Upgrading the Cybermen | Ascension of the Cybermen | Doctor Who: Series 12

This planet, this time period, Cybermen have wiped out
the majority of the human race. They are us but
without any conscience, without any emotion. They’re relentless. They’re just unstoppable. For, you know, Doctor Who fans
who love this as a classic monster it’s also got its tweaks to, you know, make it very current I suppose and also
we see a side of it that we haven’t seen before. The new design for the Cybermen harks back to the Cybermen from The Invasion – Patrick Troughton’s story. You feel like you’re
standing on the shoulders of these geniuses who did those first designs. His process has been stopped mid conversion into a Cyberman. You see the human beneath the Cyber shell. It was kind of like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Half a Cyberman and half a human. Not only half and half but really really broken down and worn out. I needed him to look as big a mixture of human and creature as possible. The army that is awakened
on the Cyber carrier in episode 9 we’ve been calling them the Cyber Warriors. Awaken my subjects. They’re spikier than previous Cybermen using that kind of medieval feel that Ray and Robert have brought to that design. They’re pretty ferocious, they’re well-armed killing machines. I did a lot of research on medieval armour. And because the Warriors are… dangerous, I kind of liked the idea of the
armour having serrated edges on it and spikes and the most important thing I think was the finish so we wanted them to be more chrome like, because they’re brand new. Cyber Drones! Cyber Drones, they are sort of weaponised drones that come in and attack our gang at the beginning of episode 9. I couldn’t resist a load of
disembodied Cyber heads flying through the air. As soon as I thought of that I was like “oh yeah let’s have them blow everything up!”. I love all the versions of the Cybermen actually and just to add to that
it’s not like we are replacing the other ones, they’re still here, it’s just another iteration
that we haven’t seen before and can take their line up
in the pantheon of the Cybermen.

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100 thoughts on “Upgrading the Cybermen | Ascension of the Cybermen | Doctor Who: Series 12

  1. I thought last week's episode made effective use of the lone cyberman. Disappointed that they are reduced to just walking daleks again with the awful "delete" catchphrase. Oh well hopefully Chibnall does these new cybermen justice in part two. It's cool that they have a more classic look to them now. World enough and time/Doctor Falls remains the best Cybermen story

  2. I like that the new design has gotten closer to the classic Mondasians from Troughton's and Pertwee's eras, never really liked the alt-universe ones.

  3. As happy as I am that we’re seeing the Cybermen continue to harken back to the designs of the past seasons, it’s not cool that the CyberDrones are flying Cybermen heads. I feel like they would’ve looked cooler if they were the Toclafane design, but it’s already taken

  4. "It was very cliched. It was very routine running up and down corridors and silly monsters. It’s very much what the audience was expecting. It’s not really very challenging for them to watch. It’s a very traditional sort of thing that people would expect Doctor Who to fall into. It would be nice to have something totally different from the norm, just for a change." – Wise words from Chris Chibnall in 1986

  5. Ascension of the Cybermen maybe the best episode of Doctor Who in a decade. Yes there was Fugitive of the Jaduun, Demons of the Punjab, the 50th anniversary special and Heaven Sent but this was the first ep of Doctor Who in a long time that I could legitimately tell people who are iffy on the show to jump in and watch with me. It felt like I was watching Seasons 1-3 all over again. I really can't remember the last time I was this excited about Doctor Who. Hats of the production team and the cast and crew.

  6. "Cyberdrones" = worst Cyberidea ever. Really tacky. Thankfully the rest of the episode saved it, though I still felt slightly let down.

  7. I think my least favorite design is the cyber drones. It just feels meh. I also wish we could get a story of how the cybus cybermen met the Mondasian cybermen. Phenomenal story overall though, so far!

  8. Anyone else think that the title is a bit lazy? Ascension of the Cyberman is basically the same as Rise of the Cyberman, but without using the word "rise" because it's already the title in a RTD episode
    Edit: Similar to titling an episode Fugitive of the Judoon because Prisoner of the Judoon was already taken.

