Upgrading my gear (HC Ironman)

Alright so from level 40 to 65 agility I collected full graceful. After that I started training agility at Agility Pyramid because you can make money. You can see I have a lot of money and this is only from only 1 and a half agility level so from 65 and a half to 67 And that’s gonna be some additional money from these pyramid tops that I have. Each top is 10k gold. So you’re making a lot of money. Imagine if I went for level 70 agility I think I would leave with like 1.7 million gold or something It’s really a lot of money to be made and the experience an hour would slacking. I’m getting – look – 24k agility I think I was getting like 30k in the first hour steadily but the it just decreased because I really hate agility And total XP gained is 78k so this is like 3 hours so you can see I don’t know some people may not know this place but it’s the agility pyramid, this is Nardah you can just look it up somewhere and you just use the pyramids on this guy and boom, 60k gold for 6 pyramids Unfortunately I’m going to stop at level 67 agility and that was actually my initial plan because I was too lazy or because agility was just such a boring skill but now I have actually no problem getting it to level 70 except that if I do it today, this video will literally be 2 minutes long and there’s gonna be no variety So i’ll try to make this video a little longer and i’m just buying some pots to crush dragon bones into them and I’m gonna train some prayer. of course I have a lot of dragon bones from the dragons that I’ve slain in the past while training my magic to 56 so that’s gonna be not a problem to level up to level 43 though I do think that I’ll have to complete Merlin’s errrrrr ummmmm Wow, no what, holy grail quest ‘cus that gives like 11k prayer xp so this is not gonna be enough If you are also training prayer with bonemeals it’s very advised that you buy your bucket of karambwan from charter ships as otherwise you’re gonna have to go like… what is it like 5 staircases down and ectofuntus and you have to fill the bucket then you teleport back or if you haven’t completed the quest you’ll have to walk all the way back Just like expected, I got to level 41 prayer but I don’t have any more dragon bones which means I’ll have to go and complete a quest and that quest is the holy grail which also gave me 15k defense experience I had, i think, like level 15 defense and now it’s 32 and level 43 prayer, which should be very close to 44 i guess it kinda is, but that means I can finally use protection from melee which is just amazing for many many quests and also if i’m gonna be charging some orbs today, it’s gonna be very useful as I can just protect from black demons. I was actually thinking about keeping this grown cat for a quest but I think I’m just too lazy to complete it now so i’m gonna turn it in for 200 deaths runes and I have 1.6k from level 40 to 67 agility I wish I started doing this earlier because that’s a lot of death runes. I could have gotten by now probably like 4 thousand Even more than that! Because I want to complete the Animal Magnetism quest which requires level 18 slayer, I’m gonna I have to get my very first assignment from Vannaka but I think I need to get an introduction from this guy “I need another assignment” Ice Warrior…. oh that’s pretty….. oh ah yea I’m not that high level I don’t know why i always think that I’m quite high level I’m 51….? wooh level 57 magic! not bad so because I will be safespotting ice giants with magic, I wanna get a little bit more magic bonuses because all I have now is a hat, and an amulet and I don’t think that’s really enough so I’m killing these lizardmen for Xerician Fabric (yea ikr) and I will be making top and bottom…? I think in total I need like errr… 10 of these? and I just fucking got the… oh my god I still need 1 fabric, I was about to leave this place but I don’t have enough lizardman fangs I didn’t pick them up because I though “oh I’m not gonna get the amulet anyway” so for a bit (not sure) I can teleport alllllllll around Zeah but only 6 charges goddammit! Should’ve picked them up! they didn’t drop that many anyway but surprisingly these guys are so easy to kill cus you can wait until it goes like low health especially if you don’t have enough runes and you can attack them and you’re still gonna get the drop cus… as long as… like… cus you are still dealing full damage in Jagex’s eyes as long as no other player is attacking you’re stilll gonna be fine and yea that’s the last fabric and these guys are also not aggressive, for some reason though don’t quote me if you die, okay? cus I’m 51 combat, not sure if that’s the case but even if the soldiers die, these guys are not attacking me they’re just unagressive in this place for some reason alright I have no idea how to make these I thought you need to like… fix them or tan though it’s fabric, you don’t need to tan fabric and i’m gonna make the top and the poison will hit me of course that will cancel the animation. and I’m gonna make the bottom as well this