Tips On How To Remodel Your Kitchen : How to Install a Water Line to a Sink

I’m Lee. I have a degree in architecture
and about ten years experience in the construction field. We’re installing a new supply line
for the hot water. We have the pipe going through the cabinet wall. You just want to
slide the nut and the compression fitting itself onto the pipe. They don’t always
go on easily. And this one- we’ve already put the elbow on it, on the other end you
will put the union and that will just join the two pieces of copper pipe together. And
you just slide that on their, push it all the way up, tighten it, and then of course
tighten it down with another plumbing wrench or a crescent wrench. And if you can’t find
those, you can do it with a pair of channel locks and you just put the elbow back up here
and tighten this one up and do the same with that. You want to slide it up all the way
into place.

And this is the cold water here and here’s the hot water here where
we had to cut it. And you just want to slide it back into place all the way back and wherever
this point falls right here, right where these screw threads are. Without it binding or being
out too far this way- you want it kind of back that way and it’s not level right here,
it bends up, so you probably want to cut it just about here. And just determine that by
the slope of the pipe and you might have to bend it- if you do have to bend it, just be
really careful. And that’s how you would install the hot water supply line through
the new kitchen sink.

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3 thoughts on “Tips On How To Remodel Your Kitchen : How to Install a Water Line to a Sink

  1. can't see what he's doing to the pipe. "do this, do that, be careful, bend this" – sorry, but a very poor effort at a how-to video.

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