RV Bathroom Remodel, Mattress Upgrade, & More! * RV RENOVATION EP 6 *

we decided to make a little side table
here this is a pretty good sized gap and you can kind of see back behind the
couch so what I figured out is this little space here I’m gonna make kinda
like a little small tiny table if you will so we set our phones that our
drinks and then the board will carry over to the back so it kind of covers
that up and it will also match the little back rail that we have done so as
you can see I’ve already got marked out here and I’ve got so my cutting done I’m
just wrapping up this little side table piece and I’m cutting it upside down
because this is going to slide back into that couch area and give us a little
area to set our drinks so I got my wood pieces made here if a little side table
this will be the tabletop this will be like the side and this will be the
little front piece I also have some little support pieces that will go to
help hold it up but now I need to stain it and paint it so basically been using
this Minwax dark walnut as a color we’re going with so we stain it first after
that stain dries then we just been coming back with this painting here this
is super cheap paint just Kryolan that’s just satin white so the way it works is
essentially you’re gonna put a coat of stain on let that dry then you actually
paint it white and then you basically just wipe it off so and it turns out
really good so I’m go ahead and get started on this so once this gets dried
I could pull all this pieces out and we can finally put the glaze on all the
final pieces alright while my stain is drying I’m gonna go ahead and replace
this nasty terrible looking thing here and what we did is we bought a kit off
of Amazon so it actually came with the new handles which look way better came
with the shower it actually also came with the sink for the bathroom as well
so how am I gonna make of this sink right here well I’m gonna cut a hole in
it put a bowl there and then put the new faucet on top so it’s gonna turn out
really good remember I got all of that stuff I basically a pasta salad bowl is
a very small space so this kit should take care of most of bathroom and got
the toilet waiting outside as well so let’s go ahead and get started on this
and the access to this luckily it’s pretty easy to get to it’s just right
here behind the couch so I’m gonna go ahead and take this off
and see we’re working with with the access plate out of the way it’s pretty
simple it was just two connections for the hot and cold water and there’s some
wing nuts that held on the actual handles on the inside so very simple to
change out took me just a few minutes almost it took me longer to clean the
inside of the shower let me show you that basically where the
old handles were there was a bunch of putty and stuff that I had to remove so
once I got that off of there it was pretty easy to get the new ones on all
that the new hose is quite a bit longer and turned out pretty good now on to the
sink Bowl so this is the bowl that I bought off of Amazon to turn into a sink
for the bathroom it has actually eight inches around and basically the sink
that was in there was eight inches by like 12 inches if I could not find
anything that was similar about fit in a small space period so this is we’re
going to go with it still perfect to wash our hands in it’s nice and deep and
it’s got a flat bottom in it so I can put a pop-up drain on it so I’m a drill
hole out put this pop-up drain in so we’ll have a drain down there in the
bottom so I gotta figure that out and it also has the lip on it so we’ll sit on
the edge of the wood and I can seal it around the glaze so I’m gonna do is
figure out where the center point is drill a hole try to use this hole saw if
I can find one that matches up to the drain hole I’m gonna put some plumbers
putty in here and once I get the actual sink top blazed and then I can put the
sink in so go ahead and work on the sink real quick well as you can see the hole saw
definitely didn’t work unfortunately it actually pretty much just killed the
hole saw flattened out the tips of the blade there which I figured it might not
work I mean this is definitely for wood I’ve had it forever so for mice we’ll
try it but at least I have a nice mark now and nowhere so I’m gonna transition
over to a metal blade and the jigsaw sir for the RP toilet we originally were
hoping that we could do a composting toilet actually but it just will not
won’t would not fit in the space that we have provided so the toilet install is
not going to be as easy as the removal was and that’s because there is a 4 bolt
flange built with the RV and RV toilets nowadays are to bowl flanges and since
our toilet is on the will well it’s already elevated so it’s already really
high so putting a extension on there or like you know if something to adjust it
from 4 bolt the to bolt just doesn’t seem like a great idea because it’s
already tall enough well too tall really there’s no way that that can reposition
the bolts on the existing flange so unfortunately I’m gonna have to cut this
old flange out go get a new one install that one before I could put the new
toilet in alright so we’ve got the flange cut out here a little bit it’s
actually the piping is way further down than we thought you see how far down it
is here so now that I know we’re at the top of the pipe is now I can score a
