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– Hey, it’s Rahsaan. Today we’re gonna chat about what you need to make the most of your Zwift experience. The short answer, not much. A trainer, Wi-Fi, and
a device to run Zwift is all you need to start
leveling up your training. Of course you need a bike, but
you guys already knew that. And no matter what sort
of set up you have, you’ll want a fan to keep cool. A towel is also a good thing to have, and a mat to catch all the sweat. And lastly, a smartphone with the Zwift Companion app installed. It will make messaging other riders, encouraging other Zwifters with ride-ons, and using power-ups, it’s just very easy. So let’s start with the basic set up. By basic, we’re talking
about classic trainers. These inexpensive little numbers require speed sensors so your
trainer can speak with Zwift, telling the game how many
watts you’re delivering. Check out our videos on speed
sensors for more information. Now smart trainers are the
heart of premium set ups. These trainers are sometimes called ergos or turbos in other
parts of the world. And they speak directly to Zwift, communicating your wattage to the game. Smart trainers include a mode that mirrors the pitch of the road on Zwift, providing more resistance
when you’re climbing, and less when you’re descending. Smart trainers also have a
mode for maximizing workouts. In this mode, the
resistance stays consistent so you can squeeze every possible benefit out of your workout. When I’m training specifically for hills, I love the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB. This device replaces your front wheel, lifting the front end of your bike when you’re riding on the hills in Zwift. The steeper the road,
the higher the front end. It also helps training the muscles that you’ll need to climb. Many riders, such as myself, also enjoy the Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND. This smart fan speaks directly
with most Wahoo trainers and includes and airflow
pattern that mirrors the shape and position
of a cyclist’s body. The HEADWIND also includes different modes that let your endgame speed or heart rate control the fan’s speed. How cool is that? Pun intended. Now heart rate monitors are a great way to track your pulse while working out. And a cadence sensor is the most accurate way to gauge your RPMs. And if you like ear buds, it’s a must for Zwifters who love to listen to music. Or just to listen to
the sounds of the game. If you want a place for
extra water bottles, mid-race snack, keyboard, or whatever else you want close to you
while you’re working out, the Wahoo Desk is a must. That’s it. Now it’s time to get out there and Zwift. I’ll see you in Watopia.

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  1. let me just drop a cool 4k to get a fun set up… ill stick with cross country skiing and snow shoes thanks. but i am keeping my eyes open for a give away… or bank with light security

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