River Cabin Remodel Nightmare Discovery

this time on Rat and Cat, the river cabin
starts to reveal its secrets. this is our first day owning this a-frame cabin and
I’m really excited my wife has to work today but I went ahead and came out here
to change the locks not really a much to stealing here right now but it’s just
hard to get in the front door they’ve been kind of I broken into before I can
tell so I’m having to work on the board back here it’s to strengthen it where it
got kicked in before it’s gone dark so hard to see but this extra plate that
they didn’t choose a little plate in to make it flush so it’s catching on the
door well I’m here at the cabin it took a
while to get in here today smelled about eight inches last night so and I was
using my snowblower and somebody else was using it today and it broke down
when they were using it and started breaking down more that belt kept coming
off one of the cotter pins broke and I replace that but anyhow I had to borrow
one of the neighbors the next-door neighbor’s snowblower just to get in
here and I made arrangements to have the County inspector come out and look at
the cabin we initially were gonna go through and still might through an
engineer before we went to the county but it’s uh it’s gotten a lot more
expensive than I thought it was going to be initially I thought was gonna be
about four or forty four thousand which is kind of spending already to have them
inspected but with including the initial quick inspection it’s turning out more
like closer to six thousand and so we the general contractor that we’re hiring
as an advisor said just go to the county right off and and have them come look at
it see if you really need to do anything so I drilled into the concrete blocks
tonight or this afternoon evening and they’re solid as as far as I can tell
I’ve drilled in three inches and still hitting concrete in the samples I took
and when we were buying the place we couldn’t find an access to the
crawlspace we just found it the other day we’re gonna look in the cabin is
partially covered up we had the building inspector and a couple engineers look
through the place they could not find it but it’s here under the steps so I’m
about to look under here that they both look under the house through one of the
vents and said it looked like it was in pretty good shape and how I was supposed
to be down there before we bought it so we had some idea but I’m excited to get
down there because one of the things we have to prove is that it’s anchored to
the foundation correctly and that could be difficult if it’s not now
but it’s a big big moment right now well shoot I think it’s actually still nailed
across here I’m gonna have to come back here at the crowbar hole all of these
nails nobody’s been under this house in about
40 years over for 30 years 80 90 yeah almost 40 years sucks I thought I was
gonna get in there tonight looks like they cut it out
and thought they could just pull it out maybe with a crowbar I can but I think
pretty sure it’s too solid and will not come out after 15 years of working on
remodeling our houses that we’ve lived in and stuff I’ve come to realize that I
need to expect the unexpected and things are always more difficult than I almost
always more difficult than I’d like them to be what that’s kind of the the fun of
it I guess sometimes it’s fun most of time it’s frustrating but maybe there’s
buried treasure down there man I did not want to see this I this is the kind of stuff I hate bombs
away I knew this hadn’t been covered it was
just bare ground it needs a vapor barrier down there and he’s to be
insulated he’s not expecting this water there’s no skeletons down here a buried treasure that bolts anchored there there and I
believe I actually have pictures of those when it was being poured they were draining that out towards the
end of the house there Oh big times ahead good times

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14 thoughts on “River Cabin Remodel Nightmare Discovery

  1. Really applauded your efforts and passion!!…feel bad about your animals..I know you loved them and hated to leave Stinky and the gang..I just had to put down my 13yr soulmate dauchsund…wk b4 Christmas…very very hard still..GOOD LUCK!!..you did the rite thing!!

  2. You have more work added to your plans…just in case you had everything figured out? It will be SO awesome when you are done — that scenery would entice most of us to set down roots.

  3. Why does bad stuff happen to good people? My late mum used to say " because you have big shoulders to carry the weight " I get that but it never helped lol Was hoping for a treasure trove down there – fat chance ay ! Same when we bought our home but when on a budget you have no choice- the plus side is the skills we learn along the way x

  4. Might want to put in some french drains in the spring might help stop all that water from getting under your house. Gutter drains to a dry well far away from the house to might help. And a sub pump with float switch would work for time being and in emergency bad rain storms or snow melt.. If there is any mold down there be very carefull get a professional to clean it up thats licensed its no good to be around mold it can mess you and your fam up or even kill you do some research on it. Good luck looks like a awesome house to raise a family and what a view!

  5. That crawl space has awesome potential Nikia ( hope I spelled it right). So much you could do with that I love the whole place looks awesome.

  6. A beautiful place! I liked the A Frame house and property the best. A nature Cathedral. It will be so beautiful when you and your wife finish it. The house has been waiting for the both of you to come for so long.

  7. Nice cabin , Nikia, Love the A frame for snow and heavy rain. aside from that moisture and water in your crawl space, you'll be fine for leveling it off and putting a moisture barrier and a weep screed to allow ventilation. Are you going to insulate and sheet rock your ceilings? It might be an energy saver..Can't wait to see your progress as you go along. Best wishes to you and your wife!!

  8. Amazing A Frame Cabin!! My question is; why the masks? Is there a possibility of mold and if so, how do you treat and get rid of it?

  9. Love your A frame house. My parents and us my brother and I were the first in the states to live in the very first A frame house ever built.lol Amazing!! This was 52 years ago. That I know of anyway. I have fond memories of my childhood growing up til I was about 10 then we moved to Florida. But just wanted to share that. Love your videos thanks for all you do…. Oh I just researched thevS frame I was wrong it was the first built in Florence Mississippi. Oh well.lol all this time I thought wrong.

  10. Question: did you check the high water level for that river. don't want to get flooded out. did you secure water rights, mineral and fauna rights. My parents bought land with a creek flowing through it many years ago. but could only pull water from a small spring on the hill above the property. the rights had been granted in 1880. the older the water rights, the more better.

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