little bit on the edges which I originally did but it just wasn’t seemed
to work but now I finally found the top of the pipe so I’m gonna cut around that
and then I have a better idea of you know how much the school ran no track
tap the flange oh man this is a pain it took me a little while to figure out
this toilet flange had to make several trips to Lowe’s and having to put a
little pipe on the inside to get it to work properly so now that is good to go
and our bolts are you know where they need to be because before the bolts
unfortunately were you know here and here which doesn’t work with an RV
toilet the new RV told us anyways I went ahead and got that in and I went ahead
and picked up me one of these fluid master seals and so I decide to use one
of these has like a nice compression on the bottom instead of using the one that
came with a toilet so hopefully that makes a little bit better sill as well I
think that’s worth like the seven bucks since I’m already here working on it and
then as far as connecting the toilet up I had to replace this end piece here
because it was piped directly into the old toilet and so I had to trim that off
and make this what will go into the back of the toilet so we’ll plug in now for
the water supply and I went with a sharkbite system just super easy to
install and now we actually have a cut-off here as well for our toilet so
if we need to work on the toilet in the future we can simply turn off the water
right here which will be nice bathroom slowly coming together we got the toilet
in we got the sink in countertop in which is looking really really good now
we have to work on the shower curtain and we got to figure out how to
basically file this down so that we can get a different curtain rod in there the
last one was golden just hideous we have the new hardware here for the
shower looking good and then this bathroom is almost done my goal today is
to finish up the kitchen all that’s left is installing the backsplash and
changing out the faucet head so let me go ahead and show you what our wall
looks like I have done a little bit already you can see it goes all the way
up and then it’s going to eventually go all the way over and then it’ll go up
this wall by the fridge now I do have a couple of concerns my biggest concern is
our wall is textured I could have bought some sort of filler for this and just
kind of paste it over it and basically it would have been been a flat surface
but it chose not to do that so I will have to let you guys know in time how
this holds up now I am basically peeling off a little bit this is what a sheet
looks like and I’m working left to right you can work right to left but if you do
that you want to make sure that these little pieces of paper here or on the
opposite side of where you’re starting from because the next sheet needs to
actually adhere to that so that you know everything is stable so I’m working left
to right I found that that would be easiest for me and then as I get a
portion on I’m actually peeling back there
rest and I am springing the wall with an extra adhesive I’m using the extra
adhesive because I am nervous about the texture of the wall and I want it to
really really stick now this stuff is pretty sticky and it’s pretty forgiving
too so if you’re not using the adhesive and you’re just putting this on it’s
easy if you make a mistake to just peel it off and fix it real quick as long as
it’s not super pressed on and you want to be careful because these tiles will
rip I’ve already done it so I’d love to say that it’s easy but it’s not okay so
what I’m gonna do for this piece right here because one whole sheet is too big
I’m gonna go ahead and peel it off and put the whole sheet on there and then
what I’m gonna do is just take my knife and cut along this edge it’s going to be
a lot easier than trying to measure this out and cut okay you guys so it’s been
about a week now and the weather has been going from hot to cold here in
Florida and everything is working really well as far as the tiles sticking to the
wall obviously you will have to update you guys long-term it’s better to start
from the top and then either go right to left or left to right the direction you
go really doesn’t matter but I would definitely recommend starting from the
top but I think it looks great I’m happy that we went with the white and the
white grout now if you are OCD or anything like that I would say go with
the darker grout because you might be able to see the lines a little less and
you know you can’t really see them here on camera and I really have to point it
out to you for you to be able to see them but if you’re OCD you might have an
issue with how the grout lines connect together from piece to piece one of the
final items that we absolutely new that we’re gonna have to replace on the
inside of the RV is the mattress for the overhead cab now many of you probably
already know and if you didn’t spoiler alert
RV mattresses typically are terrible I mean they are super terrible they just
you know last very long they’re typically not
very comfortable I don’t know why the RV industry doesn’t provide better
mattresses when they sell the units but they just don’t so I went ahead and took
the old mattress out took the old system out where it flipped and redid it so it
doesn’t flip no more just use the existing hardware that was there and
mounted that and then we you know went to look and see where can we get a new
