Tiny House DIY: Easy Downstairs Bedroom Solution! ๐Ÿก๐Ÿ™Œ

So a while back I said I was going to
make more vlog style videos about my tiny house and certain elements of it such
as like my woodstove, my folding table, and I never did that today I decided why not? Today’s the day I’m going to
actually do one of those videos. And the first one I’m going to do
is showing you my downstairs bed configuration. Now this took me several years actually
to perfect and I’m still not 100% sure it’s perfect, but it is a great option for when I
have guests or when I’m renting my tiny house out on Airbnb and people are
bringing maybe their kids or someone who doesn’t want to climb up into the loft. So I’m just going to jump right in and
show you how I do it really quickly and then go into detail after.
So that if you want, you can replicate the design yourself. In tiny homes, it’s a good idea to create custom furniture so that you utilize every inch of space. So this is essentially a super simple
DIY futon that anyone could replicate to fit a tiny living room. First we purchased two sturdy
square Ottomans for added storage, and these will also support
the left side of the bed. Then we made a bench that was a half
inch taller than the Ottomans. Next, we created legs that when in optimal
position form the support for the right side of the bed, a piece of hinged plywood rests
on the legs and locks into place. Then I unfold the mattress and
we’re all done. It’s that simple. So that’s the quick rundown, but
there are some more important details. So the additional legs that are needed
are created from two pieces of plywood with little slots cut into them. You just slide them together and there
you go. You create a leg just like that. I can’t say that this was my idea. I actually got this from
Mike from navigation nowhere. I did a video on his bus a couple of
years ago and he has a similar system for his folding bed and thanks Mike for the
idea. For some extra support. We put this little ledge on here so it
matches the same height as the Ottomans without the Ottoman cushions on. So this just adds another area
where the bed is supported. Okay, so the next piece of the puzzle is this
piece of plywood that has hinges on it that actually just lives underneath the
cushion on the couch when it’s not in use. I lock the plywood into place
with a hook and a peg. This way the plywood won’t shimmy loose. I got really lucky because I didn’t
ever plan on having a downstairs bed. And then when I decided to put one in, I had to find a mattress that
would fit or have one custom made. So the mattress is just a futon mattress
that I found on Amazon it’s pretty cheap. I chose black and it fit perfectly.
I’m really happy with it. I haven’t had to replace it,
but if I did have to replace it, it wouldn’t be a problem. The
mattress itself is about two, maybe three inches thick. I think it’s
actually meant for sleeping on the floor. So it’s a little step
up from that I guess, but it makes a really comfy couch
because you end up folding it a couple of times and to make it back into a couch, I just reverse the steps. Make sure to subscribe and let me know
what else you’d like to see in my tiny house.

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