Upgrading the Cardstack Hub with Plugins — Cardstack Founder Chris Tse

[Chris Tse] Now we see this user’s
Hub as a collection of plugins. A collection of bridges
to different systems, whether it is blockchain or existing one
or things that we haven’t imagined. Cardstack as a foundation, as a software foundation, is providing the toolkit to– and then a couple plugins
to get you started. We support Ethereum, we allow you to
host it on the web, and you can store files
on common cloud services or on your own computer. These are things that we know
people is going to want. But maybe in the future
people want to do more. They have a new type of
blockchain that they want to use. That they want to have it connect
to a machine learning system that’s a decentralized
machine learning. We can’t anticipate within
one development team or even 10 development
teams what that would be. So Cardstack Hub is designed
to allow software developers who have new ideas about what
users would need, and say, “Hey, for those users who
have this medical need, we’re building this new plugin
that connect to this new way.” And have a new way
of permissioning access to medical records
or something like that. And if they can
build it in a way that it’s compatible with
the Cardstack Hub ideal or even evolving the protocol
to extend to those use cases, Cardstack Hub, and more importantly the
user using Cardstack Hub, now have a larger variety of
things they can choose from that they can mix and match
to fit their workflow.

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