mattress after doing some research and reading a lot of reviews we found
mattress insider this is the mattress right here in the box it was custom
ordered to fit our RV as you know a lot of mattress companies don’t really make
RV mattresses because they’re kind of an odd shape and a lot of them that you can
find definitely don’t come customizable like mattress insider offers so I’m
gonna go ahead and get this opened up because according to Tim over at
Mattress Insider he said that you definitely want to open it out of the
package and let it expand for a few hours before you try it out so let me
show you the overhead cab area and why we really needed this custom mattress
and then we’ll get this thing opened up and then we’ll give it a try in a few
hours so here’s our overhead area and this part here is a one that originally
flipped up I think it flipped up because you can like leave it up so you don’t
hit your head if you’re trying to get out these seats to walk back in the
coach but since the mattress is going to be up there all the time we weren’t too
worried about that so this part right here basically was originally able to
flip up and the mattress was sewn into this cloth material that’s here and the
rest of the mattress that was over there match this and was all sewn together so
I got all that taken out now the reason that we had to go with a custom mattress
is if you look over there on the side you can see that slant so basically over
here this one’s good you know it’s like a normal you know rectangle shape that
goes all the way over but over there on that side the mattress that was in here
goes like this and we didn’t want to lose surface space on the coach so we
didn’t want to put a mattress in that didn’t have that nice cut in it and
mattress insider offers custom cuts like that so what I did was I had to take
some measurements for them I actually drew a little template and took a
picture of that and email that over to them so they could custom cut this thing
not only do they custom cut the mattress itself to fit in this area but also the
cover that’s on the mattress is supposed to be sewn to fit it so it looks you
know it’s gonna look like it should have been up here in the first place
so I just got out of the box still needs some time to expand but I have to say my
first impressions are very good it fits up here extremely well I mean it’s
almost like they came here took the measurements themselves that side over
there that angled it they did perfect job on that so it fits and it’s nice and
snug up against that wall so overall they did a great job I’m super happy
with it and what’s also kind of interesting to me is it actually smells
good and I say that because the last time we bought a mattress we just bought
one off amazon fried task and we just cut it ourselves to fit up there but we
did have a crazy monkey cut like that and it smelled terrible it took like a
couple of hours for the smell to dissipate and this one doesn’t smell bad
which is kind of interesting actually smells nice another thing I noticed is
it is supersoft this washable cover that unzips off of it is super nice and it
feels really good it looks like it says organic cotton on it and it just feels
really really comfortable just by kneeling on it a little bit while is you
know getting it up there it’s super comfortable but it needs about two to
three hours to expand per the instructions and then 24 hours for it to
be totally expanded but after like 2 to 3 hours it should be 98% expanded ok so
it’s been about 3 hours alright it’s probably been longer than 3 hours it
kind of got busy working on other things in the RV we’re so ready to hit the road
so I lost track of time in a little bit and I was like oh before the Sun Goes
Down let me hop up here and tell you how comfortable it is Wow
I have to say it’s really good I mean especially for a four and a half inch
mattress it is way more comfortable than our current one which is a four inch
that we have in the Itasca I know that’s a six yeah it’s a six so this four and a
half is more comfortable than the six that we have me a tasket now that was
like a cheapo wife Amazon this is a much nicer mattress and it is super
comfortable Wow all right so I guess I answers that question it is very
comfortable I am super happy to have it I’ll actually be looking forward to
climb into this bed some what do you think about it it’s actually pretty nice
and it doesn’t have a lot of bounce so I feel like when Thomas is up here with me
if he tosses and turns I’m not gonna fill him very much which is really nice
because I’m easily woken up at night but we will have to let you guys know in the
long run what we think of this but so far so good
we are working with mattress insider to get you guys a discount code so check
the description below for a link to that and we hope that you enjoyed this video
we actually had a great experience with this company and so far we’re pretty
impressed with this mattress for it only being four and a half inches if you guys
have any questions we will leave the contact information for mattress insider
below if you want to call them look at their website go ahead and order
yourself a mattress it is a game changer when you actually have something that
you’re comfortable sleeping on inside your RV we hope you guys enjoyed this
video and we will see you next week you you

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