Top 5 Brompton Autumn upgrades – our thoughts

In this video we thought would do something a little bit different we’re going to do our top five Brompton autumn recommendations And hidden in here is my number five, the Brompton toolkit The Brompton toolkit has the Brompton tryptich, on both sides Tire levers a patch kit and sandpaper It also has the Allen keys you most commonly lead to tighten something It has a spanner to under your wheel nuts We would recommend you familiarise yourself with all of the tools includes So that it can help you out on your Autumnal nights Number four on our Autumn list is the O bag. It keeps my laptop dry! My favorite’s the old orange version as it matches my bicycle the main difference between the older and the new O-bags is the Brompton logo and tryptych The pockets on the back are designe d to be waterproof. So my most important things that I want to keep dry go in these The other advantage is you can put a strap on it And remove it, and now I’ve got a handy bag to go out with I really like the look of the new Schwalbe One tan wall tyre They’re super easy to fit and they’re great to change if you get a puncture But, at number three I’m going to put a Marathon Plus on for winter as I don’t want a puncture Schwalbe now rank the Marathon Plus as seven out of seven on their protection scale Please remember they’re directional, so put them on the right way round You wouldn’t want to be uninstalling and reinstalling them. Although installing them is not that difficult There’s another video that we’ve made on that and it’s all about the technique Although Marathon Plus is not recommended by Brompton because of their firm sidewall. I think they’re fantastic Schwalbe say they are almost unflattable Our number two is mudguards, because I don’t want a wet, muddy bottom If you want to be a good citizen, it’s really nice to have your rear flap installed Be kind to your fellow cyclists the rear mudguard flap also helps prevent the water from spraying up your bottom But also on your fellow cyclists face The mudguard will also help prevent all of your components getting quite so wet which should help them to last longer And finally our number one recommendation for autumn – lights We like dynamo lights because you can kind of fit them and forget them Another good alternative’s the CatEye volt 400, although you do have to remember to charge it Some of the Dynamo lights like this lights that comes with the standard Brompton dynamo kit have a built in reflector Most Dynamo lights have a stand light function. Some dynamo lights have an auto sensing function so they can switch on when it gets dark And when it comes to rear dynamo options, you can get them with a braking indicator So the light gets brighter as you brake We’re going to be testing this function soon There’s different dynamo light options available based on their functionality and brightness We’re making videos to compare them which is why our front dynamic light cables attached with Velcro So that we can change them easily And our bonus tip for winter is to get one of these shoe trays from IKEA It keeps the floor clean. And it’s perfectly sized for a Brompton So we’ve told you what we’d change as our top five, what have we missed, what do you change If you liked this video, please give us the thumbs up. If you want to see more on our videos, please subscribe And when it comes to rear brakes you can get them rear brakes? [laughing] So we’ve told you what we would change our top five autumn tricks, tricks? tricks?

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