Synology DS918+ 4 bay NAS Hard Drive Upgrade (Swap)

Hello in this video I’m going to be swapping out a hard drive in my Synology DS918+ NAS device. I have a number of other videos. I’ll put a link in the description to a playlist for those other videos, but what I have here is first thing you want to do is Synology has a Knowledgebase article on this I’ll put a link To that down below and It tells you different things about swapping drives This system allows hot swap so I can leave the system on while I’m doing it But it talks about when you can do it things to do ahead of time like backing up And such so you know it’s a good idea to read this before You attempt doing this but to do this what will do is will log into the The DiskStation manager, and then we’ll go to the storage manager Here, we’ll open it up and we’ll click on volume and I have volume 1 here we can see that I have disk on disk to disk 3 disc 4 and the first two disks are their 500 gigabyte capacity drives, and then I have a 2 terabyte and a 4 terabyte drive so I have another 4 terabyte drive loose right now, and I want to switch out disc 2 with this 4 terabyte drive so First thing when you look is status is normal. I’ll go and I’ll unlock That drive and I’ll pull it up and pull it out and This station here should update Ok the system just beeped and It says the space is degraded we suggest you replace failing hard disks with healthy ones And so it gives some information there so this is a two and a half inch drive so I have to unscrew it before I So I can get it out got it unscrewed. I’m gonna take the three and a half inch drive sorry, I didn’t set video for this, but it’s a pretty straightforward how to Physically swap these drives and all the lights are flashing on this and it’s beeping I don’t know how long that will continue. Okay, so I have the new drive in The cradle we’re going to slide that in to the bay lock it in I Also, got an email on my phone. I have this set up to send me alerts, and it tells me that there’s a degraded volume so So now that I’m in here, I’ll go to Manage and they’ll say choose an action and it says Will choose repair says choose this option to repair degraded volume after repairing if there’s unallocated disk space this system will expand the volume Automatically, so I’ll hit next I’ll choose disk to next that tells them it’s going to erase it and I will apply It’s saving So now the beeping has stopped here and You’ll see the capacity I had here was two point six one terabytes When I’m done now that I’ve added a four terabyte drive I will have I should have at least four terabyte on this System because I also have the 500 gigabyte in the two terabyte drive So ideally I should at least replace that 500 gigabyte drive with another two terabyte drive or or larger so now it’s repairing and I imagine this will take hours to complete and When this is done the system will be completely back online and ready to go so that’s pretty much the basics of swapping out a drive and If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and if you like this video Please click like if you haven’t already. I love if you could subscribe to my channel and thanks for watching Bye

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24 thoughts on “Synology DS918+ 4 bay NAS Hard Drive Upgrade (Swap)

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  2. I have two 4TB and one 8TB HDDs full of data in my PC and I want to buy this 918+ and put these HDDs in NAS so I don't have to run my PC whenever anyone needs data from those disks. My question is: Can this Synology NAS accept HDDs full of data and offer protection if I put a fourth new empty 8 TB HDD, or all HDDs have to be erased?

  3. I just ordered the DS9186 and 4–4TB hard drives. Would you suggest I install them at the same time or one at a time? I am a newbie to NAS! lol Thanks for your help! Deb

  4. I was under the impression (from Synology's own information, tbh) that all drives should be of the same CAPACITY and TYPE… Looking at your setup, I can see that this rule is obviously not set in stone.

    Can you provide any insight into how having mixed capacity drives affects the NAS, please?

  5. Was reading where it took like 12 hours to repair after you inserted the 4TB drive ….was the DS918+ unavailable during this time? I just got mine and started with a 1TB drive. It is only used now as a media server. I picked up another 1TB drive and want to add it to the system but worried about how long the system will be down. Great video thank you.

  6. Hi Rick.. I am currently using 4 bay Synology DS1517 NAS. I am in the midst of planning to expand/increase the disk volume by adding 2 additional hard driver on disk bay 3 and 4.

    Based on your experience and best practice, should i expand the disk volume by adding the hard drive 1 by 1 or i can expand the volume by inserting 2 hard driver at the same time?

  7. Hello, I have just bought DS918+ and installed 4x3tb wd red, now 1 hdd is dead and needs to be replaced, My question is what will happen if i replace it with 10tb?

  8. I love the fact that you walked us through this! in live mode. People always say its possible to hot replace a bad drive etc, but i have never seen it live on this system or other systems.

  9. How long did it take to repair the Volume?

    I am just upgrading from an 80% full 4x4tb Wad red in a ds916+ to 918+ and then the 4x8tb Toshiba N300.

    The 4x 4tb are working fine in the 918+ now

    Just trying to estimate how long it will take per drive either overnight? Or the whole weekend per drive?

  10. Quick question on this topic, the synology installs the "OS" on drive 1 right? what happends if you want to replace that drive?

  11. Thanks so much for posting this, it pushed me over the edge to drop my hardware RAID card and switch to a Synology. The ability to expand space across an array of different disk sizes with just a repair is just fantastic. 💯

  12. I have 5 hard drives, all 2TB with RAID6… it allows for 2 hard drives to fail and still protect the data… I just replaced 2 of my hard drives with 4TB hard drives and it built successfully BUT did not add any space. The capacity is still 5.4TB total. Is there an additional step to allocate the unused space? thanks

  13. Say I have 4 x 4tb drive on the same 918 and it's getting full, what's the best solution to expand the space? Two larger disk? How do I do it? Replacing one, then repair, then only add the next one, and then repair again?

  14. Hi and thanks for the video. I have a DS416slim w 3x5TB and 1x2TB drive. I then changed the 2TB to a 5TB drive. The repair seemed like it was reaching 85% when I was going to bed after 12hours of repair but then when I checked this morning, it seemed like the repair started from scratch again. Looks like it's going to take another overnight repair!!! So until it is complete, I daren't do anything yet! Sigh…

  15. I am new to NAS, does this mean you can upgrade the size of hard drive? Do they have a similar function with Qnap NAS? thx

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