Video of Kitchen Remodel: Going From Small To Perfect

One of the most popular rooms in the
house is the kitchen but if it’s too small it make homeowners
want to move small doesn’t even begin to describe how tiny it was you couldn’t
fit more than two bodies in here at any
given time and we were always squished for space and it was
uncomfortable so lisa and Charles stone decided to
remodel but one major wall in the house posed a large problem we went to Marrokal and we said look the wall has to go
or we were going to sell the house there was a structural challenge on this
project and they came up with a solution it was a a dramatic solution it took
us by shock initially not only was the wall major structural
wall a load-bearing wall it was also an earthquake and shear wall
soit required us to add a steel beam in and insert it from the
second floor and drop it in place It is probably the safest house in the
neighborhood now because this bar that goes 6 feet underground and holds the whole house up we absolutely love it is our favorite
room in the house and for both myself my husband and the
kids this is where everybody wants to be the stones also gained much needed
storage space in their custom finished kitchen We used to only have 3 cabinets in this kitchen and now we have I couldn’t even count ’em and none of
them are full yet we still have room to grow and that’s the best part is that we
don’t feel like we’re ever gonna outgrow the kitchen I love transforming people’s lives and
being able to see how they live in the existing space and then
after the remodel gets done and seeing the joy in their smile on their faces when
they get to experience the new space it’s amazing that they took a small
space didn’t really change the footprint per se but gave us so much more we feel like
the kitchen has quadrupled in size it is a centerpiece at the house people come over we gather around the
island share a glass a wine were we’re really glad we did it the
stones now have a kitchen they’re proud of and it’s highly functional we’ve got an
amazing custom look in a very small space in a very traditional tract home and we never thought we could achieve something like this I’m Phoebe Chongchua for livefit

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