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2 thoughts on “The long road to rebuilding after Imelda

  1. Our Uncle lives in a RV Park in New Caney, he also was trapped by the flood waters and sent us videos of the some 2-3 feet of water that rose out of the banks overnight last Thursday. I was absolutely horrified he would be killed. He tried to get in his Jeep and get out, but the bridge entrance to the park was gone and everyone was just stuck there praying it would stop raining. Thank God, no one was injured and managed to stay just above the rushing waters. My sincerest thoughts and prayers over all of these folks. We too got water in our home here in Conroe, thankfully we paid our flood insurance and it was only a few inches into our house this round. These slow moving storms are murder on our communities.

  2. I'm in Plum Grove, 3 weeks and counting with absolutely NO HELP out here! My house marinated in knee deep sewage 3 weeks ago for almost 18 hours, I'm still having to live eat and sleep in here it's the only roof I have to stay under. City of Plum Grove does nothing, Liberty County does NOTHING (and County Floodplain Administrator David Douglas even approves of this mess, told me I should get used to it!), nobody out here does ANYTHING! Must be the most corrupt county in the state I swear. And I'm not even in the 100 year flood plain, yet my home has been flooded 4 times now since the Camino Real #1 subdivision was developed out here beside my neighborhood running ALL their drainage ditches to a small natural branch that then goes behind my back yard…. they're draining thousands of acres of now impermeable land right thru my yard and home every time it comes a hard rain! And I'm the one paying the price, over and over and over again.

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