Remodeling vs New Construction | Renaissance Roofing, Exteriors & Remodeling | Grand Rapids

around 24 25 years ago the Schultz
Builders company has been started and we started get into new construction we
experienced some great times and also some bad times as you know the the
economy for the first time ever two thousand eight nine and ten people were
leaving Michigan and everything else not like today where it’s a vibrant and just
one of the desired places to live now everybody wants a new home even though
you still do a lot of new construction everything else now everybody wants to
new home they I hear from people a lot of times we we love our location we we
want to be right here but we want an update or we want a kitchen home data or
we want you know we do need a new roof and then we need siding and windows so
and sometimes when they find out maybe it’s a little bit too expensive to build
but we have means of doing a new kitchen or something and that’s where we can
kind of fit that need for those those folks

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