The Best Tile Leveling System for Bathroom Tile — by Home Repair Tutor

Okay, so are you going to be tiling your bathroom
or kitchen? What is the best way to get your grout joints looking awesome—nice and even
and without lippage? In my opinion, the best thing that you can do is use a tile levelling
system, and the Tuscan Style Leveling System is one of the best out there. So today I’m
going to show you how to use their seam clips and their strapping cap system. So let’s
jump into the video right now. So the first system that we’re going to
discuss is the cap and strap system. Comes with a cap; comes with a strap. Pretty simple.
All right guys, I threw together some inset. This is not perfect. It actually looks pretty
crappy. You can tell there’s not a lot of coverage on the Kerdi board right here. And
it’s lumpy, and it’s old thinset. So this is not a thinsetting tutorial. Basically this
is just for demonstration. So what you would do is place your tile on
the thinset. Now you also want to back-butter this. Like I said this is really a bad mix
for thinset. So really make this be a lot better if this was for real. But again this
is for demo. All right, so we have our 80% coverage here.
So what you would do is place this down on the Kerdi board, or up on the Kerdi board
if this is a shower, right? So put this here. Then you would take your strap and cap, and
you would slide this underneath the tile. So you want to be about 2 to 3 inches away
from the edge of the tile; otherwise, you can break the tile, and that wouldn’t be
good. So you want to slide the strap underneath it. And you want to space the cap and strap
system about 6 to 10 inches away from each other. So if we slide this over or remove
this out, we put this over like that about 2 inches. Then we would slide this under like
so. All right, so we’re 6 inches away. We’re 2 inches away or so from the edge of the tile.
We’re good to go. The next step is to place your next tile adjacent
to the previous tile. Now this strap is right in the center. And what you could do if you
wanted to is place spacers on either side of it. Because this creates a 1/32 grout joint,
you can actually put spacers in between. You can do that if you want to. Then you position
your other caps and straps. You would back-butter this tile, then you would place it up against
the caps and the straps like so. You can slide the cap and strap down so that it locks on
top of the tiles like so. The Tuscan Leveling System requires an ergonomic
gun like this one. This sets the tension of the cap and strap. So on the back of it, the
higher the number—so it starts at 1, 2, 3, 4—the higher the number, the more tension
you’re going to put down onto the tile. So the bigger the tile, the higher the tension
you would want. So we’re going to start out with 2. What you do is you slide the gun
over the strap, and you just press it until it really ratchets down on the tile. So you
do that for all the caps and the straps. So as you can see, all the grout joints are
nice and even. If you have any thinset that squeezes through, you wipe it out using a
wire brush or a sponge. You definitely don’t want this to set up. So as you can see, there
isn’t any lippage, and that’s exactly what you want to accomplish. No lippage and
nice and even grout joints. You can also use a manual gun to tighten down on these straps.
So again, what you would do is you would slide this down; just ratchet down on the strap.
After about 24 hours or when the thinset sets up, you can snap the strap. And you do that
by setting the ergonomic gun to “S.” So what you would do is slide the gun back over
like so with the gun on “S.” You would press down on the trigger, and it breaks it
loose. So you would do that for every single cap and strap. And it leaves you with a perfect
grout joint. You can use the manual gun to break the straps
and the caps. Set it from green to red. Again just slide it over the strap and break it
off. So the cool thing is this, you can actually
reuse the caps. You can’t reuse the straps. But you just separate the cap from the strap,
and you can use the cap up to about 25 times. What that means for a DIYer is that if you
wanted to sell the caps, you could. If you are a trades person or you’re a tile setter,
you can use these caps, like I said, up to 25 times. Just buy the straps.
Admittedly the caps and the straps might be better for somebody who’s installing a lot
of tile. So what if you’re a DIYer? What should you choose? Well the seam clips are
awesome. So my buddy, Steve, who is a pro bathroom remodeler, uses both systems, and
he actually just started to fall in love with the seam clip because it’s so easy to use
with tile. The seam clips come in three different colors:
white, blue, and red. And there’s a reason for that. The white Tuscan seam clips are
for gauge tiles that range form 1/8 to less than ¼” thick. The blue color is for tiles
¼” to less than 3/8” thick. And the red seam clip is for gauge tile that’s 3/8”
to ½” thick. What that means is you need measure your tile before you buy the seam
clips. So for example, this tile here is about ¼” thick. So I need to use the blue seam
clip. You use the seam clip just like you would
the cap and strap. Slide it in about 2 to 3 inches from the edge, and you use at least
2 per side. Now in this case this is a very short side, so I’m just going to put it
into the center. This is the old cap and strap system, so I’m going to throw this in the
bucket. Actually I forgot to do that for these, too. So I’m going to take these out.
So again you just want to place these 2 inches from the intersection like so. This tile should
be back-buttered. Place it over the “T” that’s in the cap and the strap. And this
creates a 1/32 grout joint so if you wanted to, you can put in some type of spacer. Here
your tile is all set, and you simply press down on the seam clip so you hear a click.
So you do this for all of the seam clips. And there you go. It’s really that simple.
You get a nice, even grout joint. And when you’re done, all you do is you take a hammer,
and you pound these out of the grout joint. What do you do if you have to take a break
between tiling? So let’s say you only finished maybe half of this wall, and you want to continue
to use the cap and the strap or the seam clip. What you do is this. You tuck the seam clip
or the cap and the strap into the thinset, in between the tile and in this case the Kerdi
board. Create a void. You pull out the seam clip or the cap and strap and you leave that
void there. The next day, you fill in the void with more thinset. And you slide the
cap and the strap or the seam clip in and use it where you left off.
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Okay so that’s how you get perfect grout joints using the Tuscan seam clips and the
Tuscan cap and strap system. We hope that you like this video. If you did, give us a
thumbs up over on YouTube. You can like our YouTube channel. That way you won’t miss
out on our weekly videos. And also, are you looking to redo your bathroom? If you are,
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up for the free video series. You won’t be disappointed, we promise you that.
All right, thanks again for watching today’s video. We’ll see you next week. Take care,
and have a great day.

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93 thoughts on “The Best Tile Leveling System for Bathroom Tile — by Home Repair Tutor

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    they work essentially the same as this though, spacers and some sort of piece to push down on the tiles to level them to prevent lippage.

  8. I'm a big fan of the LevTec system. $25 for 250 clips. Basically the same system as Raimondi but the clips seem to be a little stronger. The wedges and clips are compatible with either brand of clip or wedge. Haven't tried the strap style yet.

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    PLEASE LEAVE TILING TO THE PROFESSIONALS. If you want install a floating floor or laminate floor, those are easy ,and less expensive than wasting your money on tile that is installed incorrectly and will faulter. TILING is ALL about the strength and level of the subfloor. PLEASE STOP THE INSANITY. Reminds me of the NEW fitness experts showing up on TV every other day

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  21. Ive been laying tile for 10 years and all you really need is to make sure your floors or walls are leveled. Float your floors, and run your level on the walls. Has worked for 10 years and over .

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