Repair Lesson: Get to Learn about the Hot Air Gun Station

Repair Lesson: Get to Learn about the Hot
Air Gun Station What are the different types of hot air guns,
how to use them respectively? There are mainly 3 types of hot air guns on
the market, the straight wind type, the helical wind type, and the 2 in 1 type Straight wind and helical wind hot air guns
are normally equipped with two accessory nozzles respectively The hot air gun with straight wind is used
to remove small chips and components on the motherboard While the hot air gun with helical wind is
used to disassemble the NAND and large chips on the motherboard The 2 in 1 type hot air gun is normally equipped
with 4 accessory nozzles 2 of which are straight wind nozzles and the
other 2 are helical wind nozzles, which can be flexibly used by changing the nozzles How does a hot air gun work? Easily speaking, there’s an electric heating
furnace inside of the hot air gun, a fan helps to converts the energy into the hot air and
sends out through a nozzle A sensor at the hot air gun muzzle will monitor
the wind temperature, and then converts the heat into electrical signals to display and
control the temperature Features of different hot air guns The hot air gun with the straight wind has
high power and more accurate temperature, its wind is strong and stable When equipped with a small air nozzle, it
is capable of rapidly partial heating, highly efficient for removing small components, and
will not affect the surrounding components The hot air gun with the helical wind has
moderate power and comparatively softer wind, but its temperature may deviate When equipped with a big air nozzle, it is
very suitable to remove large and fragile chips on the motherboard like the CPU and
the NAND The 2 in 1 hot air gun is the latest hot product
in the mobile phone repair industry We have conducted a test of the newest 2 in
1 type hot air gun with 20 motherboards The 2 in 1 hot air gun stood out in our test It has the same high power as the straight
wind hot air gun, but a wider range of usage By changing the nozzles, it can be easily
switched between straight wind and helical wind Its design is smart, intuitive to use, easy
to place Special Note: How to choose the right hot
air gun station? The vertical hanging type is more secure than
the horizontal hanging type. If you are using a horizontal hot air gun, pay special attention
not to get burned when using it Hot air gun temperature control is crucial,
if the temperature of the air gun is not accurate, it can easily cause motherboard failures such
as no baseband or won’t boot up, excessive or unstable temperature can cause component
damage and reduce repair success rate 80% of the motherboard repairs will use hot
air guns, choose your hot air gun wisely, it can help you to get twice the result with
half the effort

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