  9. LOVED this episode, the favorite out of the Jodie's run, but why is humanity close to extinction, was there not an entire GLORIOUS IMPERIUM of man kind in the nightmare in silver, which is, if i'm not remembering this wrong, also taking place at the end of Cyberwars

  10. Yes Chips they were geniuses who came up with the original Cybermen. Sham, now we have an idiot who has driven Doctor Who s ratings to rock bottom.

  11. Chibnol: "they're us without conscience, emotion, they are relentless they just are unstoppable"
    Me: "So my Ex Gf is a Cyberman??"

  12. The cybermen are scarier than ever the lone cyber man topples the Daleks and the new cybermen are such a ball back to the ogs

  13. I think the end of the episode where the humans have been crossing through the boundary into Gallifrey combined with the Master's earlier statements of destroying Gallifrey because of the lie of their species. Is basically that the humans who went across the Boundary found the Timeless Child (who maybe belonged to a almost extinct different race). The same humans who crossed the boundary found the child and used/experimented on her to eventually become the first members of the Time Lord race. Hence the Master destroying Gallifrey as the knowledge that he's descended from humans is too much for him to bare. That's my theory anyway

  14. A Cyber leader part Human part Robot the great destroyer of Life Time and space with an army of emotionless monstors, with only a handful of inventive and adaptable humans and one time lady without a plan….sounds like my kind of an adventure

  15. Please don't fly because then they are perfect for me they are beautiful cybermen great job guys the cybermen have really ascended

  16. This in not cool unless they stop it from happening to begin with. It makes it seem that the Doctor as a woman is too frail to stop the Cyber Invasion as all of her male selves have. I hope goodness I’m wrong and this is a misleading preview.

  17. Having Ashad be an emotional Cyberman kind of defeats the purpose of a Cyberman, doesn't it? I mean wasn't their whole point to warn of the kind of ultra-naturalist-logical-positivist picture of humanity that foregoes the concept of soul and emotionality in favor of coldly calculating manipulation of human nature?
    I mean I suppose the concept of Ashad is somewhat intriguing to begin with: it demonstrates that you don't have to have undergone some sort of brain surgery to fall into this sort of horrifying worldview. But that would make him a step behind the Cybermen, wouldn't it? The Cybermen have already gone through that phase back when they were emotional beings who then decided to eradicate emotion. To be emotionless is the actualization of that worldview, not somehow a step behind the way Ashad's leadership suggests.
    Moreover, if Ashad indeed only holds the ideology of "hatred for all things that are not Cybermen", what aspect of him is in any way different from the Dalek ideology? We've gone from a trans-humanist worldview to an ultra-nationalist fascism, which we already had represented in the form of the Daleks. That aspect of emotionless conversion versus infuriated extermination was what made the Cybermen and Daleks uniquely distinctive. If the Cybermen now have a newfangled aspect of being also filled with hatred and emotion, then that defeats the whole purpose of them.
    Point being, giving an enemy whose defining feature is emotionlessness a new feature of emotionality does not make them any "cooler"; rather, it runs the risk of undoing what it is that made them such an important villain to begin with. This is just questionable story-writing.
    Now that said, props for trying. This series they've really tried to make things tie into the old lore as well as have an actually compelling story arc. Good on them for that.

  18. Almost totally irrelevant note, but it'd be kinda cool one day if they brought Matt Smith back to reprise his role as Mr. Clever. Technically the data of that Cyber Planner neural interface probably still exists in some lonesome Cyberiad-Era mite floating through space in the vicinity of Hedgewick's World.

  19. Finally a classic looking decent Cyberman design. Love it. The helmet is like a mix between the 80s ones and the Invasion ones.

  20. Anyone else remember the cybermen voice changer heads from around 2006? Thanks Chris for bringing back my fears with the cyber drones

  21. You know it would be funny if this cyber man was the Hybrid as it never said what the Hybrid was just that it could be the end of all things and sure there are speculations and suggestions but no actual confirmations

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