Hey friends it’s Claudia. Welcome! today I
am super excited because I have finished my bathroom remodel and I’m ready for the
reveal it was a lot of work and I was committed to finish it inexpensively and
fast so it took me about a week to finish it is time to install the shower head and
let’s see if it’s as easy as they say it is okay you guys I installed the
shower head and it was unbelievable simple by now is the moment of the truth oh my gosh
it works the pressure is not as good as I thought it would be no oh because I
have this part on the off the saving water what it ah now I see the much better
pressure can you see that how about we just get in and I will reveal my
bathroom remodel to you let’s go here is the bathroom and what I want to
do is to refinish all the shower I’m gonna paint it white everything
white I need to change the showerhead I want to remove these doors and use these shelves as my garden.I want to put my pants there. and whatever
space I’m going to miss there I’m going to add a couple shelves here and a
couple shelves here I plan to paint everything but I’m thinking that
for the cabinet area I want to find a really cool wallpaper and I’m gonna use
wallpaper for that because everything else is gonna be white. Also I’m hoping
to find white cork flooring because that’s what I want to do for the
floors cork. So, this is the inside of the bathroom and for the cabinets, the closet
I don’t know. I want to get creative here as well. whoo! this is nice and hot. So This is so nice now Now I
can get that shower thing so what do you guys think? it’s this a crazy bathroom
design? anyway my shower is nice I’m loving all the different settings the water flow is so nice! anyway tell me what you think. I will leave as
much information as I can in the description okay. All the links for the
products that I used and everything I can think of so I will see you in the next video I hope bye-bye bye bye

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