The Victorian Kitchen | Episode 4: Rebuilding the Pantry Wall

– [woman] Brandon. What are we working on this week? – The pantry. – [woman] What are we doing to the pantry? – Making it? – [woman] Rebuilding it! (laughs) Why don’t you follow my cues? (laughs) – You didn’t give me a cue. – [woman] I did. (laughing) I asked you what you were, what we were doing. – Making a pantry. – [woman] But there was a pantry, so we are re… – Making. (laughs) – [woman] Building. (laughs) (ragtime music) – You’re recording being a pest. – [woman] No. – You’re just self-convicting yourself? (laughs) You’re framing yourself. I don’t know what the phrase is. – [woman] Incriminating. – Self-incriminating, yeah. – [woman] There you go! (laughing) (ragtime music) – [woman] Brandon is
the corner of my pantry. – And door. – [woman] And door. Well that’s a two-by-four wall, this is… I don’t know. – I think it should be
two-by-four as well. – [woman] But then the doorjamb is gonna be a different width. – But it has an actual door in it. – [woman] Yeah, but the door’s
gonna be set on that side ’cause it’s swinging that way. So you’re gonna see the
thickness of the wall. – What do ya’ want? – [woman] I don’t know. 120? – 120. – [woman] Do we need a 10-footer? – Yeah. – [woman] Yep. – We need two 10-footers, actually. – [woman] Okay. – And what’s 120 divided by 16? – [woman] Seven? Nine? Four? I don’t know. (ragtime music) – [Store Announcer] Kim, you
have a call on line 8,5,0. Kim, 8,5,0. (jazz music) Let’s go. (ragtime music) Can you get up there? You seem a little stuck. Ah, ya did it! Ya done did it! Trailer dog. (jazz music) (power tools roaring) That’s the original wall of the pantry, but it sticks out really, really far, so I think we’re going to come back here, which means there’ll be a
wall directly over the seam. So you won’t see that, and they’ll let us take down this, and also recenter this light
fixture into the center of the pantry. (jazz music) (power tools roaring) Now we are going to actually
start putting up walls. We decided not to put the ceiling back up, because we had to figure out the plumbing for a bathroom, that’s going up here, and make sure that it all works, and we just don’t feel like
really doing that right now. So we’re going to put up the wall, and then put up some boards and
reinstall the ceiling later. – [Brandon] This ones
gonna not really be a wall. – Just going to be building in a place? – Yeah. – Okay, build this wall first? – This ones gonna be the
first, this pick a joust. Course not – Is this a problem. – [Brandon] What? – I mean, this is strong. – [Brandon] Yeah, actually this. – Could even put a jack under there if you wanted to. Okay. – [Brandon] I mean it’s
not gonna weight that much, to put walls. – No but. (jazz pop music) (broom sweeping) – Can you go down there? (power tool roars) – Brandon. – I get hot immediately. – Is hot. Very hot. Forums are out, good day. (pop music) – It’s good. (laughs) (ragtime music) – (woman beatboxes) (laughs) – Don’t do that!

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83 thoughts on “The Victorian Kitchen | Episode 4: Rebuilding the Pantry Wall

  1. Seeing the pantry come back to life is really starting to make the room seem like a kitchen!! Do you have a pantry in your kitchen?

  2. Yay! What a treat, waking up on a Saturday morning, sitting down with my coffee, and seeing that ya'll uploaded a new video! Happy New Year, Paige and Brandon!

  3. Paige! You’re killing me with the little “after the credits” move! Now I have to stay until the screen goes black!

  4. Woweee, he is so precise. You guys work like a well oiled machine. May I ask what the 2×4 in the crawl space was for?

  5. Love it! Progress is being made. My husband and I are also having a rebuild a pantry, so a video like this is extra motivation. 🙂

  6. Haha , watching you two in Home Depot was like looking at a view of me and my husband.. lol we have been building our retirement cottage on our 3 acre of land. It has been a 5 yr process, because we started with a raw piece of land. Everything had to be cleared, and utilities put in place and ect. Other than the utilities part we have done everything our selves. The money we have spent at Lowe’s and Home Depot is insane, they should have made us honorary customers haha.

