Santa’s Sleigh Needs Major Repairs | Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic Christmas Special!

It’s Christmas Eve and Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic,
is busy decorating his tree Hmm…something’s missing,
but I can’t put my finger on it Ho ho, oh dear My goodness what and who could that be? It sounds like it came from Mr. Monkey’s garage Mr. Monkey swings down see what’s happened It’s Santa in his rather broken sleigh Santa? Ho ho, hello, Mr. Monkey, said Santa I’m in a bit of a sticky Christmas pudding, Mr. Monkey My sleigh has had a tumble and I need to get it up and running again for Christmas Eve which is only a couple of hours away, Mr. Monkey Do you think you can help? Mr. Monkey takes a look at Santa’s sleigh First he checks the outside of the sleigh Then he checks the inside of the sleigh Then he checks the engine, and finally Mr. Monkey checks the headlights Santa’s sleigh is in need of some major work and he only has a few hours to fix it It’ll take much longer than a few hours to
repair all of this I’m sorry Santa, but I’m not sure I can fix your sleigh in
time for your Christmas Eve flight There’s just too much for one monkey to do Oh no Santa, what are you doing here? We heard a crash and came run run running It’s Santa! It’s trrrruuuueee Hahaha Santa’s sleigh needs to be completely
repaired and it’s almost Christmas Eve If Santa’s sleigh isn’t up and running,
he can’t deliver all his gifts tonight I don’t think I can fix the sleigh in time Ohh…this is just terrible
Oh, it cannot be Well, I think that sleigh is broken Christmas will be ruined Mr. Monkey, you might not be able to do it in time, but if we all help out it will go
much much much much much much faster [chattering] Ms Rabbit, you’re right
Come on, everyone off to my workbench If Santa’s sleigh needs to be completely repaired and we only have a few hours to fix it, one person won’t be able to do it all in
the time we have However, if everyone pitches in, the work
will go faster and we just might be able to make it in time The plan might work There’s just one more thing Mr. Monkey needs before he can get started his trusty monkey wrench! Mr. Monkey, we’ve got to hurry Let’s do this, everyone Mr. Monkey, time is almost up Mr. Monkey, it’s a Christmas miracle I can’t thank you all enough Let’s get this sleigh loaded and ready to go We just need to give you a little momentum, Santa and then you’ll be able to take right off Five…four…three…two… Santa, wait, wait, wait! Santa, you can’t fly without your milk and cookies, sir Ho ho ho ho. Thank you, Turtle, you are a
very good little boy Thank you one and all Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho Thank you for all your help, everyone It wouldn’t have happened without all of you Merry Christmas, good job, sleep tight, everyone Merry Christmas Haavvee a gooood…. And with that, Mr. Monkey heads back up to his Christmas tree What’s this? To: Mr. Monkey
From: Santa It’s exactly what was missing Merry Christmas, Mr. Monkey and Merry Christmas, everyone

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33 thoughts on “Santa’s Sleigh Needs Major Repairs | Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic Christmas Special!

  1. Merry Christmas HOHOHOHO! Poor santa, after coming to Carl's car wash to wash his sleigh, he has to come to Mr. Monkey's to fix the sleigh!!! Will he have a dinner at Bumble Nums Restaurant?

  2. Oh my goodness, I've thought there'll no Christmas this year if Mr. Monkey can't fix Santa's sleigh, but, Mr. Monkey never makes me disappointed^^

  3. Yay new episode! I put this on to keep my daughter occupied while I did the dishes but I ended up sitting down watching the episode cuz I needed to see what happened.. 😂 love this series ❤️

  4. Omg my kids love this… Please keep doing kids shows / cartoons <3 we are fan of you guys. Greetings from Venezuela. Xoxo

  5. Matylda ma w przedszkolu wigilię 19.12 nie 🙅 na to pytanie 🙋 na pewno 👩‍🎤 na to pytanie jest 💃 w domu za 30 minut temu w sprawie zamiany. Jak byś miał być to jest z klocków 🧜‍♀️w przedszkolu i tak nie 🙅 🎂 🍰 nie ma problemu i w ogóle się w końcu to pytanie nie jest to możliwe 8 na pewno 👸🏳️‍🌈🏩

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