happens all right it says it’s gonna cause our rate
to go up so we’ll see I’m excited though to go back and do that because I do want
to see what that’s gonna do all right so I think we’re good here we didn’t search
up in that room wait wasn’t there another was it east right yeah it wasn’t
there another way to go or that’s all that part it takes us back out here
actually let’s try it anyways just to be on the safe side
want to see make sure that we do everything so we have balloon boy and
spring Freddie in here that we can check out that’s cool all right so let’s go
ahead and do the West let’s see if we can go into that door right there I
doubt it though I think it’s gonna take us back yeah cuz we were east so yeah
make sense yep alright so I guess it’s go ahead and leave this area this is a
cool little feature though like from fanatics it just kind of carried it over
alright so leave the p3 without anything to salvage yeah I’ve had enough of this
place and these things I’m leaving here for good you came an awful long way to
come to that conclusion very well that’s what’s done is done you say goodbye to
the Freddy’s Baker Bakersfield location for the last time and leave through the
window for the last time tomorrow is another day father I was just day one
dang thought around like day two already let’s see what happened oh we’re going
back to our house I hope so oh we’re heading back alright back to our
location we got to go back oh wait oh we’re going even further ahead okay wow
we’re going all the way over here alright wait did we stop at the X or the
head where the heck are we we’re in Denver let’s see what’s
happening here I guess so I think the point here is to salvage though and then
leave but I don’t I want to see what happen to be just dealt oh there’s our
house oh this is from the end of the end of the game I remember we’re sitting on
that couch you’ve one thing left to do tonight go to your workshop okay wait
can I explore oh we can’t oh yeah you can a portrait of Peter and Caroline but
from before Peters accident Wow I don’t remember whose house this is though it’s
been so long it’s a portrait of Peters recently deceased dog Sparky too and
then another picture then them in their family which we can’t check out for some
oh there we go of the Kennedy family from before all this madness started
ting all right let’s go upstairs I guess our workshop is up top
what was this picture of the dog hmm a picture of Dee and Sparky your childhood
dog carry on here this was Peter and Caroline’s room you’ve kept this door
lock since they passed away it may be late but you know that there’s
something that you need to take care of first you can sleep later all right
let’s go into the workshop I’m assuming that’s what this is whoa okay creepy
arcade game in the in the dark all right that’s cool uh hello
let’s play it I guess she’s up and running okay it’s time this is your last
chance to find their souls oh we’re still trying to find them your last
chance at redemption your last chance to give those lost souls their happiest day you have to go inside go inside
what okay we’re going inside the arcade machine all right whoa what okay can i
no I can’t move yet here we are wherever this is I guess I’ll just have to take a
look around the flipside is a hostile place save often use X or escape to
bring up the menu screen okay let’s save right now right there
new file okay so what we’re in the flip side it’s like stranger things what’s
dangerous in here let’s just keep going oh crap what are you doing here Dave
what are you doing here I thought we got rid of this guy no it’s me
how are you doing Dave Oh God dang it not you what is this place where am i
and what is that supposed to mean okay okay go on I had no idea that was
possible oh good question why are you here oh you know we got to try that now if I ever do somehow get my soul back
I’ll keep that in mind no we need to put it back so the side
that doesn’t kill kids for fun huh interesting okay what about the other
parts of your soul that’s part what’s outside our pizzeria killing people or
kidnapping kids are there any other what do you mean okay can you do that for me
right now or that’s useful icky do for us Oh No what the heck you Bob
okay I think I need what why I gathered oh I remember him of course I do I swore
I promised that to that very bear don’t remind me
no I do where’d he go okay what’s happening right now
I see perhaps where’s my face I should get going then what have you been
occupying oh maybe I could be that friend yeah not a chance in heck Dave I
don’t know man like he can easily turn on us but I kind
of want to do it I kind of do I’m not gonna lie I mean then again we
can always go back and just do the opposite choice oh yeah I could be that
friend besides there’s robots okay okay come on Dave show me the f
around this godforsaken place you can now explore the flipside with Dave
interact with props / scenery to hear some exclusive Dave commentary alright
well guys unfortunately I’m gonna end this video here within a nice 30 minute
first episode for you guys and this has me super hyped like I was not at all
expecting this like we he’s really stepped up his game with this game
completely like I don’t know everyone he has working on the game they did a
really good job so far I’m really impressed the artwork at the beginning
was awesome just all the different like options in the game are just insane and
now we have Dave on our team and he’s walking with us and his phone is
sticking through our stomach that kind of looks weird but yeah guys I’ve got
this video here in the next video we’re gonna go explore with Dave and see what
he has to show us and get some of his commentary and stuff like that it should
be really exciting so of course it because do want to see that leave a like
on the video we might get it out later today if you guys are lucky enough and
I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out guys

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