Thanks for letting me in here. This is the first one you’re gonna do right here? No. I was gonna work on… Okay, shut the door quick. We’re letting out the hot air. It’s pretty cold out here. We got our heater going though. What a big bright beautiful window that I just can’t help, but want to stare out of. So pretty, so big, so beautiful I love it. Much better than that little dinky one over there. Michael look at how much brighter this whole room is with just this window change. Here’s the first light down. We can bring those to the restore. We can sell this right? I mean they’re working. Just don’t break it by throwing it up and down like that. This door, I’ll shut it. You just got the light switched out. Now it’s time to see if it’s actually gonna work or not. Press that switch right next to you Andrew. They look nice well, you know it’s cool because even if they’re not we can see them really nice during the day that means they’re pretty bright. I’m so excited about such old person stuff. Alright… You are the best wife ever! Thanks sweetie you’re welcome. I love you. Got the v.log up and pins and things video up. What’s going on out here? Banging through the door, so you being productive out here? Is that Andrew? Hi James come on in dude. Yeah, both videos are up. Looks like you’re keeping busy. Yeah I did the ceiling. Yeah, you did get the whole ceilings, that’s good, babe. That’s really good. Well we still need texture everything so that’s okay but this is good we got these lights put in I love them. I don’t know if you guys saw those or not. But I think they look really good because you can all focus in on one person. Like you Ryan? Like me. Hi Charlie… We got the board back on here, we’re trying to get it around here too so we can plug up all these holes. Look at this sky through the window though that’s kind of a cool shot. So we’re getting ready to insulate this. It’s dripping water everywhere. We’re opening here. This ice break in that one spot that I have to be in. So we’re gonna plug up this whole… Oh man they’re soft, look up deep it is guys. Look how deep that snow is when I take a step. might have been right about my spot right here Michael cuz we can’t really get in there any other way. We’ll take the screws off back down here if we need to, coz there’s a gap right there. Let’s put a piece of siding over the top of this and then we’ll do the other piece? First you’ll insulate it right? If you insulated then we can cut off anything that pops out and then put the cover over. That’s what I’m saying like down here. We won’t be able to get to the insulation. Let’s just cut the strip, that’s just a tiny strip. I’m not worried about it. Okay Well, I can put this down there and hope it expands. Well the thing is you’ve got the wire down there, and I don’t want to get over the wire all right. We’ll just put this down as far as we can I can see the wire right here. Yeah, just everything up. I’m not worried about going down. Good impact in there. Is it gonna expand a lot more than that or is that gonna be pretty much it? I don’t know this one it you never know some of these cans they expand better than others. Just depends on the one you bought and I didn’t take a look. There’s a water falling really close to your camera right now. What? Doesn’t matter that it’s cold out here. Well. It’s warm enough in the area We just did it I bet we’re probably not gonna have much of a problem, okay. Hopefully that’ll help keep it inside and Becca’s in there. She’s working on the wall. She’s so cute with her ponytail. Andrew thank you for coming by the way. You’re so awesome to do this. Come over and help us with this. That’s how Becca works on projects. She’s just dancing in there. Yeah she does. She could do this all night. Well she probably will. Well look at all that we got done today. We textured this whole wall right here, and half of my arm. We textured Andrews hands. We textured almost the whole ceiling. We got these lights replaced. We sealed up this window. Andrew was a huge help. You started it. Is there something in my face? That’s true Andrew you did start it. No she started it when she got me on the neck. I feel funky. She got me all messy. Look at that. You did? She had it on me and now it’s off of her finger. Did you wiped that on her? Did you get me messy? No Did you put that on me? No Why did you do that? I didn’t. It was outside in the playroom. Who did it then? You put that on my glasses. No I didn’t. It was outside in the playroom. You want to make me messy? No I didn’t. It was in the playroom. I think you got me messy. No… And you were out there and you went… right on me. I didn’t. I won this old one. That was Zelda for NES what a leg down. The reason why I say that is because I’ve been trying to win this for like a few hours earlier. And then I just started I was like this is gonna be hard, and I just braced myself. And I think I hit him twice and he died. Okay I have to say something. I remember playing video games when I was little and I’d like worked so hard. And work so hard and we had a hard time saving on a game console for some reason. So we’d play forever and ever and ever and ever and would be afraid of turning it off. I remember the times that I we won a game. I think we won Super Mario 3 one time and I had such a letdown I was like… And I didn’t know what to expect to happen after I won the game. It was terrible. I was just like that’s it? And it made me kind of sad. So it kind of this is what I was thinking. I thought it’d be awesome if you know how Twinkies last forever. Like really really long time. Well I thought if they installed a little slot in the machine the Nintendo. Then they put this little treat so then you finally won a game would be like and give you a treat. You’d be like yes! That’d be so awesome. Unless you didn’t win it for a couple of years. That’ll be pretty bad. But then I did feel a lot better. Coz then you’d have it at least an accomplishment and wouldn’t feel like you wasted a lot of time. Anyways pause the game.

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