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I get asked all the time, “So, what is a lead
carpenter?” Well, a lead carpenter is what sets us apart. We put together a schedule for when we’re
going to start the job to when we’re going to finish the job, and we stick to that schedule! Now, the lead carpenter is the reason we’re
able to do that. That’s a person who’s employed by NVS who
is on your job site every day until the project is finished. Now, you hear all kinds of horror stories:
“My kitchen took six months.” “My kitchen took a year.” “My kitchen took a year and a half.” “I just couldn’t get them out of my house.” The reason is, there was not a dedicated person
to your job every day until it’s finished, and at NVS, that’s the lead carpenter. So, every morning, you don’t have to worry
about “Who’s going to show up? Who’s coming next? Do I have to be here?” Often times, I don’t even want you on the
job. We can perform the job, we can execute the
schedule, we can get it done every day because of our lead carpenter. Now, these lead carpenters are not just somebody
to sit on the job. They are skilled craftsmen. They are the trim carpenter, they are the
project manager, they are the person that if you have a problem, you know you can go
to them. You don’t have to think about “Who’s going
be here in the morning? What’s happening next?” The lead carpenter is in charge of that. They’ll keep you up to date and then make
sure that your job comes in on time and so that you’re thrilled. A lead carpenter is somebody who sets us apart. We will be there with a schedule ready to
go so that you don’t have to worry! [Music]

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