Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair – How to Replace the Hinge Bracket (Whirlpool # WP2183805)

“Hi, it’s Steve today we’d like to show you
how to change the doorstop bracket on your refrigerator door. It’s a really easy repair, let me show you
how we do it. Now to do this repair since we’ll be removing
either one or both doors from the refrigerator I want to turn it off first and remove any
items that are on those door shelves. Just open up, turn the refrigerator off. Remove any items on the shelves, then next
we’ll take the hinge cover off of the top hinge and remove the three screws that secure
the inch to the cabinet. Normally, these are 5/16 hex head screw. [music]
You can lift that hinge off and set it aside. Then we’ll open that freezer door partway
and then we’ll lift it off of the hinge pin on the center hinge. Now our next job will be to remove that center
hinge, so the screw that’s on the outside edge we’ll use a 5/16 wrench, just loosen
that enough you can slide the hands away from it and we’ll remove the screw that is closest
to the center. Make sure you support that door. [music]
Remove that center screw, slide the hinge away from the screw on the edge, then can
you go lift that hinge completely out of the door. Now we can take that door and lift it off
the lower hinge. We can now take that door set it on a suitable
work surface and we could change up that lowered. Next, we’ll remove that retaining screw for
that doorstop. I’ll hang on to the screw, you can discard
the old bracket, then we’ll just clean that area up before you install the new bracket. We’ll take this screw slide it through that
screw hole and we’ll position it on the door so that the raised edge is towards the front
of the door. I just make sure that let’s be tighten that
screw like the hole on the bracket lines up with the socket on the bottom of that door
and just make sure that we have the hole on that bracket lined up with the socket for
the hinge as we tighten that screw. Now we can put that door back on the refrigerator,
now with the doorstop replaced, we can then set that door back on to the lower hinge and
start our reassembly. Carefully position that door onto the lower
hinge pin. Just pivot the door into position and typically
the gasket will hold it in place. We’ll then take our center hinge and bracket,
slide that into the socket on top of the door, rotate that hinge so that the fork end catches
that screw on the edge of the cabinet and then we’ll start the other one by hand once
you have that started. You then tighten that center screw. I’m using our wrench, you tighten the screw
on the outside edge. Now we’re ready to put the freezer door back
on. Next one position that door on top of that
center hinge, pivot it into position, you just let the gasket hold the door to the cabinet. Take our top hinge, insert it into the door
first. We’ll line up the screws in the cabinet. We’ll start those by hand, you may need to
maneuver that door a bit to line up the holes in the hinge with the screw holes in the cabinet. We want to take caution that we don’t get
those screws in cross-threaded. We won’t tighten all just yet, we want to
ensure that we have the door lined up properly with the cabinet and then we have an even
gap between the fresh food door and the freezer door. If need be we’ll need either push or pull
that hinge, we have them straight and then we can tighten those screws. Check the alignment again, make sure gaskets
seal properly, we’re going to input the hinge cap pipe over the hinge. We’re ready to turn the refrigerator back
on and your repair is complete.”

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