was my current max magic bonus which was +22 and now I will have +42 goddamn that’s like doubled right there goddamn it (again) I wanted to kill some lizardman shamans but I don’t have enough reputation I thought you only needed like 5% apparently not I don’t think they are that dangerous if you are using safespot, like I don’t see why would I not be able to kill them as long as you’re focused, everything should be fine I’ll be using this on… herblore look, I know that it feels like I’m wasting death runes on these very weak creatures when I can safespot them with mind runes or maybe bone bolts or something but I want to get my magic up as soon as I can because I wanna get mystic they will give alot of accuracy and for that you need to get 66 magic but you can boost so I think it’s only 63, that is the requirement and it’s just nice to have that magic level ey, why am I using death runes? I could’ve just used the Iban blast I could use Iban blast right now whaaaat? I haven’t completed the quest though Animal magnetism quest completed which means I can finally start using range just need to buy some range supplies, I think this guy has the bodyyyy~~ which is studded – oh he also has chaps I don’t even know how many bolts I wanna buy to be honest If I’m gonna be traininggg to… like I don’t wanna buy like 50k cus I may not never use them – I may just like get a blowpipe eventually or something but I do want like probably like 10k? I mean 10k of them is gonna cost me like 50k gold anyway and, you know, I have alot of money on this account alright that’s 10k I think that’s gonna be definitely enough I wanna say thanks to these guys who are killing the shades and just helping at the minigame I’m not sure if they’ve been here before but I just joined the shade friendchat and I said “is the game running?” and then a bunch of people said “oh yeahhhh” “anything for you” and (sexy voice) yeahhh~~ thanks… eeerrr…thank you thank you for making this quest complete-able because I remember on my single player account it was like helllll like I had to wait for specific days to complete the quest so THANK YOU and here we go! 2000 herblore experience level 23! I’m trying to finish Hero’s quest which requires 25 so i don’t know how I’m gonna get the remaining 2 levels maybe I actually have something in my bank and that’s gonna be another quest completed for 2000 herblore experience that got me to 25 which means I can complete complete Heroes’ quest goddamn it it’s actually getting late I’m not sure if I can upload this video today It’s actually quite funny because I was just running past blue dragons so I was like “shit, I forgot my anti-dragon shield” and (ohh) thank god I can just pray protect magic cus I had that unlocked and then I WHAT THE FUCK Literally I played for like 8 days now I think and, 1 day, I had no disconnect 1 day that’s why I don’t want to do anything dangerous like okay now, I’ll stop lying but that was very weird I really don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future I have a feeling that alot of people like I’m pretty sure that most of the deaths that’s gonna happen in the future are gonna be like disconnects because it’s like almost impossible to die like… uh oh unless you take like very big risk like… killing Bandos with purple sweets or something I don’t know, you should not be dying but… okay so it turns out that I’ll not be able to finish this progress video properly I was supposed to get 34 herblore make some agility potions and go charge water orbs turns out that it’s a very big obstacle to get that 34 herblore or actually preparing, I was getting like 10k bone bolts and all that I was gonna go and kill some chaos druids turns out that quests are way better and to complete some quests, you need… more quests and you will need even more quests and you need some… you know, requirements llike 30 fletching which apparently takes very long time if you have only 10 and it turns out that now it’s 3A.M. I didn’t get 70 agility which I guess I could’ve gotten that would’ve been faster than completing all of those quests like Heroes’ quest and probably like 15 quests that are completed today and I couldn’t get err… agility potions either. so it’s kind of a failure but… arrr. I don’t consider it failure maybe the progress video was not that good but… arrr… wasn’t it’s not like it wasn’t that good, it just it’s not finished, you know it was building up to something, and it’s like “oh wait, nothing is gonna happen”, you know so, tomorrow, hopefully, everything is gonna be fine cus I’m currently 68 agility so tomorrow, maybe like 4 more hours and I will be 70 agility which is way better than going for agility potion I mean, you don’t need to drink anything you just go in, you have level 40… (oh shit) well i’m gonna leave the commentary for tomorrow actually… yea… ermm…. Thank you for watching though and… yea see you tomorrow, there should be a new progress video tomorrow should be fun. Thank you for watching (sexy voice) bye~~

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