  7. Absolutely love watching the two of you work together. 🤗💕💞💓💓💞💕 Great job on the pantry coming together.

  8. Paige, you and Brandon are blessed! Excellent job!

    If only I had all the tools and a handyman of a husband like yours. Not to say mine is not gifted at all, just not in that capacity. I do love my husband dearly, truly.

    Our son does have the tools and knows how, however, we all work and he has a wife and growing family. It’s steps one has to do during the summer months for us.

    Thank you for your commitment on sharing your dreams and realities!
    Blessings …

  9. You two are so cute together❤️ Great job on the pantry framing👍🏻 I do not have a pantry in our current home, but we found an Ethan Allen tv cabinet which my boys took the innards out of and put shelves in it for me so it is functioning as a small pantry at this time.😊 it’s about the size of a pie safe.

  10. Don’t ya just wish a box would fall down from the ceiling that’s filled with money from old owners who forgot about it!

  11. I love how you two work together. Do they sell cooperative, fun hard workers at Home Depot? Lol! Just kidding. My husband is a hard working plumber who doesn’t want to do stuff at home.
    I just can’t wait until the next episode!! I get so excited now whenever you post another vid. My husband thinks I’m crazy because I get so excited.
    Yes, we have a pantry that is not huge, but phenomenal! It’s not a walk in, but The builder of our home built it for his mother. It holds a lot. One of my favorite features of the home. Yours is going to look great when it’s done.
    Thanks again for making my day.

  12. I LOVE you guys! You’re so funny and smart and work together well. And it doesn’t hurt that you could wow any red carpet crowd!

  13. The Twenties music with bass added was sweet! I was dancing to it while viewing the video in my kitchen. Happy New Year

  14. Thanks for making!! I'm a bit overwhelmed by this actually. I don't know you but I'm so proud of what you're achieving as a couple. It's beautiful…. you are both deeply invested in what you are doing, it's a joy to watch. I particularly enjoyed the Cirque de Soliel moment on the ladders. Cool 😎 filmography, and the music, and the doggies… all the very best to you both for 2020 xx

  15. I noticed your black pit looked a bit underweight. You can see her/his ribs pretty clearly. Is s/he a new rescue? Beautiful dog though! Reminds me of a pit I had.

  16. Watching your videos reminds me so much of me and my hubby. We are currently doing the exact same thing, caring for and restoring an old Victorian farmhouse. Ours was built in 1896 and we aren't to far off from you, as we are located in Southern Ohio. We are currently returning what had been made into a small dining room back into a pantry. It's our winter project, one out of a thousand lol. 🙂 Love your channel, keep up the good work!

  17. you look like you work so well together and that is so wonderful! It's a huge project and you are coming right along on it!

  18. Good job! You got yourself a nice husband. Didn't hear him yell or complain that he's working! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen

  19. Just suscribed and got caught up on the vids. We were also thinking of rebuilding our pantry in our once abandoned 1872 Victorian. I too fell for the stair case

  20. Glad to know there’s another couple who can drive stick and hold hands at the same time like my sister and her husband.
    A-1 use of the plumb line

  21. This is my favorite video Paige out of them all! ( And Ive seen them all!) Its so fun to watch you and Brandon work! ( maybe cause Im not? haha!) I like not only seeing the results but also seeing the problem solving that it took to get you there. Its just been so great to see. Im curious though- how did you come up with the timeline of 8 mos for your kitchen rebuild? I think that I saw that in a video or on Instagram or something? Thank you for posting and now I will try to patiently wait a week for the next video.:) I

  22. Some thoughts…Why didn't you bring a small family car to take home all that lumber, as typical DIY protocol? And you seriously must be joking that that little project didn't take at least two more trips to the same box store. Do you even know what you are doing?😏😂

  23. Hi Dear Friend, love your video . Looks like you are having a lots of fun rebuilding the pantry .Y ou guys are doing a pretty good job .

  24. Digging the homage to Wabi Sab -E music in there. Love his reno channel.

  25. ♥️ Love the table. Let’s just give it a little disinfect just in case any body fluids dripped & dried on it. 😅🚰🧴♥️

  26. Two things concern me about pantries: not being able to see everything and dead space. Do you have thoughts on these issues, please.

  27. Chip and Joanna Gaines are absolutely “ light weights “compared to you two…. you absolutely deserve your own show ! Some sponsors are really missing out not picking up you two..all the best in restoring your gorgeous home. ❤️so much love and dedication to history and detain cannot miss.

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