[Music] I wake up at your place wake up at mine same question always [Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so if you’ve been here for a while you know I have been talking forever in a day about redoing our boys room and turning it into our guest bedroom and today is finally that day I know it’s hard to believe I can’t believe it myself but we are here we are doing this today we are going to transform this space into a gorgeous and functional guest bedroom so let’s get to it [Music] so this room has never been properly decorated so other than the bed frame that I got off of Amazon we are starting with a completely clean slate once I get the boys dressers taken out of the room and into their new bedrooms and our newly finished basement which I will be sharing their bedroom makeover as soon as well but that is all I am doing here is just kind of emptying out the rest of the room and that way I can vacuum up and get started with the makeover [Music] my face [Music] so I got all of the dressers taken out of the room and now all we have is just the things that I’m going to be decorating with the bed and then these sheets are actually pretty new and so I’m going to just use the same sheets I’m gonna put the new comforter on but I’m going to show you the wall because the kids are always like late in their bed kicking up on the wall so the walls are dirty like from their feet and then this area over by the door is pretty dirty and so I’m going to just quickly do a quick wipe down on like the areas in the walls that really need it and then we will start building furniture and getting this room set out [Music] and make you stay so we live for the night [Music] so we faith [Music] next Kyle and I just took all the dressers down to each of the boys rooms and then we move the chairs and table into the room and these were from our master bedroom and Kyle is going to be building the window see in our own oak area in our bedroom so if you all want to encourage him a little bit in the comments to build it quickly for me I would love that in the spotlight makes me feel so good Oh baby so I shared this bedding in one of my recent vlogs over on our vlog Channel but if you missed it this bedding is from home goods and it was a huge inspiration on the vibe that I wanted to create in this room and in that vlog I talked a bit about my process of creating a new space and just how I typically try to find one item that I love and kind of build around that and in this room it was definitely the bedding [Music] I also shared this table in a recent blog so if you’re not over on my blog channel I will link it up above and down below for you guys but this side table is from Ikea and I loved how simple it was and also how it doesn’t really invite clutter it was actually really simple but as you’ll see I struggled putting it together a bit and Kyle totally poked fun at me for it now that I’m looking at it differently and I see see you see why they were like I know buddy constructions yes it’s pretty obvious hug like it would almost be impossible it’s very table [Music] [Applause] [Music] next we started putting together a cube organizer and I went for this because they are pretty affordable and they can also be customized just by changing out the cubes and my plan for this is to use it in place of a dresser plus it also gives me a place to decorate [Music] try us when I hear you boys my walls come down while you are the only thing there must be a way [Music] so some of the items that I used in this room were things that I already had or that I had thrifted and the rest of the items were mostly found at stores like TJ Maxx but if you do have questions about where something was from please leave a comment down below and I will be sure to get back to you [Music] if you are an OG here on my channel you are probably shocked that I am putting up curtains right now I typically just use our blinds to keep a clean look but I really wanted a soft and romantic feel to this room and I felt like these sheer curtains would really help me achieve that look but it’s definitely a little out of the norm for me to put curtains up so you’ll have to let me know in the comments do you prefer curtains or blinds or but I would love to hear your thoughts [Music] No Raina’s down [Music] so these canvases are ones that Kyle and I have had for years in our master bedroom like just maybe a year or so after we got married they were originally from Ikea and I was so excited to be able to find a new space for them in our home and as always I am using velcro command strips to hang them up [Music] so it is actually a few days later now we had to stop filming because we had an electrician coming over for some other things and while he was here he installed some can lights and I also went out and got a live plant I’m hoping that we can keep it alive but I actually blogged about it so you guys will see that over on the vlog Channel I’m really excited I’m loving how like the vibe of this room right now and I just can’t wait to get everything like totally put in here and all set up so let’s go ahead and get back to it all the furniture was set up I started setting up some of the decor items and making the space feel really welcoming we live several hours away from our family but close enough that we still have a lot of visitors so having a dedicated guest room is something that will definitely get a lot of use in our home which is why I want to make sure this space was both beautiful and functional so lots of these items are just to make this space feel really cozy but several of them are practical like the Rope diffuser the notepad and paper and I’m also using this pretty basket as a laundry basket and then I also plan to add snacks and water into the suitcase whenever we have guests [Music] don’t be silly baby tonight if I’m pretty [Music] so I say this all the time but decorating is all about trying things until they feel right so don’t expect to get things perfect the first time I almost always have to move things around a few times until I love it and another quick tip is adding different textures always helps so these shells are from Ross and they were less than $15 for all three of them together and since there isn’t a lot of weight going on these we just use Monkey hooks to hang them up we have used Monkey hooks for years and if you have not ever tried them I highly suggest grabbing some they are amazing and they save your walls from having huge holes that they would have otherwise believe it kick your shoes off you don’t have to hide it baby [Music] down really baby picking shoes [Music] [Music] [Music] been feeling jab down on the floor I don’t know afore feels like I’m gonna do silence takes a hold I can’t let it go chain but I won’t let the stormy seas me and open water my days and they made such a into myself away from things out that girl already known we go when you’re feeling down [Music] [Music] in my soul shake and oh my gosh and the car No but I will let the stormy seas domain my payment system away from things out that go for Dino when you’re feeling down [Music] we go boys so I hope you enjoyed this guest bedroom makeover this is one of my very very favorite room makeovers that I’ve ever shared probably because it reminds me a lot of the room makeover that I did at my mom’s house which if you have not ever seen that one I will link it up above and down below for you guys there was something about that makeover that just made me feel so happy but you’ll have to let me know in the comments what your favorite thing was from today’s bedroom makeover as always thank you so much for watching be sure to subscribe down below if you are not already enjoying the family I hope you have the most amazing day and I will see you in the next one bye guys [